15 Intricate and Beautiful Crochet Doily Patterns (easy!)

I feel like a doily might be one of the first crochet pieces a lot of people come across as they are commonly used in households, either bought or handmade ones! They look so intricate in design but the process of making many is really quite simple. They can be in all shapes, colours, styles, and I think that is what makes them such an exciting project every time!

They can be in the form of your typical circle, or other novelty shapes like snowflakes or hearts as I have compiled here. A doily or two makes great gift for any occasion or you could make heaps for your own use!

Not much yarn is needed so you can easily use stash yarn or buy new yarn and get heaps of doilies out of it. Durable and washable yarns like cotton are probably recommended here so you can get the best wear out of your finished product! With all this said, I think it’s time to get into this round up on easy crochet doily patterns!

Easy Crochet Doily

Free Pattern by ZouZouCrochet

This pattern was designed with beginners in mind as the designer describes the misconception that doilies are not for them. That is certainly not the case! There are plenty of beginner doily patterns around, and this is a stunning one. This pattern involves mainly simple stitches except the shell stitch which there is a good description for. A key is included for what each of the different brackets mean, and other general notes that are all helpful in creating this lovely doily!

Crochet Doily

Free Pattern by Easy Crochet

How cute is this doily! The simple design allows it to be super versatile for where you want it in the house, whether that be on the coffee/dining/entryway table or underneath hot cookware. It has a recommended skill level of intermediate and the doily works up pretty quickly as there are only 12 rounds! White makes a nice colour here but you could get creative by changing colours every row, have it two-tone or something else entirely.

Heart Doily

Free Pattern by Posh Pooch Designs

This would make such a cute gift for someone on Valentine’s Day, or even better any time of the year! As seen in above, colours can easily be mixed and matched to make an adorable and unique colour combo, although pink makes a nice go-to. The pattern is simply written, with images for every step to make things easier. You can make either a 8 x 8 or 10 x 10 inch doily following instructions in the pattern, which specifies the yarn weight and hook size to achieve these measurements!

Simple Doily

Free Pattern by Kristines Crochets

This doily pattern is simple but super effect looking! The skill level is easy to intermediate, with limited pictures throughout but detailed instructions. The doily works up to be about 24cm, so a decent size. The fine yarn and 3mm hook means the doily may take a while to work up but it is sure to be worthwhile. There are only 11 rows to work up though, and the chains on the outer circle bit make this doily have such an intricate design!

Easy Snowflake Doily

Free Pattern by Marifu6a

Who would have thought of a doily in the shape of a snowflake?! So winter themed! Would make a great Christmas decoration if it’s snowy where you are over the holidays. The pattern for this one is super visual, with plenty of photos and even a video tutorial as it is aimed for beginners. There is also a chart available to follow if that is more your style. They are only small so a great excuse to make heaps in all colours to scatter around your home surfaces!

Citrus Twist Doily

Free Pattern by wildaboutyarn

The fresh colours in this doily are very sweet as they were inspired by necklace beads! 8ply yarn, 4mm hook and little yarn is used so the citrus twist doily is quick and cost-effective to whip up. There are also only five rows too, so you can have fun with the colours. A fruit design would be really cool here, like a kiwi fruit or orange! The finished size is about 15cm, great as a coaster or small decorative doily.

Summer Haze Doily

Free Pattern by Kristines Crochets

I love the look of this doily as its kind of like a mandala! Only beginner stitches are involved so great for easy to intermediate level people who crochet. There is also a video tutorial along with detailed written instructions throughout to describe each of the ten rounds. I think a rainbow design with different colours for each row would be cute here!

Sunflower Mini Doily

Free Pattern by Raji’s Craft Hobby

The doily has such a Spring or Summer vibe to it with the sunflower colours! The designer hoped it would add vintage style to your home decorations and that very well describes the design. This is very quick project and would make a great gift for yourself or others. The designer has included a video, as well as four or more clear photos showcasing each step so it incredibly beginner friendly! If you love sunflowers or have an idea for another type of flower or design, then this pattern is for you.

Easy Red Doily

Free Pattern by Marifu6a

This doily is super sweet! The pattern is available in a free video tutorial or you may purchase a written pattern if that is more your style. It is easy and works up to be about 11 inches. This is a doily but the design looks so much like a flower! Would look great to display in your home to give it a Spring feel. The written pattern has translations in heaps of different county’s crochet terms, so very accessible for all. The design may look intricate but it is sure to be an easy pattern.

Easy Circle Crochet Doily

Free Pattern by Coffee + Crochet

Although this doily is simple in design, it is very effective looking! A more weighted yarn was used here for a thicker texture, and you can do the same or use a lighter yarn for more doily feel. The pattern is written simply and works up in just 8 rounds. More rounds can be crocheted for a bigger doily, say if you wanted to use it as a table centre piece rather than a coaster or small decoration! A gauge is not needed but you can expect to have a doily of around 9 inches.

Doily Plant Mat

Free Pattern by Rows and Roses

I think the design of these are stunning as I can’t remember seeing pointy ended doilies before! It is very refreshing. They can be used as a plant mat, although you may want to think about using a washable yarn in case water leaks or dirt spills. The designer recommends to block your project after finishing before displaying on say your windowsill or table. Just 9 rounds are worked here, I just love how short doilies are to work up! The only thing you need to worry about it not getting addicted to making this pattern!

Aunt Lydia’s Coventry Doily

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

This doily is almost too pretty to use! You may display it on furniture or even frame it on the wall. Multi-colours look great here, but I imagine a single colour would work and be easier too! The design is super unique and would add a vintage tough for wherever you want to showcase it. This link takes you to the website where you can download the free pattern, although there is the option to purchase a kit including almost all the materials you need.

Easy Round Lace Doily

Free Pattern by blueraindrops

Here we have a very lacy doily as they are meant to be! The squares in the design are not what you usually see, but it has an interesting touch. You may use whatever yarn weight and hook size you desire for a project that is your own! Little yarn is needed so you will have no problem making a collection is all colours. The designer has heaps of other doily patterns on their website so consider checking those out too!

Leaf Coasters

Free Pattern by Katherine Laight

These next two patterns are technically coasters, but their similar circular and symmetrical design makes them easily pass as a doily too! I wanted to include this pattern as the leaves are just gorgeous with a very Autumn feel. I would say this is an intermediate project as the pattern involves some complex stitch combinations, although that should not deter anyone from trying! There is also a chart that may be followed for anyone that finds those easier to use.

Ombre Crochet Coasters

Free Pattern by Crafttuts+

This pattern is incredibly beginner-friendly, with brightly lit photos for every step. The coasters turn out so cute to not want to make them in a set, as the designer has done with with an ombre colour scheme! A fun thing to do could also be make them all the same but the middle detail be a contrasting colour. They are easily crocheted in one piece, with the contrast round being added after- super handy if you have not decided on your colour until the end!