12 Easiest Masculine Crochet Stitches for Accessories

It can be hard to crochet for men. There are fewer masculine patterns to choose from and many stitches tend to have an open, lacy, and feminine look. Generally, practical warm stitches and geometric patterns are my go-to stitches for masculine projects. This article rounds up my 12 favorite masculine stitches! They’re easy to learn and perfect for any cozy accessories.

1. The Alpine Stitch

The Alpine Stitch is beautifully textured and a great choice for cozy winter garments. I’ve written a tutorial on this stitch that you can find here: Easy Step-by-Step Guide for the Alpine Stitch (with Photos!). The alternating normal and front post stitches add dimension to your finished piece, and the basic stitches used to create the effect are really simple! All you need to know are single crochet and double crochet stitches to get started.

2. The Chevron Stitch

Another great choice is the Chevron Stitch. As the name suggests, this stitch creates a chevron pattern on your final piece. This can add a subtle pattern with just one color of yarn, or you can use the stitch to create chevron stripes with as many colors as you’d like.

I also have a tutorial on the Chevron Stitch! It can be found at this link: How to Crochet the Elegant Chevron Crochet Stitch (easy!). To learn this stitch, I would recommend starting with a rectangular piece. This makes a scarf or blanket a great first project with the Chevron Stitch.

3. The Thermal Stitch

The Thermal Stitch is the warmest crochet stitch I’ve tried! It is worked up in 2 layers, giving your finished project double the warmth and coziness. Any project that needs to stand up to some wear and tear is a great candidate for the thermal stitch. Plus, it is really easy to learn! My tutorial, How to Crochet the Thermal Stitch (single crochet), shows how to complete the stitch with single crochets, but the stitch can be done with half-double crochets, or even double crochets.

4. The Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch

Named after the spine on a herring fish, the Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch is another good choice for your more masculine crochet projects. The pattern created by this stitch is geometric and resembles a zig zag. You can find my tutorial for this stitch here: Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch (HBDC).

5. The Waffle Stitch

The Waffle Stitch is such a fun and textured stitch! Again, as the name suggests, this stitch resembles a waffle and is much easier than it looks! The stitch is made up of a series of double crochets and front post double crochets, so that’s all you need to know to start learning it. A tutorial from Heart Hook Home is linked here: Waffle Stitch Crochet Tutorial.

Heart Hook Home – Waffle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

6. The Camel Stitch

Another simple and textured stitch is the Camel Stitch. The pattern mimics ribbed and knit-look stitches, but is really easy to make! Bella Coco Crochet has great written instructions as well as a YouTube video to guide you through each step of the stitch. Both can be found at this link: Camel Stitch.

Bella Coco Crochet – Camel Stitch

7. The Moss Stitch

The Moss Stitch is a super beginner-friendly crochet stitch! It is made from alternating between chain stitches and single crochet stitches. Since it is very easy to work, the Moss Stitch is the perfect stitch to learn after you’ve masted the basics. The Moss Stitch also has many names like the linen stitch, granite stitch, and woven stitch. Whatever you like to call it, it is super versatile with a modern texture and nice drape. Check out Sarah Maker’s tutorial here: Crochet Moss Stitch.

Sarah Maker – Crochet Moss Stitch

8. The Single Rib Stitch

Another super simple stitch, the Single Rib Stitch is perfect for gifting to any stripe fanatics! The ribbed texture adds some interest to otherwise simple crochet projects like hats, gloves, and scarves. In this way, it is a great choice for masculine projects. There’s a great written tutorial on Dream a Little Bigger: Single Rib Crochet Stitch Tutorial.

Dream a Little Bigger – Single Rib Crochet Stitch Tutorial

9. The Basketweave Stitch

Any double crochet fans out there should definitely try the Basketweave Stitch! Front post double crochet stitches give this stitch its wonderful texture and pattern. Daisy Farm Crafts has a great written tutorial (with a linked video tutorial!): Crochet Basketweave Stitch.

Daisy Farm Crafts – Crochet Basketweave Stitch

10. The Elizabeth Stitch

The Elizabeth Stitch (also called the Mini Bean stitch) is absolutely beautiful. It’s sweet, elegant and has a gentle criss-cross look to it. More importantly, it’s a really fun and easy stitch to crochet. Dabbles and Babbles has both a written and video tutorial published for this stitch! Both can be found at: The Elizabeth Stitch.

Dabbles and Babbles – The Elizabeth Stitch

11. The Star Stitch

The Star Stitch looks like a row of little stars! These starburst-like stitches are each worked with multiple loops. Sometimes this stitch is given other names including the marguerite stitch, the daisy stitch, or the spiked cluster stitch. Each name is helpful in that it gives you a visual of what the final stitch looks like. Each “star” is formed from a cluster of “spikes.” For more information, check out this written tutorial from Spruce Crafts: Crocheting the Star Stitch.

Spruce Crafts – Crocheting the Star Stitch

12. The V Double Crochet Stitch

This final stitch on the list is yet another chevron patterned stitch! The V Double Crochet Stitch gives a simple, geometric pattern that can be gorgeous in one color or be accentuated by crocheting with contrasting stripes of yarn. Check out the written instruction from Dream a Little Bigger: V Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial.

Dream a Little Bigger – V Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial