12 Incredible Free Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns for Your Home in 2024

Wall Hangings add the perfect personal touch to any space in your home. They are great for accenting a bedroom, office, or living room wall and can be made in various sizes. Smaller wall hangings are perfect for picture galleries or a gallery wall, and larger wall hangings are great as a statement piece. A wall hanging can depict an image or picture, or provide a color or textural accent to any space. The possibilities are endless – which is why I had a hard time choosing only 12 Incredible Free Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns that you can make for any space in your home. I had a hard 

1. Rainbow Window Hang

The first pattern in this roundup was originally designed to be displayed in a window, however I think it would be perfect for any space! This pattern is perfect for a stash buster for any aran weight yarn that you have leftover from your other makes. The fringe detail on this rainbow pattern is so cute and reminds me of a fluffy cloud (even though it isn’t cloud shaped!). 

Find the pattern here.

2. Star Dreamcatcher

Did anyone else have a dreamcatcher above their bed as a kid? I did, but it wasn’t near as incredibly detailed as this one! The star inside the hoop has 12 points in the English version and is written for multiple size hoops. Not only can you customize the hoop size and coloring, but (as shown in the Ravelry images) you can add fringe, beads, feathers, and any other accents for the perfect personal touch! This dreamcatcher is quick and easy to make which is perfect if you need to make one for a last-minute gift.

Make your own dreamcatcher here.

3. Juniper Wall Hanging

The finished size of this wall hanging is 15” x 16” (without fringe) and is considered easy to make – which is perfect if you need to make a quick accent to match your decor, or if you need to make it for the holidays! It has a gorgeous rope sash that lays in front of the wall hanging which provides a fun dimensional texture.

Create your own Juniper Wall Hanging.

4. Mushroom Reflections Wall Hanging

Amber, from Devine Debris, has over 20 patterns for wall hangings available on her Ravelry page that range from simple colorwork pieces, to pieces that depict words or pictures. She even offers many holiday themed wall hangings, which made it so hard to choose just one! I choose to feature her Mushroom wall hanging as it is so different and unique from so many other wall hangings that you will find, and shows just how wild and fun a wall hanging can be! 

Find the Mushroom Reflection Wall Hanging pattern along with the rest of Amber’s wall hanging patterns here.

5. Ocean’s Breath Wall Hanging

The Ocean’s Breath Wall Hanging has a beautiful lace detail that is beautiful and perfect for the intermediate maker. It can easily be customized larger or smaller by following the notes section before the pattern. This wall hanging definitely gives me coastal vibes with the movement created between the lace and dropstitch sections of the pattern. The pattern includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions and a couple of video tutorials to show the techniques used in this pattern.

6. The Malvine Wall Hanging

I wanted to include the Malvine Wall Hanging in this roundup because the stitches and techniques used in this pattern reminds me of the macramé wall hangings that have gained in popularity in the past couple of years. All of the components in this piece are made separately and assembled on the rod at the end of the project. This unique pattern can easily be made in a weekend and adds the perfect horizontal accent to your home decor.

Find the pattern for this macramé inspired wall hanging here.

7. Countdown to Christmas Advent Wall Calendar

Even though it isn’t Christmas yet, now is the perfect time to start making a Christmas Advent Calendar, so that it is ready to display when the holidays roll around! This wall hanging has the cutest little numbered pockets that hold miniature Christmas themed ornaments that are then hung on the advent tree (the ornaments are hung on buttons made to look like Christmas lights – how cool is that!). This pattern is considered intermediate due to the colorwork and ornament details.

Starting making your own Christmas Advent Wall Hanging using this pattern.

8. Enjoy! Wall Hanging

This wall hanging uses a bobble stitch in the word Enjoy to create a popping 3-Dimensional effect on this wall hanging. The words Little Things are created using a surface stitch technique that provides a knit look, without the knitting! Although the tassels are not included in the pattern instructions, you can easily find a tassel pattern online that will perfectly match the aesthetic of this joyful wall hanging.

Enjoy! your own wall hanging using this pattern.

9. Aura Wall Hanging

I was immediately drawn to this wall hanging because of the unique way the designer used the hoop. This pattern only utilizes half the hoop which reminds me of a crescent moon when it is turned on its side. The combination of stitches and colorwork in this pattern creates an amazing texture and is perfect for adding a splash of color to any wall!

Make your own Aura Wall Hanging here.

10. Find Your Flock: Flamingo Wall Hanging

I included this wall hanging in the roundup as it uses the corner-to-corner (or C2C) crochet technique to create the flamingo image. The pattern is provided in a blog post as both a graph and written pattern, and has a really good breakdown of all of the best tips and tricks to make this fun wall hanging. 

Make the Flamingo wall hanging using this pattern.

11. Brain Teaser Blanket Patroon

The colorwork and incredible design on the Brain Teaser Wall Hanging made me stop and say WOW! But, don’t be scared off by this brain teaser! This wall hanging is created by making many single crocheted diamonds that are sewn together in a specific pattern that creates a 3-Dimensional, mind-bending wall hanging! This pattern is originally written in Dutch, but the English translation is written directly beneath each step. 

Find the pattern for the Brain Teaser Wall Hanging here.

12. Boho Wall Hanging

This boho inspired wall hanging is the perfect pattern for any gallery wall or boho themed bedroom. The blog post says it best with, “This wall hanging is all about texture which is why it utilizes a variety of stitches.” The stitches and color blocking are perfect for any beginner crocheters who want to try their hands at making their first home decor and create a perfect modern statement piece for their home.

Make the Boho Wall Hanging by using this pattern.