12 Elegant and Cozy Crochet Shrug Free Patterns

This week’s round-up features the cozy and elegant shrug! You may be wondering: what is a shrug? A shrug is like a cropped cardigan. It can have short or long sleeves and is typically knitted or crocheted. Shrugs are unique in that they are made from rectangles and involve minimal sewing! This makes them perfect beginner projects or weekend projects for more experienced crocheters.

The different styles and lengths make shrugs a super versatile piece to have in your wardrobe! They can be crocheted with cotton in open, lacy patterns for the summer. Or, they can be made super cozy for chilly winter days (With chunky yarn, you can crochet a shrug that is just like wearing a blanket! How amazing is that?). Keep on reading to discover 12 free elegant and cozy crochet shrug patterns, perfect for any season and any sense of style.

1) Juno Chunky Shrug

Juno Chunky Shrug from stitchandhustle.com

Have you ever wanted to wear a blanket outside of your house? Now you can! This super cozy and warm shrug is perfect for cold winter days. It works up super quick with lovely category 6 chunky yarn. Plus, it is worked as a big rectangle! This makes the pattern great for beginners and a wonderful one-day project for more experienced crocheters. Click on the link below to get the free pattern!


2) All dc Cocoon Cardigan

All dc Cocoon Cardigan from jennyandteddy.com

This is another crochet-in-a-day project that is super beginner friendly! This shrug is literally made entirely with the double crochet stitch. Beautifully simple, this shrug can be made for the winter with a cozy wool or for the summer in a lightweight cotton. Check out this free pattern at the link below!


3) Meadow Lace Shrug

Meadow Lace Shrug from mycrochetory.com

This crochet shrug may look complicated, but it was designed to be simple to make! It is a beautiful summer piece to add to your wardrobe that can be made with zero shaping, increasing, or decreasing. The shrug is crocheted in one piece and involves minimal sewing (how amazing is that?)! The floral pattern works up really quick too. Use the link below to check out the free pattern!


4) Crochet Aurora Shrug

Crochet Aurora Shrug from designsbyphanessa.com

This is another great lightweight shrug for the summer! This shrug is beautifully lacy and is designed to be full length with long sleeves. The pattern can be found for free at the link below.


5) Blissful Boho Shrug

Blissful Boho Shrug from ineeditcrochet.com

This shrug has a lot of personality, featuring tassels at the edge and a fun chevron pattern. The shrug can be styled for either warm summer months or cold winter months! Just change up the yarn, and you can crochet a shrug for any season. Check out the free pattern at the link below.


6) Lace Crochet Shrug

Lace Crochet Shrug from joyofmotioncrochet.com

This crochet shrug has beautiful lace crochet stitch details. It is easy pattern to make, and the shrug is perfect to wear throughout the warmer season. The pattern is designed to be light and comfortable whilst still looking great! The free pattern can be found at the link below.


7) Crochet Blanket Shrug

Crochet Blanket Shrug from jewelsandjones.com

This free pattern is another cozy blanket shrug. The design is based on cocoon sweaters and is made from a rectangle and basic stitches. It’s also another quick project, perfect for a weekend when you have some time to make a project. The simple nature of this pattern makes it great for beginners and experienced crocheters alike as the reverse blanket stitch, used to make the shrug, is made using only chain, single crochet, and double crochet stitches. Check out the link below for the free pattern!


8) Shine Your Light Shrug

This shrug consists of a series of simple stitches that are easy to make but create an intricate and delicate look! The design is open and flowy to produce a summery shrug that drapes off your shoulders. The yarn used in the photos above is called Ice Cream Big Scoop, and the colorway creates the color-changing stripes you in the shrug! Click on the link below for the free pattern.


9) Enlaced Underbrush Shrug

Enlaced Underbrush Shrug from sweetpotatocrochetcreations.wordpress.com

This easy-to-make shrug is great for beginners and more experienced crocheters. Like the other patterns on this list, it is simple and uses basic stitches as well as a shell edging to create a classic and elegant look. Use the link below to check out the free written pattern!


10) Cozy Fall Shrug

Cozy Fall Shrug from simplycollectiblecrochet.com

Shrugs are amazing projects for beginners! This pattern transforms a rectangle with some strategically placed seams into a beautifully draped shrug. Both flattering and cozy, this shrug is perfect for the fall weather. The pattern uses the delicate spider stitch to give it a fine texture. Use the link below to check out the free pattern!


11) Sherbert Shrug

Sherbet Shrug from divinedebris.com

This is a great pattern to adjust for any season! Lightweight yarn makes a cozy shrug for mild fall weather, and worsted yarn helps up the coziness for chilly winter months. Yet another really easy pattern, the Sherbet Shrug can be changed to your liking by adjusting sleeves, the overall length, and the number of colors used to make it! The pattern is available for free at the link below.


12) Red Heart Cool Weather Shrug

Red Heart Cool Weather Shrug from yarnspirations.com

Elevate your look with this fashionable crochet shrug that’s super cozy and comfy to wear, especially in the cold weather. The yarn recommended for this pattern, Red Heart Stellar, is lightweight and lofty. The color also has some sparkle in it and changes color to create a sophisticated and stylish design. Click on the link below to download the .pdf for this super cozy free shrug pattern!