11 One Hour Free Crochet Potholder Patterns (easy!)

Whether you are an avid baker or someone who putters around with pots and pans, potholders are essential for everyone’s kitchen!

The perfect potholder not only protects your hands from the heat, but they also add some flair and style to your kitchen decor.

Thanks to their small size, potholders are super quick and easy to make! They don’t need a lot of yarn, so if you’re out of ideas on what to use your scrap yarn for, this is it!

Something to note with potholders is that you want heat-resistant fiber that does not melt, so nothing synthetic like acrylic or polyester. The most popular yarn option is cotton, which. in addition to being heat-resistant, is also cheap, durable, and machine-washable. Wool is also another option.

The projects I have for you today are all simple and fast to make, so you can get started right away!

1. Rustic Sunflower Potholder

Free pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home here!

This potholder can also function as a hotpad, and I love how it looks under a pan!

The center is created out of seamless single crochets, while the petals are created out of a series of chains, hdcs, dcs, and trebles. It has a back panel which is a replica of the center section, but you can skip it if you feel one layer is thick enough.

2. Potholder Diner Trio

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This pattern is in fact a trio of adorable patterns that would make for a lovely backdrop in your kitchen while eating your breakfast!

The cherry pie is a variant of the classic granny square pattern, but set in a circle. The coffee cup and toast & egg are both primarily built on single crochets, which makes them super fast to finish up.

3. Tapestry Kitchen Potholders

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

Here is another trio of cute potholder patterns for you, this time the perfect backdrop for your tea time! You have a choice between a gingham, a teapot, or a cupcake!

This potholder is created using the tapestry method, which requires you to simultaneously hold multiple strands of yarn as you work using a different color to crochet. It also requires you to know how to change colors seamlessly, which you can check out in this video if you haven’t learned how to do that yet!

The pattern writer has also kindly provided color charts for the pattern.

4. Colorful Granny Square Potholder

Free pattern by Knit Purl Hook here!

If you’re not familiar with granny squares, this is the time to get to know them! Granny squares are ubiquitous in the crochet world, and they are easy to pick up and fun to crochet!

This pattern asks you to crochet four granny squares before seaming them and crocheting a border around them. What’s great about this colorful potholder is that you don’t need much yarn for each color! It’s the perfect scrap yarn project!

5. Cheerful Daisy Potholder

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This cheerful daisy potholder comes in a pair—a plain as well a striped one. While the overall effect these potholders give is a cheerful and fresh vibe, I also get a sense of calmness just from looking at these and that could be just what your kitchen needs!

The only difference between the plain and striped potholders is the color-changing portion. The wonderful texture comes from alternating between working hdc through the front loop, then the back loop. Here’s a quick refresher on those terms!

6. Scrappy Dots Potholder

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

As its name indicates, here is another project that’s just perfect for getting rid of your scrap yarn!

This is a repetitive project that will ensure you’ve gotten down how to make a magic ring by the end of it! It requires 25 12-dc circles in total. It will also give you practice on joining squares.

You’re free to mix and match the colors as you want!

7. Springtime Daffodil Potholder

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This project will give you something to look forward to in spring! These sunny daffodils will surely brighten up your kitchen.

The pattern is of a set of potholder and utensil holder, but you can choose to just crochet the potholder if you like. The written pattern is extremely concise and repetitive, only using chains, single crochets, and slip stitches in the entirety of the pattern.

8. Tulip Potholder

Free pattern by Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World here!

This gorgeous potholder is inspired by a tulip’s color scheme, as you can clearly see!

If you think this pattern is too beautiful to spoil in the kitchen, the pattern writer also mentioned that it’s possible to repurpose the pattern to create larger pieces like cushions or blankets, as it is an “endless square” and you can simply keep adding rows.

9. Vintage-Inspired Potholder

Free pattern by Yarn Andy here!

This pattern starts off with a five-pointed flower which is then transformed into a circle, then squared in a similar way to what you see in granny squares.

As this pattern requires knowing how to make a variety of stitches, it’s aimed for advanced beginners or intermediate, but even if you’re a beginner, you should give it a go if you think this potholder would look great in your kitchen!

10. Mosaic Granny Square Potholder

Free pattern available at Hobbii here!

This mosaic granny potholder is a beautiful project that will draw the eye of any guests you have!

I love the color scheme the pattern writer chose here; the gradient makes this project look very compelling.

This pattern does require the use of front post treble crochet (fptr) and if you’ve never encountered this stitch before, here’s a quick video tutorial for you to check out!

With a sign-up, the PDF for this pattern is freely available. Not only does it provide detailed written instructions, it also has photo instructions for every single step!

11. Textured Stitch Potholder

Free pattern by Winding Road Crochet here!

The mesmerizing texture in this potholder is created by crocheting a sc and a dc into the same stitch, chaining, then repeating it. That’s it! So simple but it produces such a beautiful texture!