31 Adorable Sea Creatures Free Crochet Patterns (easy!)

Below are 17 sea creature creation you make easily and for free! Almost all of the patterns are suitable for beginners and use typical amigurumi stitches such as magic ring, single crochet, and slip stitch to name a few. 

It is stated whether each pattern uses US terminology for the crochet terms and will state whether what it is otherwise. The patterns are all beginner friendly, so most of them will be quick to make. 

There are a range of sea creatures below, most of which are primarily found in the deep sea, as well as a couple cute creations such as a particular marine bird that everyone is sure to love! 

I hope you get inspired and start making your favorite sea creature from the below list straight away! 

1. Narwhal

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This absolutely adorable narwhal is a great project for those jumping into amigurumi for the first time! The pattern allows for easy color change and customization too! 

The pattern is easy to follow, has great explanations and helpful pictures throughout to help you follow and complete this little guy!

2. Crab

Free pattern by Yarn Society

I love this crab pattern so much! Not only is it for beginners, but it is so well laid out and easy to follow that following this pattern makes crocheting a dream!

The pattern has helpful pictures at every step of the pattern and very concise instructions. The pattern writer also very helpfully provides an alternative option to a magic circle if you aren’t familiar with it. 

3. Seahorse

Free pattern by One Dog Woof

This pattern is wonderful if you’re looking for a quick, easy and cute project to work on. The seahorse is made quite small and so it is easy to work up one or a whole family of seahorse!

The pattern has minimal sewing and has a helpful tip of using pipe cleaner to create the signature seahorse tail curl!

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4. Shark

Free pattern by Lovely Craft

This shark comes out pretty tiny at 8cm long and so could almost be called a baby shark! This pattern has some simple color changes to create the two-toned body and has very clear instructions on how to do this.

This little guy could be turned into a friendly shark keychain to keep on your keys or bag!

5. Humpback Whale

Free pattern by One Dog Woof

This humpback whale pattern is slightly more complex than some other sea creature patterns on the list, but the end result is absolutely worth it!

It is created using two colors of yarn and crocheting rows that are sewn together later to enhance the typical shape or a humpback whale shape and mouth.

The pattern is very clear and there is even a video to help people follow the pattern and have the most common asked questions on the pattern answered.

6. Clown Fish

Free pattern by Natalina Craft

If you’re a fan of Nemo, then this clown fish pattern is perfect for you!

The result is quite small so it would make for a great keychain or you can make multiple sea creatures from this list and create a baby mobile!

7. Octopus

Free pattern by The Friendly Red Fox

This octopus makes for a very friendly amigurumi toy for children and adults alike. The pattern can easily be customized on color and you could add a baby rattle to the head if you wanted to make this octopus for a child!

The pattern is easy to follow, but there is a helpful video showing each stage of the pattern should you need it! 

8. Starfish

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This starfish is so easy to make and quick too! The pattern is quite short, but very clear and easy to follow.

There is helpful guidance on the more unfamiliar stitches and there are notes throughout to aid you in the crocheting and finishing of the starfish! 

9. No-Sew Mini Whale

Free pattern by Stitch by Fay

If you want to make a slightly easier whale than the humpback on this list, then this little no-sew amigurumi whale is the one to choose!

The pattern is for beginners and as such it is super easy to follow and quick to make. There is no sewing involved and the resulting whale is so cute! 

10. Sea Turtle

This turtle is possibly one of my favorite sea creatures on the list! He comes out very small, but you could use chunkier yarn or blanket yarn and a larger hook to make him into a cuddly friend for a child.

The small version could also be used for a baby mobile too! 

11. Jellyfish

Free pattern by The Blue Elephants

The jellyfish pattern is great for beginners as it is made all in one piece with no sewing, so it’s easy to create.

The pattern makes use of simple stitches and shapes common in amigurumi and so it’s easy to work up a whole family of jellyfish!

12. Seal

Free pattern by Elisa’s Crochet

This is another favorite of mine – Benny the Seal! This seal is again for beginners and is made, like most amigurumi, in a continuous spiral.

You make the extra parts first, before working on the body. The pattern requires minimal sewing and detailing, so it’s very quick to make!

13. Penguin

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

While a penguin isn’t exclusively a sea creature, it is a marine bird that frequents the sea. You can make your own adorable penguin very easily with this pattern.

It’s quick to make if you use chunky yarn. The pattern is simple and as such it is easy to customize the color of your penguin.

14. Stingray

Free pattern by Share a Pattern

It’s not just a stingray, it’s a CUTE stingray! This super easy and beginner friendly pattern can be found as a linked PDF on the website.

The pattern is well written, has clear instructions and even useful pictures throughout to help you with different parts of the pattern! 

15. Squid

Free pattern by Hooked by Kati

This plush quid pattern is perfect for beginners as it uses the simple amigurumi stitches you might be somewhat be familiar with. The pattern is easy to follow, quick to make and has minimal sewing of parts together. 

16. Blobfish

Free pattern by Hooked by Kati

This blobfish is a deep-sea creature not often seen by people. He has a weird, but cute smile and is a great crochet companion to make!

He is easy to make due to being mainly round and it is a no-sew pattern, so even better! 

17. Dolphin

Free pattern by Cuddly Stitches Craft

Last, but not least, on our list is a dolphin – a sea creature that everyone loves! This dolphin is a fun and quick project for any beginner crocheter and is easily customizable in terms of size and coloration.

18. Candy the Crab

Free Pattern by Cara’s Creations

Here we have Cara’s adorable crochet crab as our next sea creature. The pattern works up in the round with a few parts like the legs and claws needing to be sewed separately.

The plush and embroidered eyes also make a lovely touch to give your new crab some personality!

19. Friendly Jellyfish

Free Pattern by One Dog Woof

Next we have a jellyfish, which as the coolest springy crochet tentacles! You might like to make yours in one color, or multi-colored like the ones above.

The pattern is easy to follow to very much suitable for beginners. The designer intended for it to be used in the bathroom so they worked with cotton yarn, a durable and washable yarn that you might consider using too.

20. Octopus

Free Pattern by Left-Handed Crocheter

These octopus are so cute, you won’t be able to stop with just making one! With adorable accessories like the top hat and flower as above, you will have so fun much customising your very own octopus to display for yourself or gift.

21. Reversible Octopus

Free Pattern by Katia Glebova

How cool is this! Reversible octopus were such a popular toy in the shops at one point, now you can make your own in whatever colors you like!

The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download so you might like to print it out and take a copy on the go!

22. Brian the Penguin

Free Pattern by LoveCrafts

These penguins are just too cute, and I love how gradient purple yarn was used as the main color for the penguin on the right!

This one is available for free download too, you will just need to sign up or login to LoveCrafts to access, which is a great resource for supplies and patterns.

23. Penguin Summer

Free Pattern by Lennutas

The snorkel and flippers make such quirky additions to this crochet penguin. The pattern mostly includes simple stitches and images, so even beginners should be able to follow along.

Quite a few separate parts are involved, although these are well explained in the ‘assembly’ part of the pattern so it should be a breeze!

24. Seal Baby

Free Pattern by Lyubov Kholkina

The blue and white sailor outfit and the little hat on this seal is adorable. All you need is basic crochet skills for this pattern, a hook and some different colored yarn.

Otherwise, you might like to crochet yours in one solid color- it is up to you! Safety eyes may be used, or you could embroider yours on the seal instead with some blush and a mouth.

25. Fish Amigurumi

Free Pattern by Loops and Love Crochet

This would not be a round up of sea creatures without a simple fish. You can crochet yours to turn it into whatever fish you like, whether that be a dory, clownfish or goldfish!

The project mostly works up in one piece and is finished fairly quickly, so you will have a school of fish crocheted up in no time.

26. Cute Ocean Friends

Free Pattern by Crafty Bunny Bun

This pattern includes instructions for a whale, dolphin and shark! With some slight differences in color and details such as the fins.

Safety eyes work well here, although you might just like to embroider yours on if you do not have the resources around.

27. Turtle Amigurumi

Free Pattern by Yarn Over With Natasha

These turtles make a great keychain or plushie depending on the size you are going for- yarn weight, hook and tension will always impact this of course!

You will just have to know some simple stitches like single crochet and increases so this project is great for those looking to get into amigurumi.

28. No Sew Amigurumi Whale

Free Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

These whales work up super quickly and the no sew part means you can crochet them up in one piece. You might to use chunky yarn for a bigger, fluffier whale, although this can be more difficult to use for beginners.

Otherwise lower weighted yarn such as acrylic or cotton work well for making a smaller finished whale too.

29. Wally Whale Amigurumi

Free Pattern by CROriginals

Next we have a bigger whale pattern if you are looking to crochet a family of them! This one is worked up using single crochets in the round, and other stitches such as back loop only are also involved.

Feel free to use some neutral colors suitable for a whale, or bright colors like pink/purple if that suits your vibe more!

30. Simon the Shark

Free Pattern by Cuddly Stitches Craft

I didn’t think sharks could be cute until I saw this one! This plushie works up in mostly one piece and pretty big too, about 8.5 inches depending on your tension.

This project is likely best suitable for those who crochet at intermediate level, although beginners are always welcome to the challenge!

31. Fish

Free Pattern by Carolyne Brodie

Finally we have these adorable fish- which look even better when super colorful like the ones above. don’t you think? Each fish works up to be about 13 inches, so would make a lovely plush to gift to a child or keep for yourself. I hope you enjoy crocheting your very own fish and various other sea creatures!