11 Fast and Easy One-Skein Crochet Projects You’ll Love!

One skein projects always seem like the best deal. You’ll have a finished item and only had to buy one thing of yarn! Isn’t that just a steal?

When it comes to those types of projects and their patterns, you must always be aware of which type of yarn is recommended for the project. Different yarns have different yardages and different size threads which will impact your project.

A lace weight yarn will work up differently from blanket or bulky yarns. A bulky yarn may end up using only half a skein while a worsted weight might use up an entire skein. This round-up includes a collection of fast, one-skein patterns for both worsted weight and bulky yarns.

All of these patterns are great for beginner and advanced crocheters alike. Choose which one you like best and try it out!

Make sure to check your skein’s size and yardage with the pattern to make sure you have enough. If you’re unsure, you can always do a quick swatch to check your gauge with the pattern’s recommendations.

Abbey Lane Cowl

This fast and easy pattern works up in about half a skein of 285-yard worsted weight yarn when using a 5.5mm (I-9) hook. You could easily make two cowls with one new skein if you so wish.

Fro Yo Triangle Scarf

This scarf works up a little more than half of a 312-yard bulky skein. If you’re looking to create a larger scarf or adjust the size in any shape or form, or use a different yarn, make sure to create a gauge swatch to save yourself a headache!

Spring Breeze Shawlette

This shawlette is made with a discontinued worsted weight yarn. If you happen to have a worsted skein in your stash, you could do a quick swatch to check the gauge of your yarn.

It uses about 225 yards of worsted weight yarn. If you wish to transform the shawlette into a bigger shawl, you will need to add one or more skeins until you reach a desirable length.

Fleur De Lys French Beret

This lovely, beginner-friendly beret pattern is worked up with chunky/bulky yarn. There are three recommended yarns listed in the pattern, but as long as your gauge is similar to the pattern’s, you could use any bulky yarn on hand.

If you like video patterns, you can follow along with this step-by-step YouTube video. It works up in less than 30-minutes, which is ideal when you’re looking for a quick, cute pattern!

Your Morning Headband

This incredibly easy pattern is worked in a worsted weight yarn in about 197 yards. It only involves a repeat of two rows to create a simple yet gorgeous design.

There are also pictures to walk you through each step of the way. If you need a detailed instruction on how to work the specific highway stitch, you can read this blog post.

Slouchy Leg Warmers

This pattern takes a 465 yard skein of worsted weight to create two leg warmers. If you need to adjust the pattern to the size of your legs, you might need more skeins.

There is a resizing section in the pattern as this pattern is easily adjustable. If the stitch is confusing, you can visit this detailed YouTube video to watch a step-by-step explanation.

Black Cat Slouch Hat

This incredibly simple (and very detailed!) pattern uses super bulky yarn. If you don’t have any super bulky yarn on hand, you can also double up some worsted yarn to reach the same gauge, but that will defeat the purpose of a “one skein pattern.”

If you’re unsure about the written pattern, you can check out this detailed YouTube video that goes over different yarn types and walks you through step-by-step to create your own cat hat!

One Skein C2C Scarf

Free video pattern by Jayda Institches

Haven’t done a corner to corner (C2C) pattern before? Don’t worry! This video teaches you step-by-step on how to work a C2C scarf in just one skein.

C2C may seem scary and complicated but this video is detailed and very easy to follow. She uses a self-striping yarn, but you could very well create your own scarf in a solid color or with a variegated yarn that doesn’t have a striping pattern.

Hands Full Mittens

These mittens are great for when you have a skein you’re unsure what to do with. It doesn’t take up too much yarn, but you always want to make sure you have enough lest you end up with only one mitten.

This is a super simple pattern made for three different sizes: toddler, child, and adult. These could be great for adding scrap yarn to, if you have some around, and add a little spritz of detail to your mittens to make them unique.

Carry-All Bag

Remember the “check your yardage” warning? This pattern is a prime example. This bag takes one skein, but its yardage is 603! That’s nearly more than double the size of the average, everyday skein.

While you can use a smaller skein to create a bag, it will create a smaller bag. This pattern is adjustable, so you will easily be able to create a bag with a smaller skein.

One Skein Baby Blanket

One-skein baby blankets are such fun to make, and with this easy yet gorgeous pattern, you’ll be able to make one, too! This pattern does recommend a huge skein of 812 yards, but it doesn’t use the entire skein.

It is an incredibly easy pattern with plenty of room to add in your own designs or extra finishing details if you so wish. It’s great for practicing your basic stitches while still leaving room for creativity.