11+ Easy Farm Animal Crochet Appliqué Free Patterns

Farm animals are wonderfully cute and cuddly, and they are no less so in crochet form!

Crochet appliques are an excellent way to use up scrap yarn, since they use so less yarn and you have a variety of colors you can choose to use. Appliques can be attached to existing projects like bags or blankets. You can also turn them into a keychain, a hairclip, or as part of a bunting, or leave them as is and glue them on a homemade card or a scrapbook.

Additionally, crochet appliques are super easy and quick to make! Most of them won’t need any complex stitches—single crochets, half double crochets, and double crochets will carry you a long way!

Remember that you can always resize your appliques by going up in hook size and yarn weight for bigger appliques, and size down for smaller appliques!

In this post, I’ve compiled a collection of adorable farm animal appliques for your perusal!

Bunny Applique

Free pattern by Thoresby Cottage here!

Look at these adorable fluffle of bunnies! These are the perfect decorations you want for Easter!

This pattern comes in three different sizes, all using the same hook size (2.75mm) and yarn weight (DK). They are worked in the round, and the ears are part of the main body; no need to sew them on!

The face, including the eyes, is entirely embroidered. The creator has also provided a link to the carrot applique pattern on the pattern page.

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Horse Applique

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon here!

The pattern for this handsome horse includes the applique itself as well as an extra step to sew it to a granny square, if you’d like to. But if not, you can simply stop earlier!

The horse’s snout and stripe need to be sewed on.

This pattern is part of a set of patterns featuring granny squares of farm animals, to be joined into one blanket.

Frog Applique

Free pattern by Twinkie Chan here!

This derpy frog applique can be used as a bookmark, with its funny face looking at you! Another option is to use it as a coaster. The pattern creator chose to use this derpy frog to attach it to the cover of her sketchbook.

Its limbs were crocheted in the last round—no sewing needed, just chains and slip stitching back to the main body, easy peasy!

The pop-out safety eyes really add character to this applique, but if you’re having trouble looking for them, you can always substitute them with the usual amigurumi safety eyes, a button, or cut out some black felt!

Little Lamb Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This cute little lamb is guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart! It would make for an absolutely adorable gift to your friends and family.

The fluff on its body is created by a repeating of dcs, chain, and slip stitch, and on its own without the head or legs it looks like a flower! You can also create larger sheep by adding more sc rounds to the main body.

Cow Applique

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon here!

Here is another farm animal applique that you can choose to keep as an applique or sew onto a granny square!

The cow’s snout and spot need to be attached to the head by sewing.

Hatching Chick Applique

Free pattern by damn it Janet, let’s crochet here!

Look at these adorable pair of hatching chicks!

The egg shells are created using felt. If you just want some normal chicks instead of hatching one, you can simply skip over the final step of gluing the felt onto the chicks.

This pattern is fairly quick to make, and the only sewing required is for the facial features. The wings and feet are all joined to the main body.

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Rooster Applique

Free pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts here!

The heart-shaped body is such a creative way of crocheting a rooster! I think this rooster would look great on a punny greeting card! The colorful tails are a nice touch, and they are added by joining different colored yarn.

This pattern does have a lot of different parts to keep track of, so the creator’s suggested level for this pattern is intermediate.

Sweet Butterfly Applique

Free pattern by Kristi Simpson available at All Free Crochet!

These whimsical butterflies would make lovely hairclips or brooches! Amazingly enough, they consist of only a chain and one round!

The pattern page includes both written instructions, step-by-step photos, and a video tutorial.

Pretty Pig Applique

Free pattern by Marili Papadopoulou available at Ravelry!

The pattern for this fashionable pig applique is available as a free PDF download on Ravelry!

The addition of the snazzy blue flower just makes this pig look so much more stylish! This applique is a bit more time-consuming than the others in the article, having many sc rounds.

Hoppity Hop Applique

Free pattern available at DROPS Design here!

This rabbit applique is super easy and quick to make! The pattern includes a chart as well as a playlist of videos for each stitch included in the pattern.

You can choose to add an eye or even embroider a nose or whiskers, if you think the rabbits look too plain as is!

Nightingale Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of being woken up by a nightingale’s sweet melody on a dewy morning in the countryside.

This pattern is almost entirely no-sew, with the exception of its wing. Its eye is created by making a French knot, but you can also choose to use an amigurumi eye or a felt eye!

If you do the French knot, make sure you slip your needle through the yarn and not through the gaps between your crochet stitches in order to make sure your knot remains secure. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do a French knot on crocheted items.

Goat Applique

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon here!

This friendly goat would love to be part of your farm menagerie!

Again, you can choose to crochet the applique as is or to sew it on to a granny square. The ears need to be sewed on the head, but the rest of the applique does not require any sewing.