13 Incredible Safari Animal Crochet Appliqué Free Pattern

Appliques are wonderful because there are so many patterns with creative ideas and opportunities to use them! Small appliques are very quick to make and have versatile uses.

If you want a bigger applique, you can always go up a hook size and yarn weight, and go down for smaller appliques. Appliques usually take up very little yarn, so they’re simply perfect for getting rid of your stash of scrap yarn.

Most appliques only require basic crochet stitches, and are super fast to finish!

This post will introduce you to incredible safari appliques that you can incorporate in your other projects, or just to make for fun!

Alligator Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This alligator applique only takes two rounds to make, and has many uses! The stitches used in this pattern are single crochets and half double crochets, so this project is perfect for beginners.

You can attach a hair clip or a pin to turn it into a brooch.

Flamingo Applique

Free pattern available at DROPS Design here!

With three separate pieces to sew together, this playful flamingo can be a bit finicky, but it adds such a wonderful pop of color to whatever you use it for!

They would look perfect sewed on to a cushion or a sweater, or you can add a loop at the top and use them as hanging ornaments. The final size is 7 x 14 cm.

This pattern page provides a handy chart if you need it for reference, as well a playlist of video tutorials for all the stitches you are required to know for this pattern.

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Dear Deer Applique

Free pattern by Kerri’s Crochet here!

This set of deer appliques hold patterns for a buck, a doe, and their adorable fawn! You can make a set of happy deer family. The difference in sizes was created by using different yarn weights.

The intricate antlers may look complicated, but this pattern doesn’t require fancy stitches outside single crochets, half doubles, doubles, and trebles. The page also provides a video tutorial for this pattern.

Elephant Applique

Free pattern by Nathalie Veyrat available heret!

Who doesn’t want an elephant applique on their blanket? This cuddly elephant will happily fit in many of your projects, be it a blanket, a bag, or a basket.

This pattern provides a very thorough set of instructions as well as photos on some steps. This applique consists of eight separate pieces that you will need to sew together.

Tiger Applique

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter here!

Here is a friendly tiger applique for you! The resulting applique measures at 16 x 15 cm. It has many pieces to sew on together, which is probably the most time-consuming process of crocheting this applique.

Most of the applique only uses common stitches, with the exception of a stitch that involves going into the third loop of a hdc for the ears.

Giraffe Applique

Free pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts here!

This googly-eyed heart-shaped giraffe is quirky and fun! I love how dynamic and cheerful it looks.

The head is created by crocheting a heart, and the ears are crocheted in the final round with no sewing required. You do need to sew on the neck and its snout, as well as its spots. If you have no googly eyes available at hand, you can always substitute them with amigurumi eyes or embroider them with black yarn or embroidery floss.

Happy Hippo Applique

Free pattern by Kerri’s Crochet here!!

This family of hippos are very happy indeed! This applique would look great on a sweater, blanket, or even as a coaster. The pattern provides hook size and yarn weight recommendations for three different sizes (large, medium, and small).

Additionally, there is also a video tutorial provided, and you can also buy the pattern as a PDF to support the creator. The pattern page also contains a series of photo instructions which are very thorough.

Lion Applique

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter here!

Here’s an adorable cuddly lion applique that’s eager to befriend you! Amigurumi eyes were used for this applique, but you can also choose to embroider them instead.

Assembling this cute lion together will take some time since there are many parts. The attention to detail in this pattern is amazing! I especially love the lion’s wavy mane.

Koala Applique

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter here!

Who can resist the tempting cuteness of this huggable koala?

This koala applique has a lot of detail, and can take a while to make as there are many parts you will need to sew together at the end, but the result will be totally worth it!

Zebra Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This cute little zebra head applique will take you only a few minutes to make! Its stripes and eyes are embroidered, and no sewing at all is required for this zebra.

Monkey Applique

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter here!

This cute monkey is a fairly large applique, and you can attach it to a blanket or as decoration on a couch pillow.

You’re only required to make single crochets, doubles, half doubles, as well as slip stiches and chains for this project. The resulting size is 19 x 16 cm. This applique does have a lot of parts that need to be sewed together at the end.

Snake Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This cute little hissy snake would make a great brooch, and will take no time at all to crochet! I love the pop of color the yellow slip stitches add!

The eyes are created using a French knot, and here’s a quick tutorial on how to embroider a French knot on a crochet project.

Sloth Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

Can you resist the temptation of having this adorable sloth lounge around on your home decor items? The author used this applique as part of a baby blanket. The result is about 6 x 7 inches (15 x 17.5 cm).

This project does contain many parts that you will have to sew together in the end.