The Best Yarn Stores in DFW (my favorites!)

Ah, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (or DFW as the locals call it). As the economic and cultural hub of North Texas, it’s no wonder it has quite a few yarn shops! It would have had more, but as of the beginning of 2024, many of those shops are permanently closed.

I happened to be in the area (I use ‘area’ loosely – it’s gigantic!), so of course I had to visit all the cool yarn shops that I passed by. As I visited each shop, I learned that there’s a North Texas Yarn Crawl that happens every year in the spring.

If you happen to be in the DFW area around the time one is taking place (which you can check for the dates here), feel free to join in! I was able to go to a few of the stores during one of the weekends. It was neat to see some of the special yarns showcased especially for the event (I bought a few as well, obviously).

The 10 shops listed shown on Google Maps.

There will be no chain stores such as Michaels or JOANN’s on this list. There are plenty of those in the area, so I figure they need no explanation.

I highly recommend going in person to these shops. While the majority do have online stores, there’s just something special (and better) about experiencing everything in person. All the shops have such different vibes from each other.

I support small businesses! If you have any more recommendations, feel free to comment below.

Stores are listed alphabetically by city then by name.

Lone Star Yarn

2816 Central Drive Suite 140, Bedford, TX 76021

Lone Star Yarn had one of the most welcoming atmospheres that I’ve ever encountered. It was a nice day, the door was propped open, and the way the shop was laid out just seems to call you inside.

The owner is incredibly knowledgeable about yarns. If you need help finding or matching yarn colors or fibers, she will point you in the right direction without any hesitation. She’s very helpful!

When you walk in, the left side is yarn made from animal fibers and the right side are plant-based and acrylic fibers. There are a bunch of indie-dyed yarns as well as locally crafted items for sale!

The side with animal fiber yarns

She even has a collection in the back of donated yarns and patterns available for free. If you ever wanted to try out a yarn before buying it, it might be in her stash! There are also reference knitting books and blocking mats that you may use, but they must stay in the shop.

Classes for learning how to knit or crochet are available as well. There are other classes that are specifically centered around different projects if you already know how to knit or crochet.

Plant fiber and acrylic yarns (mostly indie brands!)

Knit Dallas

6434 East Mockingbird Lane Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75214

Sleek, modern, and colorful, Knit Dallas feels like a cozy coffee or tea cafe, if all the coffee turned into yarn! There are chairs scattered around the store, perfect for if you want to craft in a cafe-like place without the possibility of food getting onto your project.

This store pops with bright, fun colors. It’s a nice breath of fresh air with all the modern neutral colors taking over most businesses. It’s so fun!

Look at all that color!

I enjoyed perusing through it, even if I’m not big on animal fiber yarns. They even have garments as examples for patterns and to show off the yarns they carry.

It carries mostly wool and merino blends with some cotton, bamboo, and silk choices. There were a few kits to choose from as well, if you would like to start a project but don’t know what colors you want (or want to follow the pattern exactly).

Lined all the way to the ceiling with shelves of yarn!

They also offer classes for both learning how to knit or crochet, or to join other crafters to work on a project for a couple hours every week. If you’re not into crafting with crowds, they also have a wide collection of different knit and crochet books for sale, ranging from beginner stitches to entire pattern books.

Books and yarn. Two of my favorite things!

Fiber Circle

200 McKinney St, Farmersville, TX 75442

This three-story building is literally yarn from floor to ceiling. The yarn encompasses the first two floors, as the third floor is private. This is the largest yarn store I have ever been in and is the largest yarn store in North Texas.

Pictures don’t do Fiber Circle justice. You have to see it yourself!

While a bit hard to navigate (I’m not kidding when I say that yarn is basically spilling from the cracks in the walls), the owner is incredibly knowledgeable and knows all her stuff. If you have questions about anything fiber related, Diane (the owner) is the person to ask.

If you need any sort of yarn, this should be the very first shop you visit. It’s huge! It has so much yarn that you might find exactly what you need just from one visit. Of course, you can’t just come here once; you’ll find something new every time.

Has basically every yarn you’ll ever need from acrylics to specialty yarns

This one is definitely one of my favorite stores in DFW. If you’re ever in the area, you need to check it out. If you happen to be in the area when they aren’t open, call ahead and see if they’ll open for you as sometimes they’re still working in the building.

Just one of the many corners chock full of yarn.

Juju Knits

552 Lipscomb Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76104

This store is tucked away like a little hidden gem. You may come across this unassuming house with a little yarn heart logo on a door and not think much of it, but I highly recommend going inside!

While it is a bit tight if there’s others milling around, it is such a charming store! It is filled to the brim with all kinds of colorful yarns. The walls are covered to the point where they don’t need wallpaper or extra designs. It’s very cozy.

Who needs wallpaper when you have yarn?

When you walk in, it feels like someone is welcoming you into their home to browse their incredible yarn stash. Everyone was so friendly! There are some neat art fixtures around the store, like a windchime made out of knitting needles.

Aren’t these just so cool? Who would’ve thought needles would double as windchimes?

I went into Juju Knits during the North Texas Yarn Crawl, and they were showcasing a yarn dyed by Arkansas Yarn Co. based on the friendship between bluebonnets and paintbrush flowers. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Just one of the showcases during the yarn crawl (yarn by Arkansas Yarn Co.)

Lookout Hill: Yarn and Art Supplies

316 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

This small business is located right in the heart of downtown Fort Worth near Sundance Square. If you happen to be in downtown and grabbed a solid parking spot, this store is definitely worth a visit.

It’s a very cute shop with both yarns and paint supplies! While its yarn selection is limited, it does carry some locally dyed yarns from West 7th Wool (which is just a few minutes away) as well as a few other brands.

Clean and tidy yarn wall!

It has some neat books about different artists and their art styles available. There’s also a few color wheel items, such as a vintage-style poster, a pocket color wheel, and bags with color wheel designs on them.

While this store caters more for painters and traditional paper artists than fiber artists, it still is a cute and friendly little shop you should pop your head in. The staff is very friendly, and it is a lovely little place.

A cute little yarn selection when you first walk in.

West 7th Wool

3612 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Located just a few minutes away from downtown Fort Worth, West 7th Wool has that sleek, modern vibe to it right when you walk in. The staff was literally knitting when I walked in – which is the sign of a great yarn shop!

I was given the privilege to check out their in-house dye studio and learned all kinds of things about dyeing yarn. I had no idea that heat was a major factor in setting the dye into the yarn, or that citric acid helps bind the colors to the fibers. How neat!

The section with their own hand dyed yarn. The hallway in the back goes to their dye studio.

They are very nice and knowledgeable about different yarns. In fact, if you need more of a specific color that they have, they will dye more of that yarn for you (as long as you give them the time, since it takes time).

Every Saturday, they have paid classes for beginning knitters and crocheters. Plus, if you happen to need help with a project, bring it in any time and they will help you out with it!

Other brands that they carry

On The Lamb Yarn Shoppe

260 North Main Street, Grapevine, TX 76051

The amount of yarn stuffed into the shelves in On The Lamb doesn’t make it overwhelming but peaceful and cozy. There is so much to look at and choose from.

Doesn’t this place look super cozy and clean?

The collection has a bunch of wool and cotton yarns to choose from. It features yarns from all different areas of the world, both big and indie brands. There are all kinds of colors to choose from!

There’s even examples using the yarns in projects. You can see if they feel and look right before you even purchase them. Isn’t that neat?

If you purchase hanks of yarn from the shop, you can request it to be wound into cakes. If you bring yarn from outside the shop to be wound, then there is a service fee charge for winding.

Every Thursday night, they host a Fiber Night where you can bring a project to work on or just come to socialize with other crafters. They also have a Fiber Day every Sunday for anyone who has busy weeknights.

They offer classes to learn how to crochet, Tunisian crochet, knit, and more! They also host Trunk Shows every so often for local yarn dyers and makers to show off their yarns.

Look at all the gorgeous yarn choices and examples!


982 North Garden Ridge Blvd, Suite #140, Lewisville, TX 75077

Come check out Fiberlady at their new location! They just moved in February of 2024, so when I went, they were still setting up their machines but had plenty of yarn for sale. They spin and dye their own yarn, right in the shop!

I am a big fan of bamboo yarn, so walking into this shop was a dream come true. Their collection is almost entirely made out of lightweight bamboo yarn that they spin themselves.

That’s all bamboo yarn! Have you ever seen so much in one place?

They make 100% rayon from bamboo yarns as well as bamboo blends. If you are in need of yarn with an amazing drape, you definitely need to check out this shop. There’s so many bamboo yarns to choose from!

Because of how heavy some thicker yarns can get, they typically don’t make any yarns thicker than a DK/light worsted weight. They do have some worsted yarn choices, but those are not made in-house.

They also have loose fibers for weavers and needle felters as well. If you’ve never tried weaving or felting with rayon from bamboo before, why not give it a go? They have both bamboo and wool fibers available.

They had a clearance section of perfectly good overstock when I went. I was super lucky to snag some amazing yarns at a discounted price. They’re totally worth the full cost!

McKinney Knittery

117 West Louisiana Street, McKinney, TX 75069

Located in downtown McKinney, walking into McKinney Knittery can feel overwhelming at first. It’s huge! Yarn of all colors are everywhere, but everything is methodically organized by brand then by color.

The majority of the shop is yarn from indie brands, but you’ll find some bigger brand names as well. Most of the yarn fibers are natural, either wool or cotton. If you’re looking specifically for a large collection of alpaca or merino wool, this is the shop for you.

A lovely shop with all kinds of wool yarns!

If you happen to buy your yarn in a hank, they will graciously offer to wind it into a cake for you in-store so you can use it immediately when you get home (which is incredibly helpful!). While they do that, you can glance over at the fabric selection of their store.

While I don’t use a whole bunch of loose fabric in my day-to-day crafts, the sheer amount of fabric choices lining the walls and spilling onto free-standing displays let me know that if I ever do decide to dabble in a fabric craft, this is the place to go.

This is just half of their fabric collection.

They offer knitting and crochet classes, most of which are paid and require reservations. They also have daily morning and evening knit togethers where you can come with your own project of any kind to sit and chat with others, no reservation required.

Colorful wools to pick and that chalkboard has a quick reference for knitting gauges (I saw employees glancing at it to help out a customer)

Ewe 2 Yarn

113 W Franklin St, Waxahachie, TX 75165

They just moved down the street to their new (and bigger) location a few weeks ago. I have never been to their old location, but I can’t imagine how much smaller it must have been compared to their stock. They have so much yarn!

As their name suggests (an ewe is a female sheep), their yarn selection is mostly wool. They have a solid collection of cotton and a few bamboo yarns as well, which I really liked!

So satisfying to look at…

They hand dye some of their own yarns locally on their own farm. It’s about as close as you can get for locally dyed yarns!

They also have a few button types available. Small ones were made from coconuts and the larger ones from cow horns. I thought that was quite creative! There are a few painted ceramic buttons as well.

Unlike many of the yarn shops on this list, they have patterns and yarn kits available with a real finished example you can touch and admire. The patterns are already printed off, so if you’re a fan of print patterns, you might want to take a look here. It did look like most of the patterns are knit.