Best Crochet Classes in Seattle, WA (with crochet experts!)

Seattle is home to a thriving community of crochet enthusiasts, offering a variety of classes for individuals interested in learning or expanding their crochet skills. From beginner courses to advanced workshops, there is a class available for everyone, regardless of experience level.

One local option is with Julia at Little World of Whimsy (me!), a local amigurumi designer who also offers classes on crochet as well as amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting small, cute creatures.

I teach classes in Seattle as well as the greater Seattle area, and you can subscribe to my newsletter here to be notified of when and where I’m teaching classes!

Learning to crochet not only allows individuals to express their creativity and create unique, handmade items, but it also provides numerous benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Engaging in crochet activities can be beneficial for brain health, aid in insomnia, and provide a productive way to keep hands busy.

The process also helps improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and offers an opportunity to socialize with fellow crochet enthusiasts. By participating in crochet classes, individuals can unlock these benefits while mastering a versatile, rewarding craft.

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Why Learn to Crochet?

Stress Relief and Mindfulness

Learning to crochet can offer significant benefits for mental health. The repetitive, rhythmic process of creating crochet stitches helps reduce anxiety and stress by promoting mindfulness, enabling individuals to focus on the present moment and occupy their thoughts with the task at hand.

Additionally, crocheting may aid in relieving depression and improving brain health, particularly for those struggling with insomnia or seeking a constructive way to keep their hands busy.

Creativity and Personalization

Crocheting allows for a vast range of creative expression and personalization. As an art form, it offers countless opportunities to create unique patterns, textures, and designs, which can be customized to suit individual tastes and styles. Furthermore, the flexibility of crochet techniques enables the creation of various items, from scarves and hats to blankets and bags. This personal touch can lead to a greater sense of accomplishment and pride in one’s work.

My personal specialty is amigurumi, adorable stuffed crochet dolls that my readers love giving as gifts to kids or charity. However, I also love how versatile crochet is! To date, I’ve made a cardigan, a shawl, a backpack, and several baskets!

Economical and Eco-friendly

Beyond its therapeutic and creative benefits, crochet can also be economical and eco-friendly! Yarn comes in various materials, including sustainable and recycled options, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to other crafting techniques.

I am a staunch supporter of the handmade and slow-life movement, where crafters reclaim the process of producing their own clothes, home items, and other common goods. Being able to be a part of the process of creating and repairing your own clothes provides a huge sense of accomplishment and appreciation for your clothes and toys. I find that it helps me slow down and reconnect with both the process of creating and also myself!

Social and Supportive Communities

Finally, crochet communities offer a plethora of social and supportive opportunities for learners. Participating in a crochet class, like those in Seattle, presents an excellent opportunity to connect with others who share similar passions and interests. Additionally, these communities can provide advice, encouragement, and guidance as individuals progress through their crochet journey.

I’ve personally met several of my closest friends through crafting communities. Crafters are great! They love working on beautiful items in a community and are often really cool people (speaking from experience 😉).

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Crochet Class

When looking for the perfect crochet class, you’ll want to consider a number of factors. In this section, we will discuss the following sub-topics: Teaching Method, Class Size, Skill Level, Location and Schedule, and Cost and Materials. Each of these elements will have an impact on the overall success of your learning experience.

Teaching Method

What teaching method you choose is crucial in helping you master crochet techniques. You may prefer a more hands-on approach with an in-person teacher, or you may prefer to learn online through YouTube or other classes. Assess your personal learning style and find a crochet class that matches your preferences. Think about how you’ve learned other types of hands on skills in the past. Do you feel that you need someone there to guide you or do you find that once you see a video on something you can master it?

Class Size

The class size can greatly affect your learning experience. Smaller class sizes often provide more individualized attention and support from instructors, while larger classes can offer opportunities for group discussions and learning from your peers. A smaller group with a high quality instructor can often result in a lot of individual attention, but larger groups usually mean that you might get lost in the mix. Consider whether you would benefit more from a close-knit learning environment or a larger group setting.

Skill Level

Crochet classes cater to various skill levels, from beginners to advanced crocheters. Choose a class that aligns with your current experience and skillset to ensure that you progress at a comfortable pace. If you’re a beginner, look for classes that cover foundational techniques, while intermediate and advanced crocheters may prefer specialized courses that delve into unique projects or stitch patterns.

However, know that a lot of crafters tend to underestimate their abilities and get intimidated by “intermediate” or “advanced.” Usually a class listing will specify what specific skills you should be familiar with, so you can identify which category you fall into. Reaching out to the instructor is also a great way to quickly find out which class you should take!

Location and Schedule

Your availability and geographic location play a significant role in choosing the right crochet class. In-person classes might be ideal for those who live near a craft studio or community center, while others may need to opt for online classes to fit their schedules. Always check the course’s schedule and location before enrolling, and consider the flexibility and accessibility benefits of online courses if needed.

Cost and Materials

Lastly, consider the cost of the crochet class and the materials required for participation. Course fees can vary depending on the instructor, location, and duration of the class. Additionally, certain classes may require you to purchase specific yarn, crochet hooks, or other materials. Factor in these costs and ensure that the class falls within your budget before committing.

In the end, considering these factors will help you make an informed decision in choosing the most suitable crochet class for your needs. Happy crocheting!

Top Crochet Classes in Seattle

Crochet is a relaxing and creative hobby that allows you to create beautiful garments, accessories, and home decor items. Learning to crochet opens up a world of possibilities for crafting enthusiasts. The following are some of the top places to find crochet classes in Seattle that cater to different skill levels and interests.

Little World of Whimsy

With Julia from Little World of Whimsy, beginners can find a welcoming and supportive environment to learn crochet basics, and advanced learners can refine their technique. I offer classes ranging from complete beginner to more advanced amigurumi, so that you’ll eventually master a variety of stitches and will be able to tackle projects independently. I always provide personalized attention and guidance to help students develop their crochet skills efficiently.

Another great thing – at my workshops, all supplies are included and you get to take them all home with you! Additionally, I always make comprehensive video tutorials for all of my projects so that once you make them in class, you’ll be able to refresh your memory at home when you try to make the project again. I’ve been to so many workshops where students don’t get the resources they need to continue learning, but I do everything in my power to make sure you succeed!

I teach classes regularly at Monster & Monster in downtown Ballard (north Seattle), as well as on a one-off basis at other locations including libraries, independent stores, and even adult summer camps!

To keep up with where and when my latest workshops will be, just subscribe to my newsletter!

You can take all of these classes below – just check the calendar to see when they will next be offered!

Monster & Monster

Located in vibrant downtown Ballard, Monster & Monster is a locally owned, incredible one-stop shop destination for all manner of craft classes as well as DIY kits from local artists and quirky and irreverent clothing and gifts. Their crochet classes, suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters, cover various techniques and projects. Students can learn the basics as well as branch out into more complex projects.

Rosalie, the co-owner of Monster & Monster, always provides a calming and easygoing atmosphere for each craft class which are usually restricted to groups of less than 12 participants. This makes for a low-stress, welcoming environment for first timers who are trying something new or just trying to meet others. You’ll also get a chance to get lots of individualized attention from instructors, and crafters tend to be diligent and very pleasant 🙂

In the winters, you can expect to craft in a warm and cozy environment with a mug of hot tea (included!). When it’s warmer out, Monster boasts full blast AC as well as complimentary cold beverages to alleviate the heat!

Acorn Street Shop

Acorn Street Shop, a local yarn store in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, also offers beginner crochet classes. The experienced instructors provide comprehensive instructions, as well as tips and tricks to make each project enjoyable and successful. However, at Acorn Street Shop there are currently only beginner classes on offer.

Learning Crochet Online

Crochet enthusiasts can develop their skills at home with access to online resources and classes. Numerous online crochet courses cover a variety of topics, from beginner to expert levels. In this section, we’ll explore some of the best online learning platforms for crochet, including YouTube, Teachable Courses, and Skillshare.

YouTube Channels

YouTube offers countless channels dedicated to crochet tutorials and projects. Some popular channels for learning crochet are:

  • Little World of Whimsy: This channel offers beginner-friendly tutorials and a wide variety of crochet projects.
  • Bella Coco: Specializing in easy-to-follow videos, Bella Coco provides tutorials for various crochet techniques and stitches.
  • HappyBerry Crochet: HappyBerry Crochet emphasizes detailed tutorials for beginners and advanced crocheters alike, with an assortment of patterns and projects.

Teachable Courses

Teachable, an online learning platform, hosts a selection of crochet courses for users of all skill levels. Examples of popular crochet courses include:

  • Amigurumi for Beginners: This course teaches fundamental crochet techniques and guides beginners through creating their first project.
  • Zero to Crochet: Aimed at crocheters interested in learning how to make garments, this course delves into granny squares, flowers, and edgings.


Skillshare, another popular online learning community, hosts numerous crochet courses catering to different skill levels. Some noteworthy Skillshare courses to explore include:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Crochet: This course introduces basic crochet techniques and offers guidance on creating simple crochet projects.
  • Modern Crochet 101: Modern Crochet 101 delves into contemporary crochet patterns and techniques, elevating the traditional craft to incorporate modern aesthetics.

Learning crochet online provides a convenient, accessible method for expanding one’s crochet skills. Online platforms such as YouTube, Teachable, and Skillshare offer quality tutorials and lessons tailored to various skill levels and interests.

Seattle offers a variety of exceptional crochet classes that cater to a wide range of skill levels. Some top-rated options include Little World of Whimsy, Monster & Monster, and Acorn Street Shop. These classes provide valuable hands-on experiences to learn and practice crocheting techniques.

Learning to crochet has numerous benefits beyond creating beautiful items. Crochet enhances self-esteem and confidence, which can lead to reduced anxiety and stress. The act of crafting something intricate and unique is satisfying and therapeutic, enabling a sense of accomplishment.

The soft murmur of needles looping yarn and the visual satisfaction of seeing a pattern emerge are just two of the many reasons to learn this art form. Additionally, crocheting allows individuals to express creativity and develop a skill they can share with others. Gifts made by hand are always cherished and valued for their love and effort.

In summary, the Seattle crochet scene provides a wealth of opportunities for those interested in exploring this art form. From top-rated classes to the numerous positive benefits gained, learning to crochet is an enriching endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crochet class in Seattle?

Little World of Whimsy offers top-rated crochet class in Seattle and includes a welcoming and supportive environment, as well as a range of course materials catering to different skill levels. Her classes that have high ratings and provide students with clear instructions.

How do Seattle crochet class prices compare?

In general, Seattle crochet classes range from $30-75, with more expensive classes including materials and offering more individualized attention. Online classes or workshops may also be a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

What are the benefits of learning crochet?

Learning crochet has many benefits, including creative expression stress relief, and developing fine motor skills. Crafting handmade items allows people to feel accomplished and a sense of pride in their work.

Where can you find top Seattle crochet classes?

In general, top crochet classes in Seattle can be found at Monster & Monster in Ballard (North Seattle). Online classes like Amigurumi for Beginners by Little World of Whimsy are a great affordable and accessible option as well.

What are some alternatives to crochet classes in Seattle?

Amigurumi for Beginners by Little World of Whimsy is a highly rated online course which is a great alternative to in-person classes. Online tutorials and courses are more cost effective and can be more accessible.

How does crochet compare to other crafts?

Crochet, like other crafts, offers a unique set of benefits and challenges. It is similar to knitting, but crochet uses a single hook instead of two needles. Crochet can often be faster and more versatile than knitting, making intricate and three-dimensional designs more achievable.