27 Ten Minute or Less Crochet Leaf Patterns for Every Season!

Sometimes you need a leaf or five in order to tie your creation together. Each pattern here can fit for spring, summer, or autumn (or maybe even winter if you live in an evergreen area).

Change up the colors from greens, oranges, reds, browns, or yellows depending on the vibe or season you wish to emanate. Most of these leaf patterns can be used for any season or any creation in need of a leaf applique.

The majority of them take ten minutes or less. Depending on your skill, and how complicated the pattern may be, it might take you a little bit longer. Some people are faster or slower, and that’s okay.

That said, none of them should be any longer than twenty or thirty minutes. They should be done within a lunch break while still allowing you to eat and relax. They’re meant to be quick (and hopefully easy)!

One Round Seamless Leaf

This pattern only takes a minute to complete, if even that. It is one round and 16 stitches (not counting the fountain chains). This is the easiest and fastest leaf on this list!

With a 5mm or H hook and worsted scrap yarn, this leaf comes out to be only an inch wide. If you need a larger leaf, I would recommend sizing up your yarn and hook (or continuing down the round up).

Quick and Easy Leaf Appliqué

This five minute leaf includes the extra flair of a stem as well as creating the middle vein of a leaf by using slip stitches. If you are curious, that thick vein is actually called a midrib. How fun!

There are step-by-step photo and written instructions within the blog post. There is also a YouTube tutorial if you are a visual video learner.

Autumn Leaves

These leaves are great if you are looking for something a bit rounder than your typical green leaf. It is perfect for both newly budding spring leaves and fallen autumn leaves.

If you are a beginner, you might encounter some new stitches that you are not familiar with, such as the front post single crochet (tutorial linked). It may take you a bit longer than five minutes, depending on if you’ve encountered a front post stitch before.

Oak Leaves

Oaks leaves: perfect for a balmy green in the spring and summer as well as a gorgeously colorful autumn! Use variegated yarn for a spotty look without any pesky color changes, or a solid color for a simple leaf.

This leaf might take you about five or minutes. It does not have any complicated stitches (single, half double, double, and treble crochets) with only two rounds. It also has a diagram included, if you prefer those.

Holly Leaf and Berry Appliqué

Choose between three sizes depending on your leafy needs! Even the berry scales with the sizes. The smallest size only has one round, while the medium and large sizes have two rounds.

You will learn the mini picot and the regular picot stitch, which helps create the pointed parts of the leaf without any increases or decreases. If you need a visual on how to do the picots, check out her YouTube tutorial for the entire pattern.

Fall Leaf Charm

If you have fifteen or so minutes available to crochet, you could add this lovely fall leaf charm to your bag or as an appliqué to a hoodie! It is worked in u-shaped rows, so a variegated yarn would give it an unique look.

They work in pretty much every color. There is plenty of space to embroider veins of the leaf or your very own design for a unique twist!

Fall Leaves

Very similar to the charm linked above, this one includes a step-by-step photo tutorial for anyone who hasn’t come across working with unfinished rows. If you end up lost with the pattern above, try out this one.

Fallen Leaves Coaster

Are you looking for something to spice up your coffee table without committing to sewing on a bunch of appliqués to your table runner? How about crocheting these coasters that could easily be for a casual or formal occasion?

You will learn how to crochet the chainless starting double crochet to give it a seamless look. However, you can do the usual starting chain if you prefer. It works both ways!

Shamrock and Lucky Clover Appliqué

Saint Patrick’s Day just passed, but these would be perfect if you ever need to add a bit of luck to your day! Choose between making three or four leaf clovers as this pattern is simply crocheting hearts and sewing them onto a chained stem.

They could be made as appliqués or, if you use a larger hook and yarn, they could be made into coasters or strung together to make a garland.

4 Leaf Clover

If you don’t want to bother with sewing, this four leaf clover pattern is completely no-sew. It can be made into a bookmark or as an appliqué.

The pattern is available in both English and Thai. There is a YouTube tutorial as well, if you get stuck and need visual help.

Animal Crossing Nook Leaf Coaster

Worked in rows to create the iconic leaf cutout from the game Animal Crossing, this coaster can run a little on the small side. It would be an adorable addition to anything Animal Crossing themed, as a small coaster or as an appliqué!

Fall Wreath with Buttons

While this pattern is written as a granny square for a blanket or other similar item, the leaves are sewn on. They don’t need to be made with the granny square, unless you want it to.

Ohio Buckeye Nut and Leaf

This thin, palm-like leaf would be great to add as an unique leaf to your collections of leaves. If you are in Ohio, throw these leaves into your leaf pile and see if your relative can pick it out!

Who says they all have to be the same size or shape? Throw in a couple of these for fun! Maybe even add in a couple of the buckeye nuts for something different.

Little Leaves

If you need leaves on a string, these little leaves have you covered. With both a written and photo tutorial, these leaves are perfect if you need to make a garland or a necklace but don’t want the hassle of sewing them all together at the end.

They can be as long or as short as you desire. The string gets longer as you work up more leaves, so you won’t need to worry about chaining too little or too much.

Beginner Tunisian Leaf

Easy Crochet

Need a leaf, want to learn Tunisian, and don’t want to take the leap into buying a longer hook? Try out this leaf! It works up on a regular crochet hook and is beginner friendly.

The video is detailed and step-by-step. It starts out with a magic ring/circle and then works up in Tunisian rows from there.

Tunisian Leaf

This leaf is not for anyone who hasn’t attempted Tunisian crochet yet. You will need to know the basic stitches!

However, it makes a lovely leaf that looks quite unique, so I would say it is worth it to learn them. This leaf might take you a bit longer than ten minutes, but it was just such a cool leaf that it had to be added to this roundup.

Leaf in 3 Sizes

Do you need uniform leaves in different sizes? In this pattern, the leaves can be made in small, medium, or large, and they will all look the same.

They’re super easy and work up in rows from stem to tip, unlike many that are worked in rounds or start off with a magic ring in this roundup. The small leaves are just absolutely adorable!

Autumn Leaves

This two-round leaf is one of the best typical autumn leaf patterns out there. It resembles a birch leaf, which is one of the more common trees in the North Hemisphere and has some of the most drastic color changes in the fall.

Fern Leaves

Lingzhi Handmade

This very thorough video pattern is great for flower bouquets that need a little green to lift them to their full potential. It even shows you how to work around a wire to help support the greenery in a bouquet.

You can forgo the wire if you wish to use it for something else that doesn’t require it to stand up and defy gravity, or if it’s being used for something for children.

Vermilion Banana Leaf

This is another good sized leaf for your bouquet needs! It includes multiple sections for switching colors, if you wish to give your leaves a bit more oomph.

Or maybe you just want it to be a solid green so it doesn’t take away from your flowers or the item it is made for. If you need help with how to work in a wire, refer to the fern leaf video above. It is quite helpful!

Ginkgo Leaf

Many of these patterns are inspired by northern tree leaves such as the oak or birch. Those aren’t the only trees out there in the world, so thankfully someone came up with a ginkgo leaf pattern!

This leaf is perfect for anyone who wants a leaf that’s not as typical as the oak or birch leaf patterns out there. The leaf is a symbol for hope, strength, and resilience – something we all need in this world!

Japanese Maple Leaf

Pora Pora Crochet

Japanese maple trees look absolutely breathtaking when they change their colors for autumn. They look just as pretty when they are in full bloom as well. How about you make your own collection of these maple leaves?

While this leaf may look like a marijuana leaf, I can promise you it is not. However, if you so desire something other than a maple leaf… life will always find a way!

Cymbidium Leaves

These thin leaves make for the perfect addition to your bouquet without pulling away from the flowers within it. Because they are so thin, if you do plan to use it for something other than an appliqué, wires are required.

Ivy Flower in Pot

Knitting Love

The ivy leaves start at 09:23 in the video.

Make your own little pot of ivy! This pattern includes the pot, dirt, and ivy leaves. It would be a lovely hanging piece, especially for those who want something green in their place without having to take care of an actual plant.

Sprout for Headphones

Poplar Crochet

This little sprout was all the rage a year or two ago. I remember seeing people making it all over the internet, which makes sense! How cute is it!

It takes less than ten minutes to create these adorable little leaves. It can be used as a bookmark, earbud cord, or as a cute accessory for your headphones.

Birch Leaf

HappyBerry Crochet

Need a leaf with a bit more flair, but not too much? This birch leaf is perfect for that! This pattern uses a version of picots to create the ridged edges.

This pattern is worked in a round at the beginning and, I have to say, I really like how it came out by being worked this way. I bet if you managed to change colors at the right time, this leaf would be show-stopping just by itself.

Quirky Leaf

This leaf may be small, but it is definitely quirky. It is an incredibly cute little leaf with a bunch of personality. If you need a spunky leaf, this pattern is for you.

The tip of the leaf is a perfect type of point that gives it the leaf-like look without it falling too much into an oval shape. You can actually tell it is a leaf, which some smaller leaf patterns have issues doing.