27 Eyecatching Crochet Mandala Patterns for Blankets (free!)

Mandala, which means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit, is a spiritual symbol found all across different cultures. It takes different forms in different cultures, but its most common form is a geometric circular.

A mandala from a Tibetan monastery

Mandalas serve as a meditative tool and spiritual exercise in many cultures and religions. They are an artistic representation of one’s spiritual, emotional, and psychological focus in a project. 

Crochet in itself is already a meditative tool that many people use to relax. It’s not meant to be a quick process but a slow, meditative one, making it the perfect medium for mandalas.

In this roundup, the majority of the blankets will take after the mandala most people think about: geometric designs within a circle within a square. There will be some that are different shapes, but they will all be worked in some sort of circular or geometric way.

It’s very common for mandala blankets to be broken up into CALs (crochet-alongs), so many of these patterns might be broken up into parts to be created over a few weeks or months.

All patterns will be finished CALs, so you will not have to wait for parts to be released. For those listed as CALs, you will need to click through each part to get the rest of the pattern.

Ring Around the Rosie

If you’re a beginner or looking for a mandala throw that works best as a decoration on your bed or couch, you’ll want to check out this one. Made up of the five basic stitches, this blanket is one of the simplest in this roundup yet still just as stunning.

This blanket is best if you want to dip your toes into mandala blankets but don’t have too much crocheting experience.

Mandala Blanket (CAL)

This gorgeous blanket has a lovely classic look while appearing as a wonderful centerpiece to a couch or bed. Make it in one solid color for a more vintage look or use a colorful combination for something a bit more modern.

Not only does this blanket come with written instructions, but it also comes with detailed video tutorials for each part! You’ll also be using some intermediate stitches, such as the popcorn and shell stitch.


Inspired by flowers, this blanket is a combination of one large centerpiece and four different smaller squares to create the border. You could just as easily skip the smaller squares and have a differently designed outline, if you so wish.

Circular Fall Mandala Throw

Unlike most mandala blankets patterns, this one works up and stays completely circular. It is a gorgeous throw that, depending on the colors used, can have either fall or spring vibes, as the stitches can appear as either autumn leaves or blooming flowers.

Oasis Mandala (CAL)

YouTube tutorial playlist by Crocheting / Designed by bykaterinacrochet

This whimsical blanket looks like such a joy to create! It would be perfect to add a cheerful accent to any room, with either pale or bright colors.

The YouTube tutorial playlist by Crochething that shows you in detail how to work the pattern. The videos are in Dutch, but the camera angles are phenomenal and nothing is sped up, so you don’t need to worry about a language barrier.

Sophie’s Universe (CAL)

If you’re looking to learn a plethora of intermediate stitches and techniques, this is the blanket for you. Sophie’s Universe is breathtaking and will look absolutely gorgeous no matter the color combination you choose.

You won’t need to worry about getting confused with the YouTube tutorials included with the written pattern. If you get lost or need an extra helping hand, check out It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet’s playlist.

Mandala Sampler Throw

Can’t decide on what circle looks the best? Do you like all kinds of circular designs? Why don’t you try out this sampler throw that gives you nineteen (19!!) different mandala hexagons to choose from!

Feel free to make as many or as little of the hexagons as you want. It takes all nineteen hexagons to create a 51 x 55 inch (129.5 x 139.5 cm) throw, so keep that in mind as you make your own number of squares.

Mandala Rug

While this is advertised as a rug, I could see it being a throw or lap blanket, depending on what yarn is used. With its post stitching that gives an appearance of cable stitches, it almost looks like a vintage pattern.

Use any sort of color combination to fit your home and style. Use one solid color or use a variegated yarn for unplanned color changes. Outline the rug (or blanket) with a fuzzy yarn. Do whatever you want to do!

Magic Carpet Ride

True to its name, this mandala design gives off a magical vibe. It is beautifully full of color and is great for getting rid of some of your stash, especially if you need to get rid of a decent amount!

This pattern uses UK terms. If you’re unsure about the difference, I have explained it in a blog post. As a general rule, if reading a pattern with UK terms, drop down a stitch, e.g. UK dc = US sc, and you will have your US terms.

Anniversary Mandala

This mandala is all about cluster stitches! If you would like to perfect your cluster skills, this is the blanket for you. Feel free to make this throw as big or as small as you wish and change the colors however you want.

Lotus Mandala

Need a stash busting project? This mandala blanket might be a great fit for you. It’s designed to be a ‘scrappy’ project, so have fun with it!

It’s a lovely, lightweight blanket that can be used as a lap blanket or as a couch decoration. If you get lost or need help at a specific spot in the beginning, check out the YouTube tutorials for rounds 1 – 16. 

Granny Mandala

CrochicaNBF (here is the YouTube tutorial if the website does not work for you)

This granny square blanket is easily scaled to fit the size you need it to be. It can be worked up in any size yarn or hook and in any color combination you want it to be.

The website this pattern is on is a bit messy (it helps if you have an ad-blocker), but the design is interesting and some people enjoy granny square, so I want to include it for you. If you have issues with the written pattern, there is a YouTube tutorial to check out instead.

Teddy Bear Mandala

This is a super unique and playful take on mandala blankets. It’s a little complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a whole collection of little mandala bears!

It’s also great for getting rid of your scraps. Each teddy bear only takes a small amount of yarn.

Mandala Petalos

This blanket is special in more ways than its appearance. It was created as a tribute for popular crocheter Marinke Slump (Wink from A Creative Being) and as an awareness of depression and suicide. You can read more about the project here.

While this mandala is better to be added onto the top of a blanket, or used as a wall decoration, I still wanted to add it because of what it stands for as well as how beautiful it is. Its lovely floral design is a great addition to any large project.

Wink’s Mandala

Here is yet another mandala tribute for Marinke. This one is an actual blanket, made up of multiple squares of mandalas, and is perfect for anyone who wants to work on a blanket in blocks rather than continuous rounds.

You can make as many squares as you want in whatever colors you wish. The yarn and hook size you use will change your square size, so keep that in mind!

Charlotte’s Universe (CAL)

This is a great blanket for a more square than circular design. Made up of geometric shapes and sprinkled with small stars, this joyful blanket is perfect to make while relaxing and learning new stitches.

The 6-Day Star Blanket

A mandala doesn’t have to be completely circular, so, if you’re wanting something different than squares and circles, here’s a star blanket for you. Take a mindful week (or weeks) and relax with this easy, beginner-friendly star.

Seeking Balance

If you are ambitious and want to learn new techniques, this is the blanket for you. Available in both UK and US terms (and 12 other languages), this complex yet magnificent project is meant to help you find balance and help you bring peace to your sad memories.

The Spice Market (CAL)

Inspired by the Middle East’s bustling markets, this blanket grabs designs from Arabian cultures and commonly sold goods from Persia and other Arabian markets such as spices, carpets, ceramics, architecture, fresh flowers, and glass lanterns.

This is an intermediate blanket. There are step-by-step instructions for the more complicated stitches, if you get confused!

Tides of Change

Look at how the colors overlap and give the illusion of depth within this aptly named blanket! Complicated yet simple (in its own way), this blanket is best attempted by intermediate or advanced crocheters. If you wish to test your skills and learn new ones, by all means take a stab at it!

Slow Down

The first few rounds of this blanket are filled with complicated stitches to represent the constant yet complex lives of someone’s children. As the blanket grows, simple rows become prominent, representing the time spent away from their children.

This is an intermediate blanket pattern, but it’s great for trying your hand at new, complex stitches. Give it a try!

Waterlily Throw

As stated in the pattern, this blanket was created by the designer ‘doodling’ this pattern. Which I can completely see now that she mentioned it – it gives off the free, whimsical feeling that doodles can produce, especially when made without restriction!

Stitch, Stop & Roll

This perfect scrap or stash busting blanket is made up of nine hexagons and three half hexagons to make up a 43 x 49 inch (109 x 124.5 cm) blanket. Mix and match your colors however you want to make your own vibrant yet adorable project!

Juniper Circle

This gorgeous, cluster-filled blanket is a simple four-row repeat, which is perfect for beginners and advanced crochets alike. Depending on the yarn you use, it can be a lightweight decorative blanket or a thick lap blanket.

Starburst Blanket

This is another ‘scrapghan’ project, built out of about sixty spike stitch granny squares crocheted like a mandala. Each square only takes a minimal amount of yarn, so you can make it as similar or dissimilar to each other as you’d like.

Mandala Madness (CAL)

This absolutely stunning mandala blanket is beautifully chaotic. The chaoticness helps bring out its eye catching designs, helping all the colors added in find their place.

This is one of my favorite mandala blankets on this roundup, so I wanted to include it. However, in order to access the free PDFs, you must sign up for an account. I normally try to choose patterns without them being locked behind an account, but I had to add this one in.

Sacred Space (CAL)

If you are wanting a calming, relaxed blanket design, this might work better for you than the lovely yet chaotic one above. It is breathtakingly beautiful, perfect for growing a place of peace while crocheting.

This is another gorgeous mandala blanket that I had to include. However, like the one above, you must sign up for an account in order to access the free PDFs.