21 Scarf Free Crochet Patterns for Red Heart Yarn (easy!)

Autumn is upon us, and we’re thick in the middle of the season of scarves! Whether you’re unsatisfied with your scarf selection or home, or if you’re struggling to figure out the perfect present for a loved one, or if you’re just itching to crochet a new practical project, one of these scarf patterns might just be what you’re looking for!

Red Heart Yarn comes in such a wide range of colors that you’ll be sure to find a palette you’re in love with! Many of them are ombre skeins, which means that they are self-striping—none of that hassle of switching colors! Their yarn is also machine-washable.

1. Medley Merino Chic Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This scarf’s modern color palette really pops out and would make for a great statement piece, instantly spicing up any muted outfit! With Red Heart Chic Sheep yarn, the soft merino wool is guaranteed to provide a cozy experience for you.

Special stitches you need to know are dc5tog and crab stitches. Here is a video tutorial for the dc5tog and here for the crab stitch! They can be a bit challenging to hold in your hook when starting out, but after going through a whole scarf of these stitches, you’ll be a pro at them by the end of it!

The pattern is available as a free printable PDF and comes with a handy chart showing the repeated pattern you can refer to.

2. One Warm Coat Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This bright colorful scarf was crocheted using just one skein of Red Heart Super Saver yarn!

This scarf is worked horizontally and in rounds rather than the vertical rows you might be more accustomed to seeing. The scarf starts with a chain row, and is then worked in rounds in granny style, with 3 doubles in each chain space. With only 5 rounds of a repetition of 3 doubles, this scarf just might be the fastest scarf you can make!

3. Bobble Ridge Neck Warmer

Free pattern by Sweet Bee Crochet available here!

This adorable bobbled neck warmer might just be the one you need to add some cuteness into your outfit! A typical long scarf can be too fussy to deal with on days when you don’t have time to neatly sort it out, so this neck warmer is an ideal alternative.

Textures are lovely and always spice up a project! The Red Heart ombre yarn used here makes the bobbles stand out even more. If you need a quick refresher on the bobble stitch, check out this short video tutorial!

The pattern is repeated every ten rows for a total of nine times. You can choose to add a simple edging as recommended by the pattern post, but if you prefer a fancier edge for your neck warmer, you can give this shell stitch edging a try!

4. On the Bias Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

With a modern palette, this color-block scarf will add a sharp accent to your OOTD. It is worked corner-to-corner. If you’ve never done C2C crochet before, here’s a quick video primer, including how to switch colors!

The free PDF pattern contains a handy chart for the C2C, although it doesn’t contain information on when to switch colors.

5. Mosaic Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

Colorful but in an understated way, this gorgeous gradient mosaic scarf would be a wonderful gift for your mother or grandmother! For a flashier choice of color palette, try a fiery gradient and use a white accent instead of gray.

The mosaic motif does not require any special stitches, just working a dc into a gap in a previous row. The wrong side of the scarf shows a cute striped ombre motif! You can add fringes to both ends of the scarf, adding to the sense of elegance this scarf has.

This pattern comes in a free downloadable and printable PDF, and provides a chart for the mosaic motif.

6. Broomstick Lace Infinity Scarf

Free pattern by B Hooked available here!

This broomstick lace infinity scarf comes in beautiful shades of autumn leaves. A light addition to your outfit, it’s perfect for a cool breezy day!

The stitch used in this scarf is called the broomstick stitch. Although this is a crochet project, you will need a knitting needle for this! At the beginning of each row, you will need to loop your yarn around a knitting needle. This stitch is considered an advanced stitch, but beginners are welcome to try!

The pattern page provides a linked video tutorial, including one for lefties. I recommend watching the video tutorial, at least at the beginning, as it can be a bit confusing to try to figure out the pattern just from the text!

7. Two Ball Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This super fluffy scarf can be completed with just two balls of Red Heart. It looks crazy cozy! But you know what’s even crazier? This entire scarf is made out of single crochets!

Yes, you read that right. That’s the whole pattern—single crochets. Forget the colorful One Warm Coat Scarf, this right here will be the fastest scarf you’ve ever crocheted! Projects out of bulky yarn work up especially quick, too!

8. Perfect Planned Pooling Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This scarf uses the Red Heart Super Saver Pooling yarn, which was designed to achieve this exact effect to get 3 single crochets in each color when worked in a moss stitch! The result is this stunning colorful plaid pattern.

The moss stitch is an extremely simple stitch in which you alternate between singles and chains, and in the next row, you work the single crochet into the chain-space and chain above the previous row’s single crochet.

9. Soft Trellis Scarf

Free pattern by Handmade by Raine available here!

This beautiful scarf pairs the Red Heart Unforgettable yarn with a grid stitch, resulting in a truly unforgettable pattern. The sweet colors will complement a playful outfit well!

You will need two balls of yarn for this scarf. Most of the scarf requires only basic stitches, with the exception for picots on the edges. The pattern includes both written instructions as well as a video tutorial!

10. Snuggle Up Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

A snuggly textured scarf with soft gorgeous pastels is what you want on days with wispy clouds and some wind. Measuring at 6′ excluding the fringes and crocheted with jumbo (7) yarn, this scarf is a fairly heavy one. You will need 5 balls of Red Heart Collage.

The pattern comes with a free downloadable PDF!

11. Larksfoot Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This stripy scarf comes in cool shades of blue, perfect for your winter wardrobe! The striping comes from Red Heart Soft Essentials Stripes, which means you don’t need to go through all the pain of switching colors every few rows.

The scarf uses a stitch called the elongated dc, which involves hooking into a stitch two rows below and crocheting a double. This is what creates the holes in the pattern!

12. Knit Alike Tunisian Crochet Scarf

Free pattern by B Hooked available here!

For those of you curious about Tunisian crochet, now’s the time to try your hand at it! Tunisian crochet requires its own hook, around one feet in length and with a knob at the end to prevent stitches from falling off. Tunisian crochet is created by drawing hoops around the hook, as in knitting, but you still work by pulling loops through using your hook.

As a result, this pretty scarf looks very similar to a knitted product! Be aware that Tunisian crochet products tend to be stiffer than actual knitted projects.

13. Modern Color Block Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This modern color block scarf is perfect for beginners! It is reversible and is worked in rows. The whole thing is just double crochets all the way, along with switching colors every few rows. You’re guaranteed to get it done in no time!

14. Heart Splendor Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This heartwarming scarf might be most suited to Valentine’s, but it would be a bold choice to spice up your outfit at any other time besides! You will be crocheting a total of fourteen hearts, then joining them together by sewing through the back loops from the bottom of a heart to the top.

15. Puffy Heart Scarf

Free pattern by Snappy Tots available here!

This one circle scarf also uses a Valentine’s color palette, if you loved the heart scarf but think it’s too much for daily occasions! It is made entirely out of puff stitches, which can take some time to build up, but the resulting project is a wonderfully textured and warm scarf!

You have the choice of creating a circle scarf as the pattern author intended, or leaving it as a straight scarf and adding your own edging or fringes!

16. Tunisian Crochet Lace Shells Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

Here is another Tunisian project for you! This classy wintry scarf gives off elegant vibes, a must-have for a winter work wardrobe. The lacy shells gives an impression of fragility, offset by the mature look the dark blues and navy shades present.

This pattern is available as a free printable PDF, and includes diagrams to help you out in some tricky places! It also provides a link to a video tutorial for the Tunisian simple stitch, if this is your first time doing Tunisian crochet.

17. Frilly Motif Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This scarf has a unique shape and bright autumn colors! This is just the right scarf to add some spice to a plain hoodie and dress combo! The scarf consists of eight motifs joined to each other, with two for each color. Each motif only consists of five rounds, the final one providing the unique ruffled shape you see in the picture!

18. Ocean Breeze Scarf

Free pattern by Oombakwa Design Crochet available here!

The Ocean Breeze Scarf would be a lovely companion for strolling on the beach in a clear, winter day. The structure makes it so that it drapes around your neck and over your shoulders nicely!

The pattern provides detailed instructions for each row, along with a guide for making the cute tassels for the scarf. It uses a special stitch called the crossed double crochet. If you’ve never heard of it before, you might want to spend some time checking this video tutorial!

19. Shell Stitch Basic Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

Look at this playful scarf! The pompoms just add to the wonderfully cozy vibes of this scarf. Shell stitches are one of those stitches that when repeated, provide just enough variety to not be completely bored by it, but not so difficult that you have to focus the entire time you’re crocheting.

The pattern comes in a free PDF and provides a chart for the shell stitches, as well as diagrams for making the pompoms.

20. Classic Striped Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This no-frills classic striped scarf might be ideal as a gift for your boyfriend or brother, or any friends and family members who prefer dressing up with a masculine look! Switching colors and crocheting away the ends—none of that is required with Red Heart Super Saver O’Go! The stripes come with the yarn.

This pattern does use dcfp and dcbp (double crochet front post and back post respectively), so here’s a video tutorial if you’d like to see what that looks like!

21. Belle Fleur Scarf

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations here!

This lovely scarf is best suited for spring, but who says you can’t wear them in autumn or winter? Wearing a garland as a scarf is certainly a fashion statement, and you can’t deny that! If you’re someone who’s not a fan of blocking, well, this is one scarf you definitely won’t need to block!

For this project, you will be making a total of eighteen flowers, then sewing them on to the garland.