21+ Cutest Crochet Owl Free Patterns You Can Make!

Birds are one of the most popular designs in the crochet world. Adorably wide-eyed owls are usually on the top of that list! Who wouldn’t love them?

While mostly colored brown and white in the wild, owls in the crochet worlds are often found in the colors of the rainbow. Because owls have always been one of the more popular crochet designs and motifs, there are all kinds of patterns to choose from that are not just amigurumi.

Ollie O’Go Owl

While this owl is written to work with a Bernat O’Go circle of blanket yarn, you can use any yarn you prefer. It’s made up of three different colors, but feel free to switch them up however you want!

It is an easy pattern that is great for beginners as it uses basic stitching and limited sewing. If using safety eyes, make sure you stick them onto the white eye circles as most safety eyes are too short to poke through two layers of blanket yarn.

One Hour Owl

Written in both English and Dutch, these owls are perfect for when you have limited time or materials. It’s a great stash buster project to finish during a break or when you need to wind down.

It’s a low-sew pattern, needing only the eyes sewn on once the body is made. You can either use safety eyes or embroidery small pupils to make it toddler safe.

Owl Bean

If you are looking for a simple, sweet, and small owl to make, how about this little owl bean? He’s just a little guy who can be made within an hour, including little wings and a little pouch.

He is filled with beans, but I wouldn’t recommend filling your crochet items with perishable foods (unless already bagged in plastic, preferably unopened bags with no holes or punctures). I would recommend pebbles (NOT in items for children!) or plastic poly pellets to give your items some weight.

Nesting Rainbow Owls

Written in six different languages, these little owls are great if you need to work on your yarn stash but need a bigger pattern than your typical ‘stash busting’ owls. There’s also a leaf and nest pattern included, if you need a place to store all the little ones.

The nest is recommended to be worked up in a yarn a size or two larger than the owls as it gives a nice contrast and allows for more than one of the owls to hang out inside of it.The leaves can be worked up in the same yarn as the owls.

Wisdom the Graduation Owl

This adorable graduation owl can be made without his cap and scroll, which makes him great for any occasion! His pattern is straightforward, if a bit long, but there are plenty of notes to keep you on track.

The feathers use an advanced stitch known as the crocodile stitch. If you find that stitch tricky, or simply don’t enjoy it, there’s an alternate feather pattern as well.

Owl Amigurumi

If you are needing a big, fluffy owl (and needs to look a little more realistic than the hyper cute ball-bodied owls), this might be the pattern for you. You can choose to make the head moveable or stationary.

Originally written in Russian, the translator wrote down their alterations to the eyes down below. The pattern does not state a hook size, but I would recommend going a size or two down from the recommended hook size on the yarn label.

Eagle Owl

Video tutorial by DIY-100 Ideas

To those who prefer video tutorials over written patterns, I haven’t forgotten about you! This owl amigurumi’s legs, body, and head are worked up in one part. All you’ll need to sew on are the eyes and wings.

I think this owl is not complete without those bushy eyebrows, so make sure not to forget those (if you are a fan of them too)!

Owl with a Moveable Head

Video tutorial by Cozy Day Diary

Written in both English and Thai, while this video tutorial is more like a written pattern, it’s still a lovely pattern. If you are wanting a more realistic owl (while still keeping it in a crochet style), this is the pattern for you!

It uses both symbols (such as an ‘x’ for single crochet) and standard US English terms. To make the moveable head, all you need is a button with holes and some yarn.

Owl Yarn Painting

You have the option to either follow the chart or the written pattern to complete this tapestry. The chart is written using symbols, instead of colors, which you can mix and match to make your own unique owl.

It’s an incredibly easy pattern as it is worked in single crochets. You will need to know how to change color mid-row in order to work this pattern.

Crocodile Stitch Owl Bag

I think the crocodile stitch is a clever way to showcase feathers without having to individually overlap and sew them on. However, it can be a tricky stitch and is considered an advanced stitch.

This pattern walks you through the stitch step-by-step, complete with photos. If you still feel lost, feel free to search for other tutorials, because this stitch truly brings this bag together!

Blue Dreams Owl Purse

This is another gorgeous owl bag/purse pattern that uses the crocodile stitch for the feathery chest look. There are no pictures to follow, but if you need any visuals, look up ‘crocodile stitch’ and find the best tutorial for you.

You can also skip the feathers and embroider feather details instead, if you find the crocodile stitch too complicated or simply are not feeling up to it. It’s a stitch that eats up yarn, so make sure you have plenty of the color you use!

Owl Pouch

If you are not a big fan of bags or purses, how about this pouch that can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand? Mix and match colors to create a little owl pouch that brings out your personality in a small package.

If you plan to use this for coins or other loose, small items, I would recommend sewing on a zipper to the inside of the pouch and making sure your stitches are tight. You can do this by going down a hook size or two from your normal hook, but make sure you are not making it harder for yourself.

Owl Hat

Ranging from newborn to adult, you could make an owl hat for everyone in your family no matter their head size! If you need a hat to be smaller or larger, the pattern is simple repeats that can be easily altered to fit a desired size.

Buttons are best used for the eyes, so you don’t have the backs of safety eyes stabbing someone in the head or catching on their hair. Feel free to embroidery the eyes on as well if you don’t have access to any buttons that work for the hats.

Owl Fingerless Gloves

While this pattern was written for the designer’s ten year old daughter, it is an incredibly simple pattern that can be altered to fit any hand size. The designer followed their normal wrist warmer pattern, which can be found here.

Feel free to change up the colors and sizes of your gloves and make them unique! Embroidery little details to your heart’s content. All you need to do to make them owls is to add eyes, a beak, and little ear tufts to the side.

Horned Owl C2C Square

This square is perfect for adding onto your blanket you are already making that may need some embellishments. Maybe you have a pillow that needs a cover.

Either way, no matter your reason, you definitely should start working on this owl square! It’s written and graphed, so you can pick which type of pattern you follow best.

If you don’t know how to crochet C2C (corner to corner), or need a refresher, scroll down on this blog post for the instructions specifically used for this wildlife square.

Owl Hexagon Blanket

If you like granny squares but are looking for a different type to learn, how about this hexagon pattern? You would learn this cool type of granny square in no time and have your very own owl blanket at the end of it!

You can either watch the video tutorial linked in the post or scroll down to the written pattern to learn how to do the hexagons. There are also instructions on how to sew the hexagons together at the end to hide the seams.

Owl Granny Square

If you are looking for a small granny square inspired by owls, you don’t need to look any further. This adorable granny square is perfect for all kinds of items, including hanging up just one of them on your wall. Look how cute it is!

If you are just wanting the owl part of the square, you can simply make that and fasten off. The owl is worked first, then the square is worked to the back of it.

Biggie Rainbow Owl Granny Square

Do you need a big centerpiece granny square? This owl granny square is properly double the size of a normal granny square (see Owl Granny Square above), which is great if you are needing a big statement in a project.

With the techniques used in the pattern, it also has a texture to it, giving it an unique look and feel (literally). You can choose to make it a rainbow owl or make it a solid color.

Owl Basket

If you are more of a subtle owl lover, this basket might be the project for you. Worked up in one color (you can use more if you want to), this is a super easy pattern that’s great to add as a decoration and as something for you to use.

Beginner friendly, it’s a great practice project that can work up within two hours. Doubling up your yarn (using two strands at once instead of one) would be ideal to help the basket keep its shape for longer.

Little Owl TP Keeper

Straight to the point with little tips added through, I just had to include this little owl on this round-up. It’s absolutely adorable, and I might have to make myself one. I mean, just look at him!

This is another stash buster project for bigger stashes. Mix and match the colors all you want. Maybe yours will end up being a rainbow of everything you needed to get rid of!

Owl Candy Cane Ornaments

While written to be ornaments and hold candy canes, you can do anything you’d like with these owls. They could be embellishments, or tacked on your office wall, or holding your pens. Be creative!

These are great stash busters and easy to make when you have a limited amount of yarn to work with. Plus, they take only thirty minutes to create, so you could create an entire crowd to gift out if you need last minute gifts.

Pineapple Owl Ornament

Used as an ornament, bookmark, doily accent, or anything else, it doesn’t change the fact this appliqué is downright awesome. It might be best attempted by a confident crocheter, but is overall rather simple in terms of construction. Give it a try!

Because of its lacy design, this item looks best after it has been blocked. Depending on the yarn you use, you can choose your favorite blocking method, but I can guarantee it will look better after it gets blocked.