17 Home Decor Free Crochet Patterns for Christmas (easy!)

Christmas may still be half a year away, but it’s never too early to get a headstart on holiday projects! When December comes, you’ll be too busy with making holiday arrangements to have the added stress of crocheting for Christmas heaped on top of that.

Most of the patterns I have curated here are easy and very approachable for beginners. Some may take hours to crochet, but this is exactly why you should start now, instead of rushing million Christmas projects in November!

These crochet Christmas home decor is guaranteed to bring a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holiday season! The list includes a variety of items from the staples like fluffy stockings and a Santa Claus hat, to playful Christmas wreaths and cute advent calendars! There are themed coasters and potholders for your kitchen, a festive blanket and a cozy pillow for your living room couch.

You will get to choose between projects with traditional red and green palettes, adorable characters, or classy, more subdued tones! Get creative and spread the holiday joy throughout your home!

1. Funny Mini Baskets

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter!

These adorable character mini baskets are a set of five! Each pattern has its own post, with the following links: Santa Claus, penguin, reindeer, The Grinch, and Gingerman. All five cups start off with continuous rounds of scs.

Some mini baskets, like the Santa Claus, have more complex stitches to do such as the loop stitch or crab stitch. The post provides diagrams for these stitches, but here are some video tutorials if you prefer learning from videos: loop stitch and crab stitch. Some of the patterns also come with their own video tutorials!

2. Paw Patrol Christmas Stocking

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter available here!

Paw Patrol is always popular with the kids! These Chase, Marshall, and Skye Christmas stockings are guaranteed to be a hit with the young fans and add to the holiday magic in your house!

The pattern contains images to help out with the trickier parts, like crocheting the heels of the stockings. These stockings contain a lot of parts to sew on.

3. Candy Swirl Hotpad

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

Help yourself to a little treat with this candy swirl hotpad! What a fun way to add a touch of Christmas to your kitchen! You’re also welcome to add a small loop and have it also function as a potholder!

Please note to not use acrylic, polyester, or other synthetic yarn for this project, as they are not heat-safe fibers. Stick to cotton, wool, or other heat-resistant blends! The upside is that cotton yarn is also machine-washable and extremely easy to care for.

4. Round Christmas Potholders

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs available here!

This pattern is a four-in-one of creative potholders! Here are the links for each respective pattern: pudding, reindeer, peppermint, gingerbread man.

All four potholders consist of double crochet rounds. The peppermint and reindeer potholders involve some tapestry crochet, which requires you to know how to carry a different-colored yarn in the back of your work and do an invisible color change. Here’s a primer on tapestry crochet!

The pudding and gingerbread man potholders involve little to no color changes, but do have separate parts that you will need to sew together.

Just like with hotpads, make sure to use heat-resistant yarn like cotton or wool for crocheting potholders!

5. Square Christmas Potholders

Free pattern by Blackstone Designs!

Yet another four-in-one amazing Christmas potholders! Find each respective pattern here: Santa BellyElf Belly, Snowman Belly, and Gingerbread Belly. This time, we have square potholders that are all … jolly bellies!

To add heat resistance and provide more protection, this pattern includes sewing on cotton batting to the finished result. But as the crocheted portion already consists of two layers, you can choose to skip this step.

These potholders use a repeated pattern of sc, dc in rows to create an interesting texture! It has a pocket in which you can drop your baking or cooking utensils.

The post also includes a link to a matching flatware holder pattern! Here are the links for each flatware holder pattern: Santa Belly, Elf Belly, Snowman Belly, and Gingerbread Belly.

6. Winter Wonderland Coasters and Trivet

Free pattern by Hooks Books Wanderlust available here!

This classy coasters and trivet set is perfect to subtly signal the beginning of the holiday season, if you’re not into bright festive tones! This set includes some embroidering, but don’t worry if you have zero experience with embroidery, because the post will walk you through each step!

The squares consist entirely of single crochets in rows, and the snowflake embroidery. The pattern has an embroidery chart that shows you where to put your needle through and do a backstitch. There are also photos to help you along through the process!

7. Santa Claus Hat (easy!)

Free pattern by Lovable Loops available here!

The Santa Claus hat is a classic Christmas prop everyone must have! Whether to wear or to hang on the back of the door, this Santa Claus hat is essential in households that celebrate Christmas.

The post helpfully reminds you how to do basic stitches. This pattern is very beginner friendly! There are three different patterns for toddler, child, and adult-sized hats, so you can happily crochet away for your entire family for matching Santa hats!

The pattern teaches you how to create a pom-pom using a pom-pom maker, but if you don’t happen to have one, you can always buy an already pre-made pom-pom.

8. Merry Christmas Wreath

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

Here we have a cheerful festive wreath you can hang in front of your front door to signal to your neighbors that you are welcoming the holiday season with merriment!

While this pattern is accessible for crochet beginners, note that there are a lot of parts to sew on, so this isn’t the one to embark on if you wish for a speedy project!

It features three Santas consisting of three parts each (hat, face, pom-pom), four stockings that require seams to be sewed, and five gift boxes consisting of three parts each (two sides and the main box).

All these parts are then sewed on to a Styrofoam wreath, though if you prefer a fully crocheted work, you can also choose to crochet the wreath separately and stuff it with polyfiber filling.

9. Faux Fur Christmas Stocking

Free pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity available here!

If you’re not up for the Paw Patrol character stockings, maybe you’ll be down for this one! Faux fur yarn is an easy way to guarantee that your projects will turn out fancy and give off store-bought vibes.

This particular stocking adds a classy touch to the home decor, but at the same time, looks extremely cozy and welcoming!

If you want some more spice to your stockings or aren’t a fan of using a lot of faux fur yarn, the author of the post also provides alternative patterns: such as buffalo plaid stockings or these diamond fur stockings.

Just a small warning that faux fur can be a bit tricky to work with at first as it can be hard to see where the stitches are, so make sure to keep count for each round!

10. Peppermint Throw and Pillow

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

This peppermint throw and pillow is a large project that will consume a decent chunk of your time, which is why you should get started now, instead of leaving it off for later! Fortunately, once you get the hang of it, this pattern is extremely repetitive, so you can crochet away while binging your favorite Netflix series!

This project does make use of an interesting technique: the interlocking stitch, which creates two layers of crochet mesh that are interwoven using double crochets and chains. If that sounds complicated, take a look at this video tutorial before deciding to have a go at this project!

11. Mini Sweater and Stocking Ornaments

Free pattern by me available here!

These cute candy cane mini sweater and stocking ornaments would fit perfectly on your Christmas tree! Both work up extremely quickly and would make a great side project! You can also hang them on a keychain if you don’t have a tree!

If you’ve always wanted to crochet a life-sized sweater but were intimidated by the size and time it would take to make one, you can try out your skills with this mini sweater! Its construction is the same as a life-sized sweater, so if you can crochet this, you can crochet a bigger one after scaling up the pattern!

The pattern also contains photos to help you along with the more complicated steps!

More blog posts for amigurumi beginners:

12. Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

This Christmas advent calendar is a bit of an undertaking. You’d need to get started on this a while before Christmas if you plan to make it! The calendar consists of a main canvas to which you will sew 24 pockets on to for each day leading up to Christmas, each containing a surprise for the recipient.

And what a wonderful set of surprises will it be! There is a variety of Christmas-themed items, from cocoa mug and gingerbread man appliques to amigurumi snowmen and reindeers. 24 buttons are embroidered on the tree, so you, or your extremely lucky giftee can put up each crocheted item each day of December.

13. Red Christmas Truck Table Runner

Free pattern by Briana K Designs available here!

Spice up your dining able with this red truck table runner! The red Christmas truck is a symbol of holiday spirit and bringing people together.

This table runner uses colorwork, or tapestry crochet to create the red truck and plaid patterns. The post provides a link to a colorwork tutorial, if you’re unfamiliar with the method. Colorwork crochet can be easier to visualize using a chart, and the author of the pattern has kindly provided one.

14. Reindeer Granny Blanket (easy!)

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me available here!

This festive red-and-green reindeer blanket might just be what you need to drape over your living room couch for Christmas! Consisting of 25 5×5 granny squares, this project isn’t a super speedy one, but definitely not a back-breaking 20-hour project, either.

What I love about granny squares is how mindless and repetitive they are. Before you know it, you’ll have a pile and all you need to do is join them together and add some borders! Besides its nose, the reindeer is part of the granny motif, so you can minimalize the need for sewing in this project!

15. Starflake Table Runner

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

This starflake table runner brings a subtle classy charm to your dining table! Perfect for all winter if you’re not scared of getting this beautiful pure white table runner stained! Remember to use cotton or wool yarn for their machine-washable and heat-resistant qualities.

This table runner consists of repeating motifs. It does require knowledge of picot stitches, which you can find in this video tutorial!

16. Pinewood Pillow

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery available here!

Here is an understated yet highly textured pillow to add to your couch over the holiday season! It is a tapestry crochet pillow which uses faux fur yarn and a lot of bobble stitches. This is a quick refresher on how to do bobbles!

In tapestry crochet, you carry the yarn of the color you’re not using in the back of the stitches of the yarn you’re currently crocheting with. Carrying the thicker faux fur yarn behind the bobbles might be a bit of a challenge, but one you’ll get used to in no time!

17. Christmas Coasters (easy!)

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me available here!

This post brings a set of cheerful Christmas coasters to the table! Here we have a wreath, a swirly candy, a happy snowman, a Santa belly, a gingerbread head, and a pair of baubles.

The base of all of these coasters are rounds of single crochets. The pattern has a video tutorial to help you along!