17 Crochet Snowflake Patterns in Five Minutes or Less (easy and free!)

It feels like winter should be over, but March can still be snowy, so you may want to decorate with some easy crochet snowflakes—or just get a head start on Christmas ornaments this year!

Just like snowflakes come in endless shapes, there are endless patterns for beautiful snowflake items: ornaments, jewelry, coasters, and more! For this round-up, I’ve collected 17 of the best patterns, and they’re all easy, free, and take five minutes or less!

Let’s start the round-up with some ornaments:

1. Snowflake Ornament

Free pattern by Expression Fiber Arts here!

This super-easy pattern is one of my favorites! The pattern calls for fingering-weight yarn, but as with all the projects in this roundup, you can use whatever weight you want in order to make a bigger or smaller snowflake. I personally love using Big Twist Twinkle to give my ornaments a festive glow.

The pattern includes both written instructions and a video tutorial, and it uses simple stitches so it’s great for beginners. There are also instructions for blocking your ornament, but this step is optional. I find that the snowflakes look great both blocked and unblocked.

2. Red Heart Snowflake Ornament

Free pattern by Yarnspirations here!

Another quick ornament is this Red Heart Snowflake. It calls for worsted-weight yarn, uses only simple stitches (chain, single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch), and is worked in just 4 rounds, so it’s perfect for beginners.

3. Snowflake Wishes 1

Free pattern by Wishes in the Rain here!

For a slightly daintier ornament, check out this pattern by Joanna of Wishes in the Rain. The pattern uses only easy stitches and includes instructions in both US and UK terms, so it’s the perfect project for beginner crocheters on both sides of the pond. There are also pictures of each round to help you check your progress as you work.

4. Snowflake Wishes 3

Free pattern by Wishes in the Rain here!

Joanna has designed tons of snowflake ornaments, and this one is a bit more geometric than the first, but is just as beautiful. Like her Snowflake Wishes 1 pattern, Snowflake Wishes 3 includes both US and UK terminology as well as lots of photos. This ornament uses the cluster stitch and includes instructions for it, so it’s a good option for beginners who want to expand their skills.

5. Snowflake Wishes 5

Free pattern by Wishes in the Rain here!

Another option from Wishes in the Rain is the fifth ornament in her Snowflake Wishes series. Just like her other patterns, this one is easy, works up quickly, and is absolutely gorgeous! And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it includes both US and UK instructions.

6. Merrymaker Snowflakes

Free pattern by Draiguna here!

Let’s check out one last ornament pattern: the beautiful, dainty Merrymaker Snowflakes! This pattern calls for size 10 crochet thread and a 1.75mm hook, but it still works up quickly. It also uses a few special stitches—cluster, picot, and small picot—on top of more standard stitches, so it’s a good project for beginners looking to branch out and learn new skills.

Now that we’ve covered lots of ornaments, let’s move on to some versatile snowflake patterns that can be made into coasters, ornaments, or whatever you’d like!

7. 5-Minute Crochet Snowflake

Free pattern by Crochet For You here!

As the name suggests, this snowflake works up in just five minutes! It uses barely any yarn, so it’s the perfect project for when you have scrap yarn lying around. The pattern requires only basic stitches, so as long as you’re comfortable working into chain spaces, this snowflake will be a breeze.

8. Crochet Snowflake Corfu

Free pattern by Blue Rain Drops here!

This beautiful four-round snowflake is quick and easy to make! It uses simple stitches, and the pattern even comes with a blocking template so you can ensure each snowflake is symmetrical. Turn them into ornaments, garlands, coasters—whatever fits your fancy!

9. Free Snowflake Pattern

Free pattern by StoneGnome here!

This super-easy snowflake is a great choice for beginners, especially because the pattern uses only 3 basic stitches and includes lots of progress photos. The design of this snowflake is a bit different from the rest in this round-up; the “spikes” give it a whimsical yet delicate feel. Plus, this snowflake doesn’t need to be stiffened with glue or starch—if you crochet with tight tension and then wash your snowflake, it’ll keep its shape once it dries.

10. Snowflake Trio

Free pattern by busy-bee-lmt here! (Photos by allicats)

This pattern comes with instructions for not one but three snowflakes! While you can use any size yarn, if you want the same delicate look as the snowflakes in the photos, try using size 10 crochet thread with a size 7 (4.5mm) hook. The snowflakes range from 5 to 7 rounds, but they’ll still work up quickly thanks to the pattern’s easy stitches.

11. Easy Snowflake Crochet Pattern

Free pattern by Stitch by Fay here!

This adorable snowflake pattern works up quickly and has only three rounds. The pattern calls for easy stitches and has detailed instructions plus progress photos, so it’s a perfect beginner project!

12. Medium Feather Snowflake

Free pattern by Saraphir Legind of Saraphir Designs here!

This delicate snowflake is absolutely gorgeous! To achieve a similar look to the snowflakes created by the designer, choose a 3-ply linen yarn and a 2mm hook. Of course, if you feel like using a larger yarn, I’m sure your snowflake will still look amazing. The pattern uses easy stitches and is written in both US and UK terms, so it’s great for beginner crocheters.

Now let’s see what other fun snowflake items you can crochet in under five minutes!

13. Snowflake Marker

Free pattern by Roberta Maier here!

This snowflake bookmark is absolutely perfect for snow days when you want to stay cozy inside and read a good book. It uses easy stitches plus the picot stitch, so if you’re a beginner looking to learn new techniques, this is a great pattern to try!

14. Snowflake Granny Square

Free pattern by Szimonetta Misár here!

If you enjoy making granny squares, this is the perfect snowflake pattern for you! It uses basic stitches, works up quickly, and includes both US and UK instructions plus plenty of progress photos. You can make just one square to use as a coaster, or you can make multiple and create blankets, sweaters, bags, or any number of other items! And because the pattern calls for two colors of yarn, there’s endless combinations you can choose to match your personality.

15. Snowflake Coasters

Free pattern by Janaya Chouinard here!

These festive snowflake coasters are the perfect place to set down a steaming mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter day. They can be worked in a single color or two colors, and they’re a great beginner project because they call for easy stitches plus the picot stitch, for which the pattern has instructions.

16. Snowflake Coaster

Free pattern by Whiskers & Wool here!

Another lovely coaster is this one by Whiskers & Wool. It calls for worsted weight yarn and a 4.25mm hook, uses easy stitches, and works up quickly, Plus, as the designer says, you can even use this snowflake as an ornament if you like.

17. Snowflake Earrings

Free pattern by Yellow, Pink and Sparkly here!

Let’s finish out this round-up with some gorgeous snowflake earrings! These work best when made with crochet cotton and a small hook, but if you feel more comfortable using larger yarn, you could turn these into Christmas ornaments or any other type of decoration. The pattern uses easy stitches and has both US and UK terms, so beginners everywhere will be able to make these in a jiffy!

Which snowflake patterns will you be trying this year?