15 Cutest and Easiest Bunny Ear Hat Free Crochet Patterns

Today we will be looking at some super cute bunny ear hats that you can wear during Easter time or all year round! All these patterns are easy to follow with adjustable sizes, so that they will be able to fit you or any family member/friend that you are making them for.

You can play around with the colors for your bunny ear hats by making them brown, white or black that are typical of a bunny, or you might like to experiment with pastel colors. Pink, blue and yellow make lovely pastel colors fitting for Easter, for example.

Which ever crochet pattern you choose from the ones below, you are sure to have a fun time making and wearing your very own bunny ear hat!

1. Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

First up we have this adorable hat consisting of double crochet stitches and ears attaches on separately. The eyes are made of buttons as you can see, although you might like to make yours out of plastic safety eyes or embroidered on.

2. Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Lovable Loops

Next we have this lovely beginner friendly pattern. The designer includes instructions for sizes baby, toddler, child to adult to help you out.

Once you have the base hat done, then you will just want to add details like the eyes and cheeks and there are images to help you with the placement of these.

3. Bunny Hat and Booties

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

This set is just adorable! The pattern is easy to crochet, and includes a helpful sizing guide as long as you follow the gauge. You may simply download the pattern by having a Yarnspirations account, so you might as well to be able to access this one and many others!

4. Sock Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Pretty Darn Adorable

Next we have a bunny hat that is also an ear warmer and able to be tied at the front! The pattern caters for sizes new born to adult, and has a pdf version available for purchase if you prefer to follow the pattern that way.

Only simply stitches are involved such as half double crochet, double crochet and single crochet which that makes the pattern easy for beginners, so give it a go!

5. Easter Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Jenny & Teddy

This easter bunny hat also has ties on the front so it can stay nice and secure! The hat is worked in the round, and you can simply change the size by crochet fewer or more rows of increases.

The pattern is easy to follow and there are also images included to help you achieve the shape needed.

6. Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Traverse Bay Crochet

Our next bunny hat has a ribbed edge so that it fits more snuggly on your head. The pattern caters for new born and toddler sizes, although if you are more experienced you might like to customize this to your own size.

Some more complicated stitched like front post and back post double crochets, but you will want to use the stitch in every project after getting the hang of it!

7. Easy Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by JTcreations

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download and is very beginner friendly. The designer suggests that the ears stand up with additional support, so you might want to crochet the outer edge alongside a pipe cleaner for example or use a thicker/more weighted yarn to help with this.

8. Bunny Hats

Free Pattern by CrochetDreamz

How cute are these bunny hats! I love the pastel colors and the bundle of flowers of the top right side. When crocheted in fluffy chunky yarn like the ones above, these hats will feel lovely to wear.

When following the gauge, these hats can work up to fit children’s heads up to 3 years old. For the last round of the hat, the designer has also included a helpful video for learning how to do an invisible join.

9. Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Selena Wallace

The long dangly ears for this bunny hat are adorable! The hat part and ears are crocheted separately, so you will want to go about joining those at the end.

The designer has written the full pattern in a more worded form, whereas the last page has the pattern written in shorthand for those more experienced at reading them.

10. Sweet Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

Another beautiful pattern by Yarnspirations! This one is an easy crochet bunny hat made with Red Heart Soft Yarn.

The cozy looking earflaps and braid trim make lovely additions to this hat to make it look as cute as can be for the child wearing it.

11. Bunny Hat for Cats

Free Pattern by Shooting Star Crafts

Why settle with just a bunny hat for yourself, when a cat can have one as well? You will only need a small size so the hat works up very quickly.

You might like to make yours in the color white fitting for a bunny, or one that is similar to the color of your cat!

12. Bunny Lamb Baby Bonnet

Free Pattern by Winding Road Crochet

Next we have these bunny ears that are not so much a hat, but a baby bonnet! the bonnet sits nice and securely with a tie at the front, and will keep their head nice and warm while they are still growing hair or throughout winter months.

13. “Little Bunny Foo Foo” Bunny Hat

Free Pattern by Make & Do Crew

This hat with floppy ears will be adorable, whether you decide to personalize the face or not. The designer has tried both options in developing this pattern and loves all options.

There is a printable and free version available, and the pattern also caters ages 0 to child or up to 19 inch head size, so give it a go!

14. Chunky Bunny Crochet Hat

Free Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

I love the use of fabric in the ears, it really adds some color and fun to the project! You could grab whatever fabric you like from a local sewing shop, or you might already have some leftovers at home.

The pattern is easy to follow from the base hat part, flower part to the ears so enjoy the process of making your own personalise bunny hat!

15. Easter Hat, Booties and Diaper Set

Free Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet

Finally we have this gorgeous hat, booties and diaper set. This would make a lovely gift for any newborns within the family, friend circle or work! They can then where this cute set around easter time as the name suggests, or all year round really.