13 Beautiful One Skein Crochet Cowl Patterns (easy and free!)

With cooler days on their way, cowls are the perfect project for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about having to constantly adjust a scarf around their neck. Cowls can also be less bulky as they give up length while still maintaining coziness and warmth.

Since cowls don’t rely on length like scarves, almost all cowls can be complete in one skein or less. The amount of yarn used will depend on the pattern, gauge, and yarn chosen to complete it.

This roundup will feature a collection of cowls, snoods, and infinity scarves. Some may have some extra accessories like buttons added to them, but you can choose to forgo any extras and simply crochet.

Catarina Cowl

This lacey, elegant cowl is perfect for any small skeins you may have laying around. Only taking about 164 yards of worsted weight yarn, it can be finished within a night of binge watching your current TV show obsession.

If you choose to use a lighter weight yarn to create a different drape, please note that you may need to adjust the pattern as it will end up smaller due to a smaller yarn.

Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl

If you love the look of granny squares but don’t want to worry about tying a neckerchief around your neck, and if you would like a nice neck warmer without the hassle of a sweater, this pattern is for you!

You only need 218 yards of worsted weight yarn to create this cowl. You may need more depending on the size you wish to make it.

Granny Rows Neck Warmer

Taking less than 300 yards to create, this cowl is great for ombre skeins! You can choose to cut the skeins and separate the colors or see what kind of pattern it creates by simply going with the flow.

Chunky Moebius Cowl

Not only does this pattern teach you the foundation single crochet, but it also gives you three different variations of the same pattern! You won’t have to figure out the math on your own with this pattern.

Depending on the length and size of the item you wish to create, it will take anywhere between 20 yards to 127 yards of super bulky yarn. You can choose between an earwarmer, a single wrap cowl, or a double wrap cowl.

Arctic Ice Snood

This simple and easily adjustable pattern only takes 30 minutes of your time and 106 yards of super bulky yarn. It’s very forgiving and can be altered to fit your requirements. Crochet it with a solid color or a variegated skein to give it

Knit-like Cowl and Infinity Scarf

Do you enjoy the look of knitting, but can’t figure out how to knit? Then this cowl (or scarf) is the project for you!

The cowl only takes 196 yards of worsted yarn to create, but the scarf is double that at 392 yards. Depending on the yarn you choose, you could easily make one scarf with one skein, or even two cowls!

Quiet Star Cowl

Free video pattern by Quiet Star Crafts

Follow this YouTube video for a detailed, step-by-step process of creating this gorgeous bulky cowl. It also includes buttons, if you happen to have a few laying around!

While the example cowl in the video takes three skeins, there was only 64 yards in each skein, bringing the total yardage to around 192 yards. It takes bulky yarn, or, as shown in the video, two strands of worsted weight yarn paired together.

Moss Stitch Cowl

The moss stitch is a surprisingly simple yet gorgeous stitch that creates an interesting texture almost effortlessly. Use some variegated yarn for an even more interesting look!

This cowl takes about 312 yards of heavy worsted weight or lighter bulky weight yarn to achieve its look. It’s easily adjustable to the amount of yarn and free time you have.

Ups and Downs Cowl

This cowl may seem complicated at first glance. Braiding in crochet? That has to be complicated, right? It’s actually quite simple, as shown in this braiding crochet loops tutorial.

This cowl only takes 245 yards of worsted weight yarn. You can choose to add a button or brooch if you wish.

Full of Woe Infinity Scarf

Also known as snood based on the snood from the show Wednesday, this pattern only takes about 340 yards of worsted weight yarn. It’s a very simple pattern with only one repeated row.

You can choose between a foundation double crochet or a foundation chain. You can even add tassels!

Chunky Cowl

If you have some chunky yarn just begging to be used, why don’t you take a few hours to create a bulky yet warm cowl? It only takes about 279 yards of super bulky yarn to complete.

Warm Winter Cowl

This plushy cowl may look complicated, but it’s quite simple! If you’re looking to create a lovely cowl without too much work while learning the puff stitch, then this is the pattern for you.

This cowl only takes about 280 yards of worsted weight yarn to complete it. Use a solid color for a seamless look or a variegated color for an interesting color pooling!

Outlander Cowl

Based on the cowl that Claire wore in Outlander, this pattern attempts to achieve the same drape and look that knit gave Claire’s cowl. It’s quite an easy one-row repeat and only takes single and half double crochets plus a few back loop only stitches.

While the pattern uses two strands of worsted weight yarn held together, it only takes 340 yards of yarn to complete. Feel free to find a similar color to Claire’s or make it your own!