13 Amazing Farm Animal Crochet Appliqué Free Patterns

Farm animal crochet appliqués are delightful and versatile creations that bring the charm of the countryside into the world of crafting. These miniature crochet animals capture the essence of farm life with their intricate details and adorable designs. From cute little chickens to majestic horses, each farm animal crochet appliqué tells a story and adds a touch of whimsy to various projects.

Farm animal crochet appliqués serve as fantastic embellishments for a wide range of projects. They can be sewn onto blankets, sweaters, hats, and scarves, instantly transforming plain items into personalized and eye-catching creations. These appliqués are also popular choices for decorating children’s clothing, baby blankets, and nursery décor, adding a touch of playfulness to any space.

Farm-themed crochet appliqués can also be used to educate and entertain. They make wonderful teaching tools for kids to learn about different animals and their characteristics. Incorporating these appliqués into storytelling or interactive playtime can make learning about farm animals an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Whether used for personal projects, gifts, or educational purposes, these crochet creations are a delightful way to bring a piece of the farm into the world of crafting.

1. Barn

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

This free pattern is super simple and easy to follow. The resulting barn appliqué is adorable and can make a great addition to a themed play mat of blanket for children.

It is so easy to make as it only uses two stitches – single crochet and single crochet decrease, so it’s an easy appliqué to start with as a beginner!

2. Duck

Free pattern by Kerri’s Crochet

This super cute duck is so easy to make and can be made in no time at all too.

The pattern consists of mainly single crochet stitches with some double and half-double crochet stitches to crate features such as the tail and beak. There is minimal sewing and the result is adorable!

3. Lamb

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

This adorable lamb is a great way to decorate items or even as a hanging item – a great gift for children or animal lovers!

The pattern is easy for beginners as it uses mainly double crochet stitches to create the body and more for the head. There is no color changing during the work just separate pieces of different color to sew together at the end.

4. Horse

Free pattern by Natalina Craft

This beautiful horse appliqué may look intricate, but is easy to complete whether beginner or advanced. The pattern uses the usual crohet stiches and works in a round.

It is nice and easy to work up and looks great too!

5. Bunny

Free pattern by Thoresby Cottage

The adorable bundle of bunnies are perfect for decorating a child’s blanket or even to use as easter decorations!

They are super simple to make as they are made in a round and only require you to sew the snout onto the piece and embroider the various facial details on as well.

6. Sheep

Free pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts

This sheep is so cute given it’s heart body and cute little bow!

The pattern uses stitches double and half-double crochet stitches. The small appliqué pattern means this heart-shaped sheep can be made in no time!

7. Cow

Free pattern by Natalina Craft

This cute little cow looks great and would make a great addition to blankets or as an accessory.

The pattern does use a magic circle to get started so you need to know how to do this, but all the stitches are basic crochet stitches and the design requires minimal sewing together at the end.

8. Pig

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

This cute and round little pig is an easy make and the pattern is written well. The designer even has a video if you prefer to watch how it is made.

This pattern can be easily added to granny squares as is suggested in the pattern to make a cute themed blanket!

9. Donkey

Free pattern by Kerri’s Crochet

This donkey appliqué looks a little more complex and it is a full body appliqué. Don’t worry though, the donkey is still great for beginners to try and the pattern is so well written and easy to follow!

There’s even a video of how to make it if this is your preferred method.

10. Chick

Free pattern by Oodles 4 Noodles

This chick appliqué is perhaps one of the easier if not the easiest one on this list. The adorable chick body is made all in one and can be made very quickly too thanks to the short and concise pattern.

THe beak and eyes are the only additions and are, again, very easy to do. The designer has even included details of how to adjust your yarn type and hook size for bigger or smaller chicks.

11. Goat

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

This Goat appliqué, also by Maria’s Blue Crayon, is again really written and so clear and easy to follow. She still provides a video if you prefer to watch and crochet rather than read.

The resulting goat looks adorable so why not give it a go?

12. Turkey

Free pattern by Fiber Flux

This turkey appliqué looks so adorable and it is cleverly made using multiple small circles layered atop one another.

The pattern is super simple, very clear and has useful instructions on finishing and assembling the turkey!

13. Dog & Cat

Free pattern video by Naztazia

This amazing two-in-one pattern for the dog and cat is a video on Youtube. The designer talks clearly in the video and even writes each stage on the screen too so you have the option to watch, read and listen to the pattern.

The pattern is easy to follow and quick too and the resulting dog and cat looks so cute – you can add to blankets, use as decoration or, as the designer suggests, turn them into magnets for children to play with! What a great idea!