11 Incredible Loop Stitch Crochet Patterns (easy!)

Loop stitch is a wonderful stitch that can add some texture to your favorite projects! Shawls, pillows and amigurumis make some great examples. The stitch can seem intimidating and time consuming at first, but it is certainly worthwhile!

Here I have compiled a variety of patterns that incorporate the loop stitch. Most of them include mini tutorials for doing the loop stitch, so if you are new do not let that deter you from giving it a go! I hope you enjoy the process of crocheting your own loop stitch creations!

1. Loop Stitch Pillow

Free Pattern by You Should Craft

First up we have a loop stitch pillow pattern. The pillow makes a super cute way to decorate your couch or bedroom. You will get so many compliments from family and friends, (and maybe a few requests for their own pillow that you might not want to accept.

The designer also has some other pillow patterns that you might like to check out, such as the sunburst pillow and daisy granny square pillow that are also linked on the website.

2. Loop Stitch Lawn Rug

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

Next we have this lawn-looking rug, which would bring a lovely natural feel to any room! You might like to use this rug in places where you have floorboards or tiles so your feet do not get cold.

You might like to use up a bunch of scrap yarn for a super fluffy and colorful rug, all in one color, or a subtle gradient yarn like the green one above! All make great choices.

3. Loop Stitch Sheep

Free Pattern by YARNHILD

This sheep is just adorable! I love how they incorporated the loop stitch to replicate the fluffy texture of an actual sheep. You might like to make sure sheep in typical white or off-white tones, or you could go for a funky bright color like the purple above!

4. Loops Stitch Shaggy Bag

Free Pattern by CraftPassion

How cool is the texture of this bag! The yarn used is poly jersey interlock, so not your typical one, but you might like to source some for yourself if you are really looking to recreate the texture of this bag.

Otherwise you may try using any yarn material that is accessible to you, your bag just might end up a little smaller and less loopy!

5. Cara Scarf

Free Pattern by tl yarn crafts

Next we have this stunning shawl. The loop stitches are not done all the way through as you can see, meaning your fingers get a bit of a break during the project!

The pattern includes a video tutorial for the loop stitch which is super handy. Between that and the easy-to-read written instructions, this is likely a pattern suitable for beginners.

6. Loop Stitch Chevron Crochet Pillow

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

Here we have another loop stitch pillow, with a different design as this one is zig zag! You would need at least two colors to create the zig zag effect, or you might like to use multiple colored yarns for a rainbow look!

The pattern is easy to follow, just make sure you remember to alternate between the plain and loop stitch rows so your pillow looks like the one above.

7. Loop Stitch Slipper

Free Pattern by The Lavender Chair

Handmade slippers are just what you need when going into colder months! The pattern caters for different show sizes, so be mindful of this when following the instructions.

Slippers can be slippery on hard surfaces, an idea might be to add drops of hot glue on the surface of the slippers (when unworn!!!) so that these give some grip!

8. Loop Stitch Braid Baby Blanket

Free Pattern by Happy Berry Crochet

The texture of this blanket is lovely! I imagine it would be nice and warm too. The blanket works up to be about 30 by 30 inches depending on your gauge.

This pattern is available as a free pattern, or you might like to purchase the paid pdf for no ads. You will also need a Happy Berry account to access, but it is sure to be worth it for all the designs you can view and make for yourself!

9. Loop Stitch Jacket

Pattern by Fran Morgan

I have never seen a loop stitch jacket before, and this one is insane! It includes yarn as well as sequins if you chose to add them to create a super fun and unique piece!

The pattern is size inclusive, and is bound to become your new favorite jacket to wear on the daily!

10. Loop Stitch Rugs

Pattern by Maggie’s Crochet

These mats are gorgeous- incredible to think we can make our own with just some yarn and a hook! The pattern is intermediate level and comes with a video tutorial for doing the loop stitch.

It also includes all three designs, so you can have a different rug displayed in heaps of rooms in your house!

11. Beaded Loopy Hair Scrunchie

Lastly we have this scrunchie pattern that cleverly includes beads within loop stitches! There is a video tutorial for if you have not done this before, as well as a seperate video for the pattern itself!

Enjoy learning this new technique and having a new crochet accessory to add to your outfits!