11+ Cute and Cuddly Free Crochet Ladybug Patterns (easy!)

Ladybugs are lovely little creatures, I love when they land on your hand or fly around near you. They also come in such nice colors too like red, orange, and yellow. Here we have a round-up of various ladybug patterns for you to have fun crocheting for gifting, selling, or to keep for yourself!

There are patterns of all different styles such as keyrings, plushies, appliques and more. You are sure to find something that will suit your needs. Most of the images show ladybugs in their typical red color, although you might like create yours in a rainbow of colors for decorating or for the uniqueness. I hope you enjoy crocheting your own little creatures.

1. Ladybug Keychain

Free Pattern by Crochet at Teri’s

First up we have these lovely little ladybugs that the pattern shows you how to turn into keyrings. These would be perfect for hanging on your bag or keys.

The ladybugs are only small so they would be quick to make and can use up some scrap yarn that you surely have hanging around.

2. Ladybug, Bee and Beetle

Free Pattern by StringyDingDing

Next up we have this cute little fella! As you can see, safety eyes are used for the spots on the red part which is a really nice touch.

I also like the legs of this one as it makes it look a little more realistic, as realistic as it can be anyway for crochet!

3. Caterpillar and Ladybug

Free Pattern by Red Heart Design Team

This pattern includes ones for a caterpillar and ladybug, so you are only one project away from having two new crochet critters in your life!

You might like to play around with the colors for the caterpillar as they can come in all sorts, you could even make one that looks like the character from The Hungry Caterpillar storybook.

4. Ladybug Applique

Next we have some lovely appliques that can be added to any project you like- whether that be a sweater, cardigan, tea cosy, coaster and more!

You have some options for the spots and stripes here, you might like to embroider them on with black yarn or cut up and glue some black felt.

5. Ladybug Cat Costume

Free Pattern by yarn isomerase

How cute is this ladybug costume! Your cat is sure to enjoy this cosy costume. If you don’t have one, then maybe you can consider crochet the outfit and donating it to a family member/friend’s cat or a cat shelter where they are sure to appreciate the resources.

6. Ladybug and Flower Applique Set

Free Pattern by Joanita Theron Designs

Here we have another ladybug applique, but this one is a set that also includes a background, flower and sun. I think the details on this pattern are very cute!

This applique could be used as a pocket on a sweater or any jacket you have. It could also simply be a coaster or decoration in a room at home.

7. Ladybug

Free Pattern by DIY-100 Ideas

This ladybug is made with chunky yarn, so if you do the same its likely to crochet up even quicker! The designer has used safety eyes for the black spots and, well, eyes.

Black pipe cleaners are also used for the antennas as it seems, so you can adjust them to be whatever shape you like.

8. Ladybug

Free Pattern by Left-Handed Crocheter

The next ladybug pattern works up to be about 6.5 inches long, so a decent size. Although, the designer assures that it works up quickly!

It works up in seperate parts such as legs, bottom, top, head and antennas, so you will just need to go about sewing them together once they are done.

9. Ladybug Bear

Free Pattern by The Cozy Chipmunk

This little ladybug bear is so cute! This makes a great project for if you want to crochet a bear but with a unique touch, such as a bear wearing an adorable ladybug costume.

From the frilled skirt, bow tie on front and the hood with antennas, whoever receives this is sure to adore it!

10. Crochet Ladybug

Free Pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

Next we have a crochet ladybug rattle that a baby would love playing with! All you will need is some yarn, a hook and some toy rattle noise insert which the designer suggests you could purchase from Amazon, or elsewhere if you prefer.

11. Little Lady

Free Pattern by Pine Tree Crochet

Our next ladybug works up to be about 4 by 2 inches, depending on your gauge, yarn or hook size of course! the pattern is beginner-friendly as it only consists of simple stitches.

There is also a pdf/printable version of the pattern available for purchase on Ravelry if you would like that option too.

12. Ladybug Gnome

Pattern by Olga Chemery

Last by not least, we have this adorable ladybug gnome! The pattern is likely better suited for those who crochet at intermediate level as there are some complexities involves with this amigurimi.

I hope anyone enjoys the process of making this adorable doll though, amongst the other ladybug patterns!