11 Free Crochet Bat Patterns (Perfect for Halloween!)

Crochet bats make a great gift or decoration, especially around the spooky season of Halloween! They also make a great project for beginners to get into amigurumi as they are small, have few parts to sew together and mainly consist of one colour. You also have the opportunity to get creative with your yarn colour, as many designers have deviated from the traditional black to more colourful ones such as purple, pink and even fluffy bats as you will see below!

Many of these patterns say to use plastic safety eyes, although if you don’t have access to them you could easily embroider them on with black yarn instead. Feel free to embroider cute details like mouths and teeth as well to make these bat patterns your own Now let us get into them, I hope you enjoy!

Spooky Batty Bat

Free Pattern by CraftyBunnyBun

How cute are these little bats! The pattern is written so clearly that even a beginner could attempt it. There are heaps of photos throughout and the instructions are in a super easy to understand table of sorts. The parts are separated by ears, body and wings so there is some sewing involved, but do not let that deter you from giving this adorable pattern a go!

Round Plush Bat

I love the little details on this one like lines on the wings and teeth! This bat works up to be about the size of your palm, and the designer says it would be great for making into a keyring or attaching to a baby blanket! There are a few special stitches like the 3 chain picot stitch and invisible join involved, but other than that the process should be smooth sailing. The assembly instructions are incredibly clear, so after crocheting all your piece you will have this one done in no time!

Oscar the Little Bat

From the massive ears to pink blush on its cheeks, this project is sure to be a treat! It works up to about 15cm so a decent size, and is said to be for an intermediate audience. Paintbox yarn is recommended as displayed on the LoveCrafts site, although any Aran weight yarn should do. Cotton would work well so its washable especially if the bat is a little ones’ favourite toy. Each piece is conveniently worked in the round so no joining too.

Candy Bat

Free Pattern by Poly Bernoy

The colours in these ones are amazing! Of course everyone might not have or be a fan of these bright colours, but its always fun to try something new. The pattern is available off the designer’s Ravelry page in both English and Spanish. As with the bats seen before, these would also make lovely gifts for someone else or yourself! The instructions are very clear, although the wings are done following a chart so you might need to go about learning how to do that. The rainbow about each of these bats’ necks are made of pompoms, which are optional but super cute!

Baby V the Vampire Bat

Free Pattern by The Burgundy Basket

I think this pattern was going for a more realistic style bat rather than the cutsie ones I included before! The wings are interestingly done in one piece and looks super effective. These bats use barely any yarn, with the designer saying they made three with one skein of 250m. They could also have a fun Halloween theme if you decided to crochet them in purple or orange yarn!

Bartleby the Sleepy Bat

Free Pattern by Amber R Ellis

I love the details on this one, especially the sleepy looking eyes and stripy coloured body! This bat stand to about 3 inches, although the designer assures that you can easily make yours bigger with a different hook and yarn weight. The wings on this one are also long enough to wrap around the body like a bat does when they are hanging! The golden yarn also acts as a bow tie, how cute is that.

Bat Betty Amigurumi

This bat pattern is unique in that the ears and wings are made from black felt rather than crocheted! It also featured an adorable bow tie that stand out nicely in red. For this tutorial you need to crochet the head, body and feet, which all work up in the round and fairly quickly as this is only a small project. The pattern is available in French and English.

Sir Batwington the Bat

Free Pattern by Sweet Softies

The pattern is super sweet, from its name to the look of the finished product! The bat works up to be about 5 inches tall, and it said to be an easy or familiar beginner project. Some complicated stitches such as the foundation half double crochet, although the designer includes a helpful video tutorial of theirs. The body and legs are crocheted together which is handy. The written pattern is available for free although you can access photo references in the paid for PDF version.

Baby Bat

Free Pattern by Roxy Crochet

Bats look so cute when they are done in purple yarn! Very Halloween themed too. The head and body are crocheted in one piece in the round which is super convenient, then the rest just involves sewing on the ears, wings and feet. You have the opportunity to use different colours too as done with the darker purple above. This may be considered an intermediate pattern as there are some techniques like invisible decreases involved. Safety eyes would probably look best here as you want them to look big on the face for the cuteness, but embroidering with black yarn would also be fine.


Free Pattern by Jen Hayes Creations

These round bodies are an interesting take for a crochet bat, but it works great! The wings on this pattern look nice and realistic, with the topstitching and long shape. Little yarn is needed here so perfect opportunity to use up some scrap yarn, even some weird and wonderful fuzzy yarn works like the one above! The difficulty for these are advanced beginner to advanced.

Bat Wind Spinner

Free Pattern by Crafty Crochet Castle

These bats are a very unique take! They would make great hanging or table decorations for Halloween. Could also be done in dark scary colours or bright ones that you can’t help but smile over. A gauge is not important for this project which makes things easier. The pattern is in the form of a Youtube video so great for those who are visual learners.