Ultimate List of Easy and Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to find specifically Christmas-themed patterns. In this ultimate (but not exhaustive) list of patterns, I hope to help you narrow down your search in the endless sea of online crochet patterns!


12 Bunnies of Christmas

What’s better than one pattern but twelve patterns? These adorable bunnies countdown the last 12 days to Christmas!

Lucky for you, they have all been posted. You can pick and choose which bunny or bunnies you want to do without any of the waiting!


Most people associate Christmas with snow. For anyone who rarely experiences snow (or even for someone who does), create this precious little snowman for their table or mantle to brighten their room.

Melting Snowman and Snowwoman

Crafty Crochet Castle (video pattern)

What’s a perfect gag gift for someone who lives in a non-snowy climate? These melting snowpeople! Adorable, unique, and can be completed within an hour, this is a great last minute pattern for any funny people in your life.

Winter Snow Cat and Red Bird Buddy

While not exclusively Christmas themed, this snowy cat and her little buddy is perfect for a decoration by the door. Most floor decorations aren’t all that noticeable, but this one definitely is!

Candy Cane

While a lot of candy cane designs are typically flat, this one is worked in a round. This pattern takes the natural drift or spiraling of crochet into account, giving it a perfect candy cane color design.

Christmas Tree Gnome

Are you bored of the typical Christmas trees and want something different? This Christmas tree gnome still embodies the spirit of Christmas, trees, and little helpful creatures while still being unique! 

Noël the Christmas Mouse

Instead of an Elf on the Shelf, how about a Noël on the… doorbell? Ignoring the bad pun, this adorable mouse is a perfect sleepy guardian, all snuggled in her cozy pajamas.

Christmas Chubby Bunnies

Who doesn’t like adorably round, chubby bunnies that you can customize? Make a Christmas tree bunny, a snowbunny, a reinbunny, or Santa Bunny! You could have an entire forest of little tree bunnies on your dining room table.

Christmas Elf

This sweet elf pixie is easily customizable! You can choose any color for hair, skin, and dress, or change up the hairstyle to something else. Add fluffy yarn for a wintery embellishment, or give her a full pixie-sized coat!

Christmas Cow

Why crochet a reindeer when you could crochet these adorable cows? They come with two different designs, but they could easily have extra embellishments added!

Jingle the Christmas Elf

Although very similar to those Elf on the Shelf, this one is much cuter and can be customized specifically for your household! He could be a friendly green elf instead of a red elf. Super easy and doesn’t even require that much stuffing.

Female Christmas Elf

If you would rather crochet a small, round elf, this is the pattern for you. No lanky limbs or any long bits to worry about with this palm-sized elf. She’s super cute!

Decorations & Ornaments

Christmas Bulb

These super easy Christmas bulbs are toddler safe and great as additions for ugly sweater contests! Crochet them as big or as small as you’d like with chunky or lace weight yarns.

Snowman Baubles

These baubles are super cute! They work up in less than 45 minutes and are great soft ornaments for trees.

15 Minute Snowflake

This fifteen minute snowflake will have you possibly learning some new stitches, but don’t worry! She has a full YouTube tutorial if you get stuck at any point.

Mini Snowflake

For this snowflake, you will want to size down your yarn to at least DK or light worsted. The smaller, the better! Instead of Christmas glitter or confetti, you can use these snowflakes and reuse them over the years!

Candy Cane and Wreath Ornament

This incredibly easy technique of single crocheting down a chain creates a flexible pattern that can be used for candy canes and wreaths!

Christmas Tree and Stars Garland

Instead of the flimsy, plastic garlands, how about creating a handmade, custom garland that’s tailored to your home? You can make it as long or as short as you need!

Flat Christmas Tree

Learn the puff stitch in this pine tree pattern! This creates a tree-like texture without any of the fuss.

Ribbon Christmas Tree

This is a crochet twist on those iconic ribbon tree ornaments. You crochet everything on this ornament, so you won’t need to buy beads or ribbons!

Little Christmas Socks

These little Christmas socks are so cute and perfect as ornaments for smaller trees! They fit on big trees as well, which make them look even more adorable.

Cross Bookmark or Ornament

Misplaced your own cross ornament that’s always been on your tree? Crochet yourself a new one! It can even double as a bookmark.

Santa Scraps

Seagulls might not be what you think of when you think of Christmas, but it’s so dang cute that I had to include it. This little guy is adorable and a perfect little surprise while still being Christmas themed.

Little Christmas Mouse

I love this little mouse with a little sweater! Mix and match colors to make a year-round buddy.

Fox Ornament

Sometimes ornaments at stores are hit or miss, but this little fox is a homerun. Cute and easily made within an hour, a fox fan will love it!

Red Truck Ornament

This unique truck ornament is worked in rows, so you won’t have to worry about making sure it’s truck-shaped when you stuff it. It may take longer to sew together than to crochet the pieces!


This star is perfect for all occasions, not just Christmas. Make as many as you want in all the colors that you want!

Wreath Ornament

This wreath can be made in just thirty minutes! Crochet the two halves, sew them together, and add all the embellishments that you wish!

S’more Ornament

What’s better than roasting marshmallows by the fire? Making s’mores with them! Turn those happy, gooey memories into a s’more ornament for your tree with this easy pattern.

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Christmas Cheer

If you’re a fan of tapestry crochet, or wish to learn, this is a great starting point. Use the full chart to get started. If you’re not into tapestry but want to learn mosaic, it has instructions for that!

C2C Christmas Lights

Teach yourself the corner-to-corner (C2C) technique while creating a decoration that can be used as a wall hanging or as part of a Christmas blanket.

Cat Bauble

Complicated Knots

This YouTube video walks you through creating one of the cutest cat ornaments I have ever seen. It’s completely no-sew, besides creating the yarn tangles.

Jolly Holly Leaves

You can’t have a holly jolly Christmas without some jolly holly leaves! This can be sprinkled around your set table or added as appliqués to other projects that need a bit more green to them.

Granny Christmas Baubles

Easy, iconic baubles that can be made as colorful as you’d like! If you have any creative kiddos, this is a great pattern to start teaching them with and gain some bonding time.

Effortless Bauble

If you don’t have extra ball ornaments to put your bauble over (such as the pattern above), try out these fifteen minute baubles instead. There is nothing extra needed besides different colors of yarn for this pattern!

Danish Heart

These hearts take only two colors crocheted in ovals (with slits). No color changing or weird shenanigans, since you’ll be weaving the pieces together at the end. There are illustrations in the pattern to help you weave the pieces together.

Stockings & Stuffers

Pro tip: when making coasters or anything that comes in contact with hot items, it is best to use cotton yarn! Plus it absorbs better than acrylic yarn.

Christmas Coaster Collection

This pattern uses UK terms! With four different designs to choose from, pick your favorite and get started on creating handmade coasters for the table. There’s no rounds and very little color changes that you will need to worry about.

Ornament Coasters

If you have any bulky yarn that you need to use, these coasters are specifically designed for bigger yarns. It is an incredibly easy pattern and super simple to size up if you have thinner yarns. Simply add on some extra rounds!

Christmas Tree Coasters

These super simple Christmas tree coasters are perfect for scrap yarn. All they need is enough of one yarn for the square base then just enough to embroidery the tree on it. Use some more yarn to add an extra star if you wish!

Mosaic Christmas Tree Coaster

If you’re wanting to learn the overlay mosaic technique, this is a great place to get started. Overlay mosaic patterns leave ends on the sides, but you don’t need to weave those in on this pattern – it’s part of the design!

Gift Box

Don’t have any small bags that realistically work for a Christmas gift? This box is easy to throw together. You can line it with fabric for extra stability or keep it unlined. It’s super cute!

Christmas Candy Treat Bag

This treat bag is perfect for giveaways at parties. It’s adorable and not too small, so it can hold just enough treats as a party giveaway. It’s also great as a substitute for fireplace stockings!

Classic Christmas Stocking

Want to make your own Christmas stocking? This crochet spin on the classic stocking is perfect for that! It’s simple and can be altered in any way that you would like it to be.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Stocking

Wanting a stocking that’s a bit more rustic and would fit in a cabin? Technically known as gingham (two shades of one color paired with white), this simple checkered stocking can be customized to fit the colors of your home and vibe.

Elf Hat with Ears

This hat is perfect for family photos! It has sizes from newborn all the way up to adult, so everyone has a chance to be an elf helper (at least for the photos!).

Long Tail Elf Hat

Love long elf hats and have a bunch of scrap yarn you need to get rid of? This hat is perfect as a scrap and stash buster. Add in as many different colors or textures as you want!

Xmas Tree Holiday Hat

This intermediate holiday hat would be great for parties or going on a Christmas train ride at a park. Change up the colors for different types of trees and size up the pattern into different multiples of 6 to make one for everyone!

Mini Holiday Hats

While too small for human heads, these mini hats are perfect as little embellishments for any sort of little gift. Add to your current house decorations to give your home a Christmas theme without bringing out all the Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree Ring

This is just a sweet little nod towards Christmas and is also great for using scrap yarn. Mix and match colors for different party bags!

Bobble Bauble Cat Collar

Catventurous Crochet

Don’t leave crocheted collars on unsupervised cats!

This adorable cat collar’s design is not completely Christmas related in terms of design, but if you mix and match your colors then you will have a Christmas-themed collar for family photos! It only works up in less than 45 minutes, which is great for last minute pictures.

Two-layer Triangle Cat Collar

fengLing Crochet

Don’t leave crocheted collars on unsupervised cats!

This festive collar is another adorable idea for family or just cat photos. Change up the colors to make a collar for every occasion!