The Ultimate List of Crochet Borders and Edgings in 2024 (free!)

Borders and edgings provide the perfect finishing touch to your crochet project. Whether it is a garment, household item, or blanket, a border can hide any rough or uneven edges that your crochet project may have. I have rounded up 12 borders / edgings that you can use to elevate your project to the next level!

1. Bobble Border

Up first is the bobble border. This border is easy to make and can be added to practically any crocheted piece. This starts by a row of single crochet, followed by a row of bobble stitches. 

Find the border instructions for the bobble border here.

2. Ribbed Border

This border is a classic and most often used to add a knit-like ribbing detail to the collar, sleeve edges, and bottom edge of a top or sweater. This version of the rib pattern, uses front post and back post stitches around the stitches in the previous row to create the ribbed effect; the width of the border is created by the number of rows you work around.

Make your own rib border using the pattern found here.

3. Crochet Eyelet Border

This fun border has a slight wavy effect with eyelets in the center of each wave. The Crochet Eyelet Border is perfect for blankets as it adds a dimensional effect to the edge of the piece. 

Find the easy to follow pattern for this border here.

4. Slip Stitch Edging

The Slip Stitch edging is an easy to make personal favorite edge of mine! It adds a clean and simple edge that doesn’t require a lot of yarn (this edge is a great option if you think you may be playing yarn chicken). I love this edge on a shawl, or similarly made garment/accessory or a blanket. This pattern provides three options, depending on how you want your edge to look. 

Follow along with the pattern.

5. Triple Picot Border

A picot border is so cute and the perfect border if you are looking for something that looks a little more delicate. This border looks great on just about everything (it makes the cutest border on a short sleeve top!). Follow along with the video tutorial below.

6. Lacy Border

The blog that this border is featured in has two other borders, but the one that I wanted to feature is the Lacy Border. This border is simple and looks so elegant! The lacy look is small but can be used to enhance even your larger projects. The Lacy Border would be great for any blankets, table runners, dishcloths etc.

Make the Lacy Border using this pattern.

7. Camel Stitch Border

The Camel Stitch Border was featured on this maker’s blog as part of a make-a-long, so head about half-way down the page to find the easy to follow pattern for the Camel Stitch Border. This border adds a knit-like effect along the edge, and can easily be customized to any width by repeating the second row until the desired border thickness is achieved. 

Make your own Camel Stitch Border following this pattern.

8. Crochet Puff Edge

Remember my blog post in February about the Puff Stitch (It’s So Puffy!!)? Well, you can have the puff stitch as a border as well! This pattern not only includes step-by-step instructions, but also a video tutorial for those who learn by following along. 

Make the Puff Edge here.

9. Shell Stitch Border

Just like the Puff Stitch, the Shell Stitch is another stitch that is not only commonly used the body of pattern, but can also be used as a border! The Shell Border gives the appearance of half circles that are the perfect addition to any crochet make. This pattern includes not only written instructions, but also a video tutorial and instructions for left-handed makers!

Make the Shell Stitch Border here.

10. The Crab Stitch Border

The Crab Stitch Border, or the Reverse Single Crochet Stitch, is a simple but classic border that uses the single crochet stitch but in reverse! Yes, you read that right – instead of working the border from right to left, you instead make a single crochet from left to right. Still confused? Follow along with the written and video instructions below.

Make the Crab Stitch / Reverse Single Border here.

11. Back Loop Single Crochet Ribbed Border

SImilar to the previous ribbed border, this border gives the piece a knit-like ribbed edge. It is commonly used on garments, blankets, and household accessories. Unlike the previous ribbed border though, this border creates the width of the border first, and then works its way around the piece using a back loop single crochet. Follow along using this video tutorial.

12. Granny Edging

Another classic edging technique is the Granny Edging. It is simple and will provide the perfect edge to any of your granny squares. This pattern not only provides the written instructions but also provides a stitch chart to help you figure out how to add the Granny Edging on your next granny square project.

Make the Granny Edging here.