The Cutest FREE Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns in 2024 (for beginners!)

Crochet bucket hats make the cutest statement piece to any outfit, so I hope you find this round-up post handy! They can come in all forms, from made of granny squares, stripes, one colour, animal themed (cause who doesn’t love a froggy bucket hat), and more! Bucket hats are good to wear all year round, whether its to shield you from the sun or for something fun.

I know some schools have a ‘no hat, no play’ policy, so this makes a great opportunity to make one for the kids! Or for yourself, since crochet appears to be attracting a younger crowd lately which is great to see. They are also good for sunny days and at the beach of course, try using a cotton yarn for a nice lightweight feel and easier ability to wash because you are sure to wear it lots. Now, let’s get into the round-up!

Basic Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Jenny & Teddy

This bucket hat is aimed to be super easy and beginner-friendly! it is mainly made up of single crochet, and is worked in one piece beginning with a magic ring. Raffia style yarn is used that looks really effective, perfect for the beach or any weather really!

Oh Snap! Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Once Upon a Cheeri

How cute is this chequered bucket hat?! So many gorgeous colour schemes could be used here, such as a sweet pink and white design or vibrant green and purple that are bound to stand out in the crowd! The pattern is easy to follow, although is worked using the yarn under method of single crochet that is supposed to make the stitches appear more aligned, although the designer has convenient linked a tutorial so this is not to worry!

Daisy Flower Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by My Accessory Box

Granny squares look amazing in many projects, so bucket hats are no exception! I love the look of the daisy flower, and the colours work wonderfully together with the yellow really standing out amongst the neutrals. The pattern walks through how to make your square, then how to join them together to form this super cute bucket hat! It consists of basic stitches, with the exception of popcorn stitch (pc), although once learned the puffy texture it creates is quite worth it!

Bold Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Anne Egan

I love how playful his bucket hat looks! The granny squares, vibrant colours and different stitches all clash but come together at the same time to create that 90s vibe the designer was going for. It is made using nine granny squares, and then compiled with a mix of single, double and treble crochets. Aran weight yarn is recommended here, especially cotton for a light feel for the summer!

Electric Threadz Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Nicole Mulholland

The stitch used for this bucket hat creates a fun texture! It also only uses simple stitches and is very repetitive, so it will be worked up in no time! Colours can be changed every row as done here, you could also try in multiple like very three rows for a stripy design. You may easily play around with the yarn weight and hook size to make stitches more or less condensed! The bucket hat is worked flat and just needs to be sewn together at the end.

Summer Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Posh Pooch Designs

This bucket hat is perfect for the sunny weather (or mowing lawns, as the designer describes!). The pattern is beginner-friendly, with clear instructions and images all the way through. You may work it in strips as pictured here, one colour or whatever you like! The flower here adds a cute little touch. The hat is easily worked in one piece with simple stitches and uses one ball of yarn if not just over, so you will have one whipped up in no time!

Flower Power Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Ella Carson

This pattern is adorable! Very fitting for Spring, or any season really. It is worked in one piece using the magic ring to start and only consists of basic stitches! The pattern is also very short and easy to follow too. You could have a lot of fun experimenting with colours here, like the white and yellow for a daisy flower as seen or maybe brown and yellow for a sunflower!

Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Sesia Tricot

How adorable is this stripy bucket hat! It reminds me of a typical stripy towel you bring to the beach, so this project makes a fun summer project. The pattern is available in English as well as Italian which is handy. There is a big opportunity to play around with colours here, I imagine vibrant rainbow coloured yarn here would look amazing!

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Leighla Bucket Hat

Free Pattern by Heather Leigh Cox

Soo many textures in this playful bucket hat design! What’s unique about this pattern is that it incorporates crocheting as well as knitting. If you only crochet all good, that’s why I just tacked the pattern on at the end here! All the different colours makes a great opportunity to use up some scrap yarn, or an excuse to but more. The pattern details sizes for S, M and L so you don’t have to worry as much about fitting to your size as with most of the others, although that adds to the fun in crocheting bucket hats.