Starfish Free Crochet Pattern

My Starfish pattern is my newest animal-themed free crochet pattern!

Read on to learn more about my design process and inspiration, or scroll to the end to get the free pattern. If you’re in a hurry and need to take this pattern offline, grab the beautifully formatted, ad-free, PDF pattern from Etsy here.

The cutest no-sew starfish!

I know many of you out there are allergic to sewing, so this one is for you! I’m so proud of how I was able to make this patter completely no sew, yet still 100% cute!

Essentially, each of the two sides are crocheted separately, and then the two sides are crocheted together by working into both sides at once. This fulfills a double function of both seaming together the two pieces, as well as creating a cute border.

To finish it off, you just have to embroider a few French Knots (don’t worry, I have a video tutorial, and you can also skip this if you hate embroidery!), as well as a tiny face.

I love how this pattern turned out and I hope you do too!

Tips for making this pattern!

This pattern is a bit unusual for amigurumi because it’s not made out of mostly spheres like other amigurumi are.

Instead, the three dimensional shape is made up of two flat pentagons that are crocheted together!

Each point in the pentagon is made out of half double crochets, double crochets, and even treble crochets! If you’ve never tried out these stitches, never fear — they’re really straight forward if you already know the single crochet, and this will be a fun opportunity to practice them.

Besides those stitches, the small dots on top are made of tiny French Knots. This is an embroidery technique that’s done with a tapestry needle, and you can watch my video tutorial below to get a sense for the process.

These can be a little tricky for a first timer, but if you keep practicing I promise you that you’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

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The Pattern

  • If you want to take this pattern offline, grab the beautifully formatted, ad-free, PDF pattern from Etsy here!


This Chubby Starfish pattern is a breeze to work up and is super cute! I think everything looks cute when it’s a little chubby and this starfish is no exception. The small details on the top are the icing on the cake, and these little white dots are created using French knots, a great embroidery technique to have in your amigurumi toolkit!


Confused about materials? For all my personal recommendations of my most-used tools, yarns, and supplies, check out my favorites in this complete guide!

  • (<1 skein) YarnArt Jeans (Sport)
    • Coral (Color #23)
  • (scrap) Wool and the Andes (Sport)
    • White


  • Size D 3.25mm Clover Amour hook
  • 4.0mm safety eyes
  • black embroidery thread
  • fiberfill stuffing
  • tapestry needle
  • stitch markers


  • BLO: back loop only
  • ch: chain
  • CC: contrast color
  • dec: decrease
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • inc: increase (work two single crochets in one stitch)
  • MC: main color
  • MR: magic ring
  • rnd: round
  • sc: single crochet
  • sk: skip
  • x sc: work x number of single crochets
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • (x sts): total number of stitches for the round
  • (…) x: work all steps within parentheses x number of times

Technical Notes

  1. Crochet in continuous spiral rounds, unless specified otherwise. Use a stitch marker or piece of yarn to keep track of the last stitch in each round.
  1. When filling with polyester stuffing, pull apart each large chunk into many smaller chunks. This ensures an even distribution of firmness within the amigurumi.
  2. To avoid large holes in the crochet fabric, increase tension until the holes cannot be seen, or choose a crochet hook a size down.
  3. Use sewing pins to secure parts of the amigurumi before you sew them.

Color Coding

For this pattern, the MC is Coral, and the CC is White.

Special Stitches

French knot: click here for tutorial.

Final Size

Approx. 2.5″ x 2.5″

SIDE (in MC, make 2. See Abbreviations for meaning of “…”)

  • Round 1: 5 sc in MR (5 sts)
  • Round 2: inc x5 (10 sts)
  • Round 3: (sc, inc) x5 (15 sts)
  • Round 4: (2 sc, inc) x5 (20 sts)
  • Round 5: (3 sc, inc) x5 (25 sts)
  • Round 6: (4 sc, inc) x5 (30 sts)
  • Round 7: (5 sc, inc) x5 (35 sts)
  • Round 8: (sc, *hdc, dc*, *dc, tr*, *2 tr*, *tr, dc*, *dc, hdc*, sc) x5 (5 points, 60 sts)
  • Invisible finish off, and weave in end. Continue to the face details instructions, and then make another side identically, but do not finish off or add the face details.

Face details: (Only add to finished off side. See this video for French Knot tutorial.) Embroider 15 French knots in five lines of three knots each going down each of the spines.

The two nearest to the center for each line are small French knots, made by wrapping the yarn twice around the needle, and the last one is a larger one, made by wrapping the yarn four times around the needle.

The first knot is placed between rounds 3 and 4, the second between rounds 6 and 7, and the last knot on round 8. See Fig. 1 for placements.

Insert two 4.0mm safety eyes between rounds 5 and 6, about 4 stitches apart. Using three strands of black embroidery thread, embroider a “v” shaped mouth between rounds 6 and 7, right between the eyes.

Holding the two sides together with the right sides facing outwards, single crochet them together. Make sure that the side with no embroidery is facing towards you as you crochet the border.

Right before you finish crocheting the border, stuff the starfish with fiberfill. Slip stitch to the first stitch, invisible finish off, and weave in the end.

Your starfish amigurumi is all done! I hope you enjoyed crocheting it and found the pattern helpful. I would love to see your finished amigurumi, so share a picture on Instagram with me by using the #littleworldofwhimsy and tagging me @littleworldofwhimsy.