11+ Easy and Free Crochet Bracelet Patterns (for beginners!)

Bracelets make a quick and easy crochet project that can be whipped up right before you want to pair it with an outfit! They are often made with minimal sewing and there are so many funky stitches that you can you to create completely different bracelet designs.

I have compiled 12 designs for you to choose from here, although I hope after you are inspired to create your own! Some of these patterns are made completely from yarn through crocheting, others incorporate beads, buttons and other trinkets. I hope you enjoy them.

1. SPRING Boho Bracelet

Free Pattern by MiCrocKnit Creations

I thought this made an interesting design as the ties make a fun hanging detail. Since bracelets are so quick to make, you can easily make them in bulk for family/friends or to sell. Cotton yarn probably wears best for these although you can use whatever is accessible to you.

2. Bracelet

Free Pattern by Pottage Publishing

This pattern is available as a free downloadable pdf and includes a bracelet and scrunchie! They are presented in chart as well as written form.

The the bracelet, the pattern shows exactly how you create the plaited band. Overall these pieces are beginner level and work up quickly.

3. Butterfly Bracelet

Free Pattern by The Crafty Therapist

I think this little butterfly bracelet is adorable! I love how it incorporates crochet and beads, this bracelet would make a lovely addition to any outfit.

The designer describes this project as the perfect last minute gift idea as it is so quick and easy! Finding the right fastener can be tricky, magnetic ones are used here but you can use a button or whatever works for you.

4. Frida Bracelet

Free Pattern by Martine de Regt Crochetlife

This crochet bracelet basically allows you to wear a bouquet on your wrist, how cool is that! The different parts, being the little flower, rose and leaves, are crocheted separately and sewn on to the band after.

The pattern is easy to follow and only uses a small amount of yarn, so be sure to give it a go!

5. Flower Bracelet

Free Pattern by Petals to Picots

This flower bracelet reminds me of cherry blossoms, especially when its done in pink! The flower motifs are crocheted individually and then joined together, the pattern describes how to do this.

You make the amount of flowers that will fit round your wrist. The designer made one for a little girl which used 5, so make sure to check your size!

6. Easy Bow Bracelet

Free Pattern by Handmade By Annabelle

This pattern is incredibly short and sweet, which makes a great project for when you want to finish it in one sitting! The band is worked flat and then wrapped with yarn in the middle to create the bow look.

These make lovely bracelets, although if you made yours bigger and with stretchy yarn and it could probably be used as a scrunchie!

7. Crochet Bracelet and Earrings

Free Pattern by Maria Manuel

Available as a Ravelry download, a crochet bracelet and earrings pattern is included! You can follow it through a written pattern or a chart.

There are also some creative ideas you can have fun with, like sewing beads onto your finished bracelet or using a cool button as your clasp.

8. Daisy Chain Bracelet

Free Pattern by Jazmo Crochet

Who doesn’t love daisy chains, especially when they are crocheted! Each daisy is crocheted individually and works up to be about 4 cm.

You make as many flowers as you need to fit around your wrist, the designer made 7 for theirs. Once the flower centre, petals and stem are made you just assemble them like a real daisy chain!

9. Boho Summer Flower Bracelet

Free Pattern by The Hook Nook Life

This bracelet is so sweet and colourful, its like wearing a flower garden on your wrist! The base is worked flat, and then you get to crochet and add all the embellishments.

Play around with the yarn colours and amounts of flowers and petals to truly make this bracelet yours!

10. Spring Blossom Bracelet

Free Pattern by The Crafty Therapist

Another bracelet with beads and crochet charms that looks adorable! The pattern includes instructions for crocheting the flowers and assembling them, which can the tricky but its made simply for you!

This bracelet is suitable for advanced beginner to intermediate crocheters, just because there are some intricate bits, but it is sure to be worth it when completed!

11. Granny Cuff Bracelet

Free Pattern by Felted Button

Granny squares are so versatile, so of course their style can be implemented into a bracelet! The pattern simply involves crocheting mini squares and adding a border in a contrasting colour.

It is great for using up small amounts of scrap yarn, and even scrap buttons if you need an excuse to use them up. So what are you waiting for? Check this pattern out!

12. Crochet Cord Bracelet

Free pattern by All About Ami

These simple and sweet crochet cord bracelets are reminiscent of friendship bracelets I made when I was younger. They look very delicate, but that’s just because they’re made with embroidery floss which give off a beautiful shine and smooth finish.

You can make a bunch of these for a group of friends or as party favors!

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