Best Free Crochet Blanket Patterns for Super Bulky Yarn in 2024

For those who enjoy crocheting in their free time, it can be a relaxing and rewarding activity that ends in a completed project. While crocheting can be relaxing, purchasing expensive blanket patterns is not. What are the best free crochet blanket patterns for big and bulky yarn?

The best free crochet blanket patterns for thick or bulky yarn can be found on Lion Brand Yarn. The patterns can be downloaded for free for anyone to use. The materials needed to complete each blanket are listed on the pattern. These include the “Happy Days Blankie” and “Dot to Dot Lapghan.”

What do you need to know before crocheting a blanket with bulky yarn? Continue reading to learn more about crocheting with bulky yarn.

What Are the Best Super Bulky Yarns?

Bulky or chunky yarn is becoming very popular in the crocheting world. The larger yarn allows the crocheter to create these large and fluffy blankets with ease, and they are so cozy. Going into the cozy season it is important to know which bulky and chunky yarns to purchase for your next at-home project.


The Sugar Bush Chill Yarn is one of the best thick wool yarns. It is so big and fluffy, creating the perfect bulky or chunky blanket. The yarn is made from 100% merino wool, creating a luxurious effect while crocheting. This yarn comes in over 20 different colors, including some mixed shades, which creates an enchanting look in the finished product.

Click here to purchase Sugar Bush Chill Yarn.


The Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn is the perfect yarn choice for someone looking to create a giant, fluffy blanket out of acrylic materials. This yarn is made of 100% acrylic and is so big and bulky. This brand comes in so many different colors and is very fun to use during a crochet project.

Click here to purchase Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn.

Another great acrylic thick yarn choice is Hometown Yarn- Lion Brand. This bulky yarn comes in over 60 different color choices! The different coloring options make it a great choice for multi-colored blankets and other crochet projects. The yarn is also machine washable and dryable, which we all know is a huge bonus, especially for blankets.

Click here to purchase Hometown Yarn.

What To Know Before Getting Started

How Long Does It Take To Make a Blanket?

It is important to know what you are getting yourself into prior to beginning a new project. If you are planning on giving this blanket away as a gift, you will need to ensure you have enough time to complete the blanket. So how long does it take to make a crochet blanket? The answer is about 20 hours, depending on the pattern of the blanket, the size, and the thickness of the yarn.

To read a more in-depth answer for the time length each blanket takes, click here to be redirected to our “How Long Does It Take To Crochet a Blanket?- Full Breakdown” article. This will give you all the answers you are looking for.

What Are Standard Sizes For Crochet Blankets?

Before starting the blanket, you want to choose the size you will be creating. This will allow you to get enough yarn and ensure you have enough time to complete the blanket. While there is a great deal of creativity that can come into play when choosing the size of a crochet blanket, there are a few basic sizes which most people choose to replicate in their crocheting. Refer to the chart below for the 3 basis sizes for crochet blankets.

Blanket NameSize (In Inches)
Afghan Blanket50″ x 65″
Lap Blanket35″ x 40″
Baby Blanket25″ x 30″

Free Attractive Crochet Blanket Patterns

While there are a lot of different crochet patterns that cost money, if you know where to look, you can find free crochet patterns for almost any project you want to create. Lion Brand Yarn is a great place to find free crochet patterns. They have patterns to create blankets, wall hangers, pillows, a shawl, baby outfits, and so much more. All of the free crochet blanket patterns listed below were from Lion Brand Yarn and are linked.

To access the free download for the blankets, click the link to the blanket and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under “Add All to Cart” is a button labeled “Download Free Pattern.”

1. Happy Days Blankie

This cozy, colorful crocheted blanket truly will make any day, a happy day. The mix between the light pastel pink, blue, and purple in the chevron style is truly perfect for brightening any day.

Difficulty Level: Beginner Level

Yarn Type and Amount:

3 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Gazelles- Pale Peach
3 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Nitro- Pastel Powder Blue
3 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Cosmos- Orchid Purple

Link For Free Download

2. Dot to Dot Lapghan

This crocheted blanket is the perfect cozy addition to any modern household. The dots on the blanket add extra texture and fun accessories for the style. The light blue-grey color of the stripes creates a very calming and relaxed feeling.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Yarn Type and Amount:

4 skeins of Hue + Me Yarn in the color Cement- Pacific Blue-Green Grey
2 skeins of Hue + Me Yarn in the color Desert
1 skein of Hue + Me Yarn in the color Werewolk- Black

Link For Free Download

3. Celia Blankie

This brightly colored blanket is so fun and festive for the summer and spring months! This would also be a beautiful addition to a nursery or another brightly colored room in the home.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Yarn Type and Amount:

2 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Energizers- Peach
3 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Rapids- Pastel Aqua
2 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Juiced- Light Coral
3 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Hornets- Pastel Cool Yellow
3 skeins of Softball Yarn in the color Cosmos- Orchid Purple

Link For Free Download