9 Unique Musical Note Free Crochet Patterns (easy!)

Are you a music lover, or perhaps you know someone who’s one? Or maybe you’re just itching to get started on a new fun and easy, but unique crochet project?

Have a look at these 9 unique musical notes crochet patterns and see if any catches your eyes!

The patterns I’ve included are all easy to follow and beginner-friendly. They range from simple amigurumi and bookmarks to pillow covers and afghans.

But if you’re in the mood for a challenge or learning a new technique, some of these is sure to pique your interest. Don’t worry, they’re suitable for crocheters of any skill level!

You can hang these projects in your home or gift them to a musical friend!

Whether you’re a music lover looking to add some style to your projects or simply want to add a touch of melody and creativity to your day, check out these 9 unique musical note crochet patterns.

1. Cute Eighth Note Amigurumi

To start with, we have a free crochet pattern for a super adorable eighth note amigurumi! This pattern is short and simple, making it ideal for beginners.

At 2” x 3.5”, these little guys are the perfect size to hang in your home, but by changing up your hook size and yarn weight, you could have mini musical notes as keychains! For more details on resizing amigurumi, see my guide here.

2. Colorful Musical Notes Amigurumi

Free pattern by Elisa’s Crochet here!

Like the previous pattern, this one is a free pattern for musical notes amigurumi—but with the addition of a pair of happy beamed notes!

Also directed towards beginners, this pattern calls for medium yarn and results in a slightly bigger amigurumi, making them just about the right size for toys or mobile attachments.

These colorful unique amigurumi are sure to add some music in your life!

3. Pastel Musical Note C2C Square

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This C2C (corner-to-corner) musical note square is so cute!

Using the recommended hook size and yarn weight, the resulting square is 16” x 16”, so if you crochet two of these, add a border around them, and sew them together, you’ve got yourself another pillow cover.

Or you could try sizing down and voila, you’ve got yourself a unique musical note potholder! This square is as versatile as any good ol’ granny square!

If you’re interested in trying this pattern out but have never tried C2C crochet before, pop over to Sarah Maker’s super detailed guide on C2C!

4. Unique Earphone Drawstring Pouch

Free pattern by Nordic Hook here!

This is a pattern for a small pouch for your earphones. It uses tapestry crochet, but if you’ve never done tapestry crochet before, fear not! This project can be the perfect introduction to tapestry crochet for you.

This pouch is perfect for showcasing your love for music and adding some to your earphones!

I love how easy it is to follow along with this pattern. It is extremely thorough, with written instructions, a chart, and photos available for every step!

5. Comfy Musical Note Pillow Cover

Free pattern by Jo to the World here!

If you have a cushion or two lying around and some spare time, you might be tempted to crochet this pillow cover. The musical notes on your pillow are sure to jazz up your space!

While this pattern uses tapestry crochet, it is completely approachable for beginners and can be a great introduction to colorwork in crochet!

This pattern includes step-by-step instructions, a chart, and pictures. The pillow cover is suitable for a 18” x 18” pillow insert.

6. C2C Musical Note Coaster

Free pattern by Crochet Lily here!

Here we have yet another C2C musical note square! If you’d like to try C2C but feel like you’re better off starting with a smaller project, here’s one you could consider doing! The addition of hearts just adds to the loveliness of this coaster.

7. Unique Musical Note Appliques + Garland

Musical note pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts on Etsy, free garland pattern here!

This crochet pattern for musical note appliques is a fun way to add some melody to your projects! The pattern includes instructions for creating a variety of notes, including quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, eighth notes, beamed notes, and treble clefs.

While this pattern is labeled for intermediate crocheters, beginners are free to try if you’re up for a bit of challenge! The most challenging part to deal with is crocheting treble clef.

Golden Lucy Crafts has provided a free add-on for the pattern—a pattern for a garland of musical notes! It has a set of very simple instructions for how to string your musical notes to a garland so you can hang them in your room, or perhaps to add a festive touch to a party or music gathering!

8. Colorful Musical Note Bookmark

Free pattern by Svetlana Zabelina here!

These musical note bookmarks will add color to your books! This free pattern is very simple and provides pictures for every step. The resulting bookmark will be around 8” long, perfect for an A5 book.

If you wish to use them for taller books, you can simply extend the stem until the height is of your liking!

9. Free Music Note Crochet Appliques

Free pattern by Moogly here!

Here is another set of music note crochet appliques! The pattern is super simple and quick to make—it can take as quick as 10 minutes!

For some ideas on what to do with them when you’re done, you can use these appliques to embellish blankets, hats, bags, clothing, and more!

I hope these nine unique musical note crochet patterns have inspired you to add some music and whimsy to your life!