9+ Quick and Easy Crochet Lanyard Free Patterns

Crochet lanyards make a super quick and practical project! There are so many situations when having a lanyard would make things so much easier, such as at work, conference, convention and more. Sometimes lanyards just make fun accessories and also act to hold your stuff!

The patterns I have compiled here are all easy and beginner friendly. Feel free to explore them with different colours already in your stash, because very little yarn is required for these! Whether they are done in multi or solid colours, your crochet lanyards are sure to look amazing. Let’s get into the round-up!

1. Lanyard Keyhanger

Free Pattern by Hobbii

This is a simple but effective looking crochet lanyard, great for beginners! Cotton yarn is recommended, specifically Hobbii’s Rainbow Cotton 8/4 for this project as it is durable and easily washable. This would work up with little yarn needed and with only one colour, unless you choose to be fancy.

2. Lanyard Keychain

Free Pattern by Heart Hook Home

The pattern is incredibly detailed in showing you how to crochet your own lanyard and how to attach the keychain part. These ones are made using macrame yarn, although you could use cotton if that is more accessible to you. The options for making the main part is through crocheting a cord or lucet fork, which the website has a link for.

3. Rainbow Lanyard

Free Pattern by Moogly

This lanyard is super easy, only consisting of chains and slip stitches! You could use six different colours to create the rainbow effect or just one if you like. Although this is mainly a lanyard pattern, the designer also says you could try using it as a handle for handmade bags, how cool of an idea is that!

4. Crochet Stars and Stripes Lanyard

Free Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

The crochet stars and stripes lanyard was made with celebrating the 4th of July in mind, but its something you could accessorise with all year round! Or you could switch up the colours to make it more personalised to you, I’m thinking a starry sky with yellows and purples would be cute. There a photos included to show each step, and make sure to add your ring before sewing the two ends together!

5. Boho Chic Crochet Lanyard

Free Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

This intricating designed lanyard looks incredible and is practical for wearing to work, conferences or whatever you need! Crochet lanyards are also great for attached enamel pins in the holes which always looks super cute. The only special stitch involved is the alternate ch-3 and the designer provides a small tutorial of that, so you will be fine!

6. Rainbow Lanyard and Cloud

Free Pattern by Garnknuten

I think everyone needs a rainbow lanyard with a cloud charm in their lives. I mean look how cute it looks! This pattern is easy to follow, and there are even some stitch video tutorials linked for you. The ribbon is simply crocheted back and forth, and the cloud works up easily with basic knowledge of increases and decreases. You’ve got this!

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7. The Linda Lanyard

Free Pattern by Darling Dana Designs

This lanyard is made up in just four rows, so done in one sitting to make the perfect gift or practical thing for yourself. Lanyards don’t have to be boring, this one is stylish and elegant even! As long as you have a small amount of yarn, hook and clasp, you are good to go.

8. Flower Lanyard

Free Pattern by Da’s Crochet Connection

Who doesn’t love a crochet project with flowers? The lanyard is crocheted and about ten flowers are made separately to embellish the lanyard. The flowers are super cute and can be made in plenty of colour combos. This is an easy level project and I hope you have fun making it!

9. A Simple Wine Glass Lanyard

Free Pattern by Jenn Smith

These last two patterns are different types of lanyards than the typical key or card ones! Lanyards can also be used to hold onto things you don’t want to lose, like a wine glass. When not in use, the crochet looks cute just to hold your glass in. This would be great for beginner to intermediate level crocheters. As a quick project, you could make a household set to give to guests when they are over!

10. Easy Mask Lanyard

Free Pattern by 5 Little Monsters

Lanyards can also be handy for holding your mask so it is close when you need it, and so you don’t lose them when out and about! The designer created this pattern with their kids in mind as they go back to school wearing masks, handmade lanyards are perfect for this! The length of the mask lanyard made with this pattern is for kids, although you can adjust this to your needs.

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