9+ Flamboyant Flamingo Free Crochet Patterns (eyecatching!)

If you’ve never heard a flamingo make a noise before, it might surprise you that these beautiful creatures’ voices don’t quite fit their appearance. They don’t have the voice of a songbird. They honk. A lot.

Even if their song isn’t exactly what we humans expect to hear, we can’t deny their beauty. These tall birds easily catch our eye with their pretty-in-pink feathers (dyed pink thanks to the food they eat!).

There’s only six types of flamingos in the world (isn’t that wild!), and they all have their own unique shade of pink feathers.

The real versions of these stunning birds are incredibly social, and you may find yourself making your own flock of flamingos so none of them are lonely. This small list includes an array of unique flamingo-inspired projects.

Flamingo Feet Baby Booties (+ Adult Sized Flamingo Slippers)

Free pattern by YARNutopia here!

Aren’t these the sweetest? These booties are originally sized for a six-month-old baby, but, as noted in the pattern, you can increase the size of your hook and yarn to make bigger booties for an older baby.

There is an included bonus section for adult-sized slippers! No need to second-guess or find another slipper pattern. Scroll down past the infant-sized bootie pattern to discover the adult-sized pattern.

Are you a video learner? There is a full YouTube tutorial on how to make these booties.

Find Your Flock: Flamingo Wallhanging

Free pattern by Winding Road Crochet here!

If you’re not familiar with Corner to Corner (C2C) projects, this wall hanging is perfect for dipping your feet into this pixel-esque style of crocheting. It’s great practice and works up much faster than a large C2C blanket.

C2C patterns often come as a graph-only pattern, but this pattern offers both a written pattern and a graph to follow. At the bottom of the post, there is a quick way to hide the ends of your color changings on this wall art.

If you’re not sure how to work on C2C projects, there is a recommended blog post here.

Fabulous Flamingo Bag

Free pattern by Crafty Cruella here!

Created by using a graphed design and single crochets, this marvelous bag is perfect for beach vacations and summer holidays. It’s sure to get plenty of compliments.

The graph works up in the intarsia technique, which is just a fancy way of saying to drop your yarn behind the work instead of snipping it off or carrying the loose color through each row. Pictures are included of the bag and what it looks like.

Looking for the ad-free PDF? There are links included in the post to your favorite websites!

Bird Baskets

Free pattern by Blackstone Designs here!

One pattern for two goofy birds! Using super bulky yarn (or a double-stranded worsted weight yarn), these sturdy baskets work up in a jiffy. They’re super easy to make.

These desk buddies can store all kinds of good things. They could become protectors of your stuff. If you’re looking for an ad-free PDF to download, there are links to your favorite craft sites in the post.

Fiona the Flamingo

Free pattern by Grace and Yarn here!

This sweet flamingo amigurumi works up to over a foot tall and is super cute! You’ll want to stuff this project as you go, since the body, neck, and head work up as one piece.

If you’re looking for an ad-free PDF, there is one linked in the pattern for both Etsy and Raverly. There is also a link to a free mini flamingo pattern as well, if you’re looking to create something a bit smaller but just as cute.

Flamingo Appliqué

Free pattern by Kerri’s Crochet here!

Wanting to add a bit of flamingo pizzazz to your bag, towel, pillow, or blanket? With this quick appliqué, you could create a whole flock of them! With pictures helping you every step of the way, you can easily create your own flamboyance of flamingos.

If you’re a video learner, there is a YouTube tutorial you can watch. If you would rather work on the pattern in UK terms, there is one here.

Flamingo Kimono

Free pattern by Liefs van Suus here!

Wanting to create something subtle while still having the delicate beauty of a flamingo? This cardigan is a perfect mix of that dainty charm and that breezy, summer feel. Made up of just one granny square style and a few triangles, this gorgeous cardigan is easy to make.

The pattern is available in Dutch, English, and Spanish. It has the written pattern as well as a chart. It comes in three sizes: XS/S, M/L, and XL.

Amigurumi Flamingo Pool Floaty

Free pattern by A Crafty Concept here!

Help your amigurumi and toys join in on summertime vibes by creating this pool floaty for them! Switch up the yarn color and size to create a different type of flamingo-inspired floaty. Everyone can join in on the fun with this!

Looking for an ad-free PDF instead? You can find that here. If you’d rather have a video, you can watch the YouTube tutorial.

Flamingo Graphghan

Free pattern by Psychedelic Doilies here!

This graphed afghan (or graphghan) can be worked up all kinds of ways. While the pattern is written as a C2C graphghan, it could be easily created in the typical single crochet method or even in tunisian crochet if you have a long enough hook!

The pattern includes both written and graphed instructions. The size of the blanket will be determined by hook and yarn sizes. If you’re looking for an ad-free PDF to print, you can find it here.

Pocket Pal Flamingo

Free pattern by Darling Maple Designs here!

These sweet, velvet yarn flamingos were created with minimizing sewing in mind. It includes notes on how to do new-sew limbs, which are optional. If you would rather sew on the legs, there are notes on when and where to sew them at the end.

Looking for an ad-free PDF? Multiple sites are linked at the bottom of the pattern’s post, so choose your favorite!