9 Fantastic Crochet Butterfly Patterns (free and easy!)

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high (now you have the song stuck in your head, right?!)!

Butterflies are so colorful, unique, and inspire awe so why not bring that to crochet! There are tens-of-thousands of butterfly species, in which each has its own unique pattern and color combinations to its wings – which means the possibilities are endless when you make your own crocheted butterfly!

I’ve rounded up 9 butterfly patterns for you that showcase the multitude of ways you can not only create a crochet butterfly, but ways in which you can use butterflies in your crochet. All patterns listed below are free and easy to make.

1. Bountiful Butterflies Mobile

Although this is an older pattern, I couldn’t resist including it in the round-up because a mobile is such a fun way to display the butterfly appliques! Not only could you use this as a traditional mobile in a children’s room, but couldn’t you also see this in a window or outdoors (so cute!)? This pattern is versatile, as the butterflies are made and then strung together to create the mobile, so if you just like the butterflies but don’t want the mobile, you can make the butterflies into another project (take a look at some of the examples of how other makers have used the butterflies in the Ravelry images).

Make your own Bountiful Butterflies

2. Butterfly Applique

A butterfly made out of hearts…how cute! The hearts are made separately and then sewed together to form the butterfly. The blog post that features this applique pattern has some really great ideas on what you can do with the butterfly applique (embellish a hat, blanket, adhere it to a greeting card). 

Create your own Butterfly Applique 

3. Betty the Butterfly Amigurumi

Betty is such a cute amigurumi! The shape of the thorax and abdomen on the butterflies’ body are beautifully shaped and the possibilities of the details on the wings are endless! Although this pattern is technically considered advanced beginner, I’ve included it as the instructions are very easy to read and have photos to help show how to make Betty.

Make your own Betty the Butterfly!

4. Butterfly Granny Square Pillow

This pillow intrigued me as the butterflies are attached to the granny squares on the pillow in a unique way; the butterflies are made first, and then the granny square is started by joining the beginning of the granny square on the back of the butterfly and building the squares from there! 

Download your own copy of the pattern here.

5. Crochet Butterfly Bookmark

Do you like following a video when you crochet? Then this butterfly pattern is perfect for you! The video below is less than thirty minutes and walks you through how to make your own quick and easy butterfly bookmark!

6. Butterfly Amigurumi

This is another cute and fun take on a butterfly amigurumi. Whereas the last amigurumi was made in the round, this amigurumi is made using two flat pieces that are then sewn together and stuffed. I love how the designer made theirs with the multi-colored yarn as it adds so many fun colors to the wings! 

Find the free pattern for the Butterfly Amigurumi here!

7. The Last Butterfly Scarf

All of the patterns listed so far have had very distinct butterfly shapes; this one though is more subtle but tres elegant! I would totally dress this both up and down; it is a staple for anyone’s wardrobe. This shawl seems more intricate than it really is (it’s actually easy!). Instructions are both written out and provided as a chart.  

Make your own Last Butterfly Scarf

8. Crochet Butterfly

I wanted to include this butterfly applique as it is puffier than the other butterflies included in this post, which adds a unique dimension. The pattern, also, shows how to take this butterfly and make it into a hair piece!  

Find the pattern here.

9. Crochet Butterfly

This colorful butterfly pattern includes both written instructions and a video tutorial. The designer shows how you can use this applique to embellish your other crochet projects (like a scarf!). This butterfly is very easy to make and has endless color combinations! 

Make your own colorful butterfly here.