9 Easiest Crochet Table Runners (Free and Easy!)

Table runners make a lovely project, they are flat and easily worked like your basic scarf but allow you to make some décor to perfectly match your room. Colour schemes may be plain white to act simply against bright red and green Christmas settings, or pastel colours to match cute household decorations, to name a few combinations. So many creative opportunities here!

Table runners are the centre piece that makes your table setting pop, a homemade crochet one is sure to do this. I’ve compiled quite a list here, from granny squares, gingham to an intricate interconnected flower design. They are something that can be easily made for yourself or gifted to a loved one!

Sizes of them can also be played around with so they can be displayed on a dining room table, coffee table, bedroom dresser, or anywhere- just maybe not the kitchen sink as with beautiful pieces like these we don’t want them to get ruined there!

Now, let’s get into the round-up!

Gingham Sunflower Table Runner

Free Pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home

The designer was happy with the ‘vintage country farmhouse vibe’ of this pattern, and I think that perfectly sums this table runner up! If you are going for sunflowers yellow petals is the obvious first choice, but of course you could deviate and go for a different colour. I’m thinking pastel pinks would look super cute for the flowers or gingham here. Special crochet colour work techniques are used so that the table runner can be cleanly worked and reversible, so be sure to check out those attached links on how to do them. The rest is fairly straightforward, I hope you find this pattern enjoyable!

Rustic Crochet Table Runner

Free Pattern by SeeLoveShare

Chunky yarn and a large hook here are used to make the cable stitches stand out, and I think it has worked really well! A couple of complex stitches are used to form the cable that would probably make this a more difficult project. However, these are very clearly walked through with descriptions and images so this is not too much to worry. The pattern involves repeating 8 rows, so once you have those down pat then complete those until desired length and you will have a beautiful table runner to show for it!

Granny Square Table Runner

Free Pattern by Salena Baca Crochet

Granny squares are super useful with many projects such as bucket hats and clothes… why not table runners?! This pattern involves crocheting and joining as many squares in a line as you like, and adding a border. The designer allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to yarn weight and sizing of your squares to make a lovely table runner to your liking. Various videos, descriptions, images and graphs are included to cater for all audiences.

Festive Sparkly Table Runner

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

The skill level of this table runner is easy and only beginner stitches are used, with maybe the exception of the 2 double crochet cluster but there is a written description on the pattern and I’ve posted a tutorial recently which can be found here! All process aside, the table runner is lovely in its simple design, and would perfectly accompany a Christmas-themed table setting like shown in the image. The Yarnspirations site also advertises kits including wool for a variety of their patterns which is handy.

Flower Power Crochet Table Runner

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

How cool does this look?! I thought it would be an interesting one to add here as it doesn’t look like your typical table runner. Despite this, the recommended skill level is still easy! The pattern involves crocheting various coloured flowers and then joining them as indicated. There are written descriptions as well as charts for whatever you find best. This would make a super fun spring project!

Moss Stitch Table Runner

Free Pattern by In The Yarn Garden

This table runner is made up using the crochet moss stitch, hence the name! A thicker cotton yarn is used to create the one in the image, so that is recommended to create the desired texture although any yarn could probably be used. The pattern only consists of simple stitches, worked in just one big rectangle so it would get repetitive and easy after a while! Perfect for working while sitting on the couch and watching your favourite movie or show. A chart is provided if you want the exact same coloured stripe design but you could go for any.

Betty’s 20 Stitch Table Runner

Free Pattern by Sewrella

I love how such a variety of stitches are used for this table runner! The different colours also add to that unique effect. There are 20 stitches, hence the name, and the pattern walks through how to crochet each and every one of these. The different stitches are explained in short descriptions, but you can also refer to detailed tutorial attached by the designer! Either way this pattern provides a perfect learning opportunity.

Spring Checkered Table Runner

Free Pattern by SeeLoveShare

I think the colours used for the checkers that create a gradient look really effective here! The pattern is crocheted using a 4mm hook and double crochets, so works up quickly. A chart displaying the colour work is provided as well as descriptions for each row if the chart doesn’t make sense. A video tutorial is linked explaining how to carry yarn during the change of colours which is super helpful! Overall this makes a super fun and easy project.

Iris Table Runner

Free Pattern by Hooks, Books & Wanderlust

The net look of this table runner not only looks great but works up quickly too, an absolute win! The designer also allows you to opt into adding a fringe to your project, either a traditional fringe or one known as a ‘lattice knot fringe’. Sounds intriguing right! The table runner involves stitches iris and trellis, which sounds abstract but are explained well to create that desired flowery look!