39+ Unique Gifts for the Crocheter in Your Life (in 2024!)

Looking for unique gift ideas for people who crochet? This list of the best gifts for crocheters has thoughtful ideas you won’t find elsewhere!

Share this list of gifts ideas for crocheters with your partner or family members to give them some not-so-subtle ideas about the crochet gifts you’d like to receive.

Christmas season is upon us, and if you’re like me, you’re probably looking around at your family members and trying to decipher exactly what would thrill them to receive from you this year.

Whether you’re looking for a few easy stocking stuffers or a truly unique, heirloom piece, I’ve got you covered! I would be delighted to receive all of the items on this list and have personally owned the vast majority of them — and I know that my crochet friends would love them too.

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Best places to buy gifts for crocheters

First things first, where should you look to find gifts for the crafter in your life? The answer depends on how far afield you’re willing to go. There are a few options:


Online shopping is insanely easy these days, and you can find almost everything you could ever want on a website. Here are my go to places when I’m looking for quality items that I actually trust to work well for my high standards, haha!

WeCrochet is one of my favorite online retailers because they have a really good assortment of yarn that I regularly use. The best part is that they have a huge selection and often large color palettes for really affordable prices.

On top of that, they have tons of notions and carry my favorite crochet hook brand (Clover!), which is a huge plus for getting everything all in one place!

  • Lion Brand Yarn
    • Lion Brand is my go-to for crochet kits! I absolutely love the designers that Lion Brand partners with, and most of them are bloggers like me and very active on social media – great for getting inspiration!
    • Because of this, Lion Brand’s kits are the best deal since you get the yarn and the pattern all together, and that way you don’t have to worry about sourcing yarn that matches a pattern.
    • Most of them are under $30 or $50 for a whole kit, so you won’t be breaking the bank. Besides the kits, their yarn is often extremely high quality, though the color selection isn’t as varied as WeCrochet’s.
  • Clover USA
    • If you haven’t already guessed, Clover is by far my favorite brand for crochet hooks and notions. I swear by my Clover Amours, and their stitch markers, scissors, and other supplies are all best in class. You can get them at their website or sometimes on the WeCrochet site!
  • Etsy
    • Etsy is great for finding niche unique items that you might not be able to find from a big brand, particularly if you want them to be customized.
    • Also, many pattern designers (me included) sell their digital patterns on Etsy, so it’s a great place to look if you’re looking for crochet patterns!
  • Amazon
    • Amazon’s quality might be suspect sometimes, but if you know what you’re looking for you can often get things for much cheaper than you would otherwise. I tend to buy fiberfill and safety eyes on Amazon!

Big box store

  • Michael’s
  • Joann’s
  • Hobby Lobby

Depending on where you live, Michael’s, Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby might be your go-to big box store. These stores don’t often have the biggest selection, but they have all the basics and would be a good place to go to if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and would like someone to help you.

Also, these stores are often much easier to get to than boutique yarn stores, and can be much cheaper as well.

Local yarn store

Local yarn stores are the holy grail when it comes to shopping in person for high quality yarn and crochet products, but that also often means that prices are higher — you’re shopping local, after all!

However, if you spend a little extra money and time looking for these stores, then you’ll be rewarded by a local business owner who is extremely knowledgable in all things yarncrafts, as well as products from other local artists. It’s here where you’ll find quirky, unique gifts and truly luxurious yarn and notions.

To find your local yarn store, just Google “local yarn store” and the city or town you live in. Most large cities will have them, but you may be out of luck if you’re from a more rural area.

But now, let’s get into the gift ideas!

Stocking stuffer gifts for crocheters

Stork scissors

These scissors are so iconic but that doesn’t take away from their practicality or cuteness. If you don’t have a pair of sewing scissors like these, they are an essential in my workspace for snipping thread and yarn with a much higher accuracy than regular scissors.

Just remember not to cut any other materials (especially paper) with them, otherwise they will become blunt.

Stitch markers

Stitch markers are another essential part my day to day crafting life. This adorable tin set by Barrett and Wool Co. is elegant enough to be extremely giftable, and the various colors it comes in makes it practical for seeing on your project.

Tape measure

I use my tape measure all the time as a designer, but it’s also essential for makers who need to cut yarn to specific measurements. Often, small tape measures can be an eyesore but these beautiful pebble-like ones from Coco Knits are an incredibly easy stocking stuffer to add to your list.

Tapestry needles

Tapestry needles or darning needles are important to have around for all your yarn sewing needs. This set by my beloved Clover are bent tip, which means that it’s easier to use on your crochet projects.

Easy snap on pom poms for hats

If you love crochet hats, you might often feel like you’re missing something. These adorable pom-poms come in a huge variety of color and make it easy to add a gorgeous pom-pom to the top of your crochet hat.

Pom pom makers

If you want to make your own pom-pom, it’s easy to with these amazing pom-pom makers by Clover. I love using the mini size for my amigurumi, but the large size would be great for an adult size beanie. It’s easy to use and extremely effective for fluffy and full pom-poms!

Light wood scroll shawl pin

This shawl pin has the most elegant light wood color and perfect for holding together your shawl (though honestly I feel like it could also double as a hair stick).

Tiny stuffed alpaca made from mill end fibers

This tiny alpaca is a little inexplicable but ever since I saw it on WeCrochet’s website, I knew I had to have one! At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be related to crochet at all, but the reason WeCrochet sells them on their site is because they’re made from mill end fibers.

I have nothing else to say about this except that it is extremely adorable and you must have one too. 😂

Practical gifts every crocheter needs

Steam iron

Steam ironing is a must if you ever crochet any garments or flat pieces that need to be straightened out. You can wet-block your projects as well, but steam blocking is my method of choice (I have a whole tutorial on blocking acrylic yarn!). This steam iron works exceptionally well and has been my tool of choice.

Yarn winder and swift

If you’ve ever bought yarn that came in a hank and ended up with a tangled mess, I’m here to tell you that you need a yarn winder and swift. A swift is a rotating rack that you hang the hank of yarn on, and the winder winds it up into a neat little cake.

The winder and swift that I linked to above were my first set, and though not the prettiest ever, do the job for sure. This is definitely the set to get if you’re not sure how often you’ll buy yarn that you need to wind or you’re just balking at the price.

Yarn bowl

So now that you’ve got your hank of yarn into a neat cake, what do you put it in? A yarn bowl, of course! If you’ve never seen these, a yarn bowl is meant to hold a cake or ball of yarn and feed it to you through the decorative spiral.

Full disclosure, I don’t really love yarn bowls because often I use yarn that doesn’t fit into the yarn bowl, or I end up accidentally pulling the yarn bowl around the table. However, I find them a little irresistible because of how pretty they are, so it’s always fun to try them out!

Beautiful winding station set

This beautiful winding station set includes a wood winder, and yarn bowl, as well as a swift. This is the yarn winder that I have currently, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I love using it and it makes me the whole process feel so luxurious.

This set would be great to splurge on if you want to get someone something really special, or if you know that they love hand dyed yarn (that often comes in hanks that need to be caked up). This wouldn’t be a great gift for a beginner because most yarn sold for more economic prices tend to be in balls already.

Basic blocking set for crocheters

This blocking set is the only one I have and the only one I will ever need. If you’ve ever needed to block something, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to find a suitable place to lay your piece out, not to mention difficulty blocking to specific measurements.

This blocking set includes mats that can be arranged to fit the shape of your project, as well as measurement lines that help you easily figure out what the dimensions are.

Custom labels for crochet projects

If you want to add a personal touch to your crochet projects, custom labels are an amazing way to do so. You can easily add your name or shop name to a cute leather label that snaps on easily to hats, scarfs, and other projects.

This gift is great for those who make a lot of projects to gift or sell, and is a nice way to add a touch of professionalism to your craft!

Tulip Etimo Crochet Hook Set

Every crocheter needs hooks, and in terms of crochet hooks, Tulip Etimo’s are definitely the cream of the crop. Each hook is beautifully made and the tips are smooth for a seamless crocheting experience. I love my Tulip Etimo hook and having a whole set would be a crocheter’s dream.

They’re comparable to my Clover Amours, so if you’re a fan of those, then these are a must try.

One note of warning: if you have larger hands, these hooks might not be the best option because they tend to be on the smaller size (I would recommend Furls Streamlines to you!). For me, they’re perfect!

My personal recommendations for yarn and supplies:

Luxurious heirloom gifts for crocheters

The gifts in this section are chosen for their craftsmanship and small-batch, artisanal quality. Since the quality is so high, the prices tend to match, but the feeling of supporting an independently owned business and the beautiful packaging is so worth it!

Hand dyed yarn from Sewrella Yarn

The hand dyed yarn from Sewrella Yarn is beautiful and luscious, and comes on a huge variety of high quality bases. They offer seasonal tonal collections that are always ready to ship (no playing fastest fingers!), and also limited collections that drop once a season that can be harder to get ahold of.

Aside from the yarn, Sewrella Yarn also offers a variety of beautiful artisanal goodies ranging from yarn wands, delightful snacks, candles, and more that are a product of collaborations with other local makers.

Hand knit luxury beanies by Smeenybeanieknits

This one might seem a little strange, but hear me out. Crocheting gifts is great, but can sometimes be so tiring and time consuming! If you’re running out of time for those handmade gifts but don’t want to get something store bought, Chereen at Smeeny Beanie Knits has an absolutely gorgeous line of beanies that she hand knits using luxurious Malabrigo yarn.

Honestly, as someone who both knits and crochets, I would totally buy one of her beanies for myself or a friend! It’s awesome to support fellow makers and I think her products are truly beautiful.

Hand carved wooden crochet hooks by Knitbrooks

Kelly at Knitbrooks is another amazing artisan who hand carves beautiful crochet hooks in every size. A lot of the wood is sourced locally from where she’s based in Nova Scotia, and each hook has unique combinations of wood, which ensures that you’re truly getting a one of a kind gift.

I love my Knitbrooks hook and would recommend you get one in the size you use most. Wooden hooks are more grippy that metal ones, so they’re more suited for beginners who don’t want yarn to slip off their hooks too easily.

If you’re a pro crocheter and prefer smoother hooks, just keep in mind that you might not be able to crochet as fast with a wooden one (but then you can enjoy the process more 😉 ).

Hand made stitch markers and progress keepers by HelloLavenderDesign

If you’re looking for beautiful handmade stitch markers from a local artist, look no further! Reshma at Hello Lavender Design makes every single progress keeper by hand using polymer clay, and her stitch markers drop in limited collections.

That means that her products are often hard to get ahold of, but the quality of her stitch markers means that it can be well worth it!

Jewelry gifts for crocheters

Rose Earrings Crochet Thread Pattern by Hana Crochet Design

This one isn’t really a gift you can buy, but if you’re interested in making crochet earrings I can’t recommend Hana Crochet Design’s patterns enough!

I love her clear instructions and it was fun for me to try out crocheting with thread. Grab a pattern for your adventurous friend!

Deluxe enamel pins by The Clever Clove

If you’re a fan of pins to display on your backpack, bag, or pouches, I absolutely love The Clever Clove. Heidi is based in the Pacific Northwest and she makes the most adorable pins with a cast of cute woodland creatures.

She has a whole section of her shop dedicated to knitting themed pins that I love (especially the Knitflix one) and the best part is her pin backs are made so that they will never fall off. I hate when my beloved pins fall off my bags but my pins from the Clever Clove never do, which is a huge plus!

Mini yarn ball and knitting needles earrings

These adorable yarn ball earrings are handmade on Etsy, and an adorable accessory for the yarn lover in your life!

Knitting needles ornament

I saw this beautiful knitting needles ornament on Etsy and almost died! I love all things miniature and this adorable ornament is so cute and deserves a place on your tree to showcase your love of yarn crafts 🙂

Project bags and organizers for crocheters

Raskog Ikea Utility Cart

I got this utility cart when I moved to my new apartment in Seattle, and it has been an amazing solution for someone who doesn’t have unlimited table space. This cart has a variety of uses, but I put my crochet hook organizers and small notions on it so that I can roll the cart over depending on if I’m crocheting, sitting at my sewing machine, or knitting on the couch.

It’s super spacious and uber practical – you can probably find a similar one at your local Target too!

Cincy Project Bag by Paisley and Gold Sewing

Erika from Paisley and Gold Sewing is a mainstay of the maker community and a bagmaking artisan. She sews all her bags from scratch, especially with makers in mind.

I love all her products because they’re so beautifully made and I love supporting an amazing young artist like her!

Dopp Kit by Portland Leather Goods

If you’re looking for a notions pouch to collect all your odds and ends, I love everything Portland Leather Goods makes and this dopp kit is exceptionally gorgeous no matter which color you get it in.

This small pouch is the perfect size to throw in a project bag to carry a pair of scissors, darning needle, stitch markers, and whatever else you need to carry around, and the genuine leather is so beautiful that you’ll want to take it anywhere you go.

Leather Artist Tool Roll

I’ve been looking for tool rolls and this beautiful one from Etsy seems like it would fit the bill perfectly! I love the idea of having crochet hooks, scissors, and small notions all accessible in one place, and this is a beautiful option if you’re looking for something like that.

My favorite books about crochet

Theresa at Debrosse has the most beautiful minimalist crochet items that definitely do not fit the stereotypical image of crochet. This beautiful book also doubles as a wonderful coffee table book, and she has so many great patterns here that will last you a while.

Crafting kits for crocheters

DIY Miniature Booknook Kit Sunshine Town

I’ve had my eye on this adorable booknook kit for a long time, and I think it would be perfect for anyone who loves crafting! A booknook goes on your bookshelf and is a little hidden scene, and this one even lights up for a super cute effect.

Sunflower Pouch Embroidery Kit by Isabel Lim Designs

If you’re interested in trying out embroidery, I love the kits that Isabel from ILD designs. They’re sweet and not too difficult for a beginner, and she provides all the materials and video tutorials you need to get started.

These ship from Singapore so it might take longer than usual to get your kits, but I love the sweet designs so much I feel like it’s worth it!

Fleece Bear and Bunny by All About Ami

If you’re looking for an actual crochet kit gift, this set by Stephanie at All About Ami is the sweetest crochet bear I think I’ve ever seen. The boucle is so fuzzy that you can’t even tell the bear is crocheted, and this amigurumi project is small enough that it will go much faster than a traditional scarf or sweater project.

Wildrose Shoulder Bag by All About Ami

Another short and sweet kit from All About Ami is this beautiful and understated Wildrose Shoulder Bag. I made this pattern last year and absolutely loved how it came out. It looks almost quilted with the granny squares that are so in right now for an amazing effect!

Sweet Granny Baby Blanket by TL Yarn Crafts

For a more traditional granny square project, see this cute blanket from Toni at TL Yarn Crafts. It’s an easy first blanket project and doesn’t involve too many color changes so it should be a no-brainer for your blanket loving friend.

Beginner Knitting Kit – Blueberry Muffin Snood and Headband by We Are Knitters

If you’re one of those crocheters who doesn’t know how to knit but kind of maybe really wants to learn, this ultra luxurious kit from We Are Knitters is beginner friendly and fun enough to get you to face your fears.

If you’ve never encountered We Are Knitters, you’ll be in awe at how soft their signature yarn, The Wool, is, and their kits are always beautifully packaged. This kit is similar to the one I treated myself to when I was first learning how to knit and it makes the process so much more fun!

Gifts every crocheter needs

If you’re still feeling at a loss, here’s my no-brainer method of getting the perfect gift for your crocheter friend.

Check out my Recommended Supplies list for all the supplies that I regularly use to create my amigurumi.

And… if you’re really out of ideas, gift cards are the way to go!

I’ve already gone through my favorite retailers, but here’s a quick summary again.

  • Your local yarn store will have beautiful, splurge worthy yarn and goods that will be a joy to shop for. Keep in mind that prices at independently owned shops are often a bit higher, so factor that into your decision.
  • Big box store gift cards like Michael’s, Joann’s, and Hobby Lobby will always be useful. Every crocheter, no matter how picky, can always find something useful at one of these stores.
  • Online retailers like WeCrochet, Etsy, and Lion Brand are great options for those who don’t have access to physical stores, and are also a genuinely great online shopping experience.

And there you have it! My extremely exhaustive list of gifts for you and your loved ones this holiday season. I hope you enjoyed it and I apologize in advance for any damage caused to your wallet 😉

My personal recommendations for yarn and supplies: