35+ Stunning Crochet Coaster Free Patterns You Can Make!

Coasters make for lovely additions to the dining table, and are also great housewarming gifts!

Their small size and simplicity ensure that you won’t need to spend more than 20-30 minutes on each, and only 1-2 hours to whip up a set of them! They’re also perfect for getting rid of your stash of scrap yarn.

You have a lot of yarn options for coasters! Cotton yarn is a great choice since it’s extremely absorbent and will hold drips from condensation well.

In this post, I’ve compiled a series of coaster patterns for every season and occasion! Whether it’s your mug of hot cocoa in Christmas, a coffee at breakfast, or a tropical mocktail in summer, the pattern you’re looking for is here!

1. Cute Fruit Coasters

Free pattern by Annemarie Benthem available at Ravelry!

With only three rounds of dcs and a sc border for the body, this coaster will only take you 15-20 minutes to make! And just by switching the colors, you can get different fruits—a set of lemon, apple, and orange coasters!

This pattern is available as a free PDF download in Ravelry.

2. Watermelon Coaster

Free pattern by Midwestern Moms available here!

This watermelon coaster is perfect for bringing summer vibes into your home! Put them under a glass of fresh, cool fruit juice in a hot day. Consisting of only three rounds of dc and a round of sc, you can complete a set of four in an hour!

3. Turtle Coaster

Free pattern by Unique Yarn Designs here!

Here’s an adorable turtle coaster who will gladly bear the weight of your drinks on its back! It is made out of single crochets all the way through, with the exception of the surface slip stitch to add a pop-up color on the shells. Here’s a quick video on how to create surface slip stitches!

4. Cactus Coaster

Free pattern by Sewrella here!

5. Citrus Blossom Coaster

Free pattern by Consciously Crochet available on Ravelry!

This elegant coaster is guaranteed to add charm to your table!

The pattern comes as a free Ravelry PDF download, and there are three different size options, allowing you to match your home decor. The smallest size can be used for tea lights, the medium for coasters, and the largest size for vases.

6. Fruit Assortment Coasters

Free pattern by Elisa’s Crochet here!

Fruit coasters are really fun to make! If get easily bored and love having a variety of options, this set of four fruit coasters will be perfect for you.

7. Rainbow Coaster

Free pattern by DROPS Design here!

This is a simple rainbow coaster, made entirely of single crochets and color changes at every round. The pattern page also provides a chart to show you where to increase at each round.

8. Farmhouse Coasters

Free pattern by The Painted Hinge here!

For those of you who are into the Farmhouse style of decor, this set of coasters is for you!

9. Snazzy Granny Coaster

Free pattern by Lullaby Lodge here!

Here we have the classic granny square turned into a circle! You’re free to switch the colors around and create your own palette. Or if you’d like to crochet a hotpad to go along with these coasters, you can simply keep going and add more rounds!

10. Knot Coaster

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations!

This coaster may look complicated, but it’s actually made up of just a row of foundation single crochet, then knotted into a Carrick Bend Mat knot shape! This stitch may be tricky to learn at first, but once you’ve learned it, it’s extremely practical and can save you a lot of time in other projects.

This knot coaster is best crocheted using an ombre yarn, to add more depth to the colors.

11. Heart Coasters

Free pattern available at Yarnspirations!

Whip out these heart coasters for Valentine’s or for a romantic homecooked dinner! The pattern includes a special stitch called the reverse sc, and here’s a short tutorial on it!

12. Boho Coaster

Free pattern by For the Frills here!

This coaster is made up of single crochets and a fringe. The fringe may look tricky, but this pattern comes equipped with pictures as well as a video tutorial which thoroughly explain how to create the fringe!

The result definitely looks classy and not homemade. The writer also has a link to a bigger version of the pattern, for a vase or a placemat.

13. Christmas Owl Coaster

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

These adorable owls in Christmas colors make for a pair of very cute coasters! Although this looks more complicated than previous coasters, it only uses sc, hdc, and dc.

14. Chain Stitch Coaster

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This interesting textured coaster consists of only chains! Isn’t that incredible? A hot gun is needed to create the circle. Variegated yarn was used here, but if you don’t have any, you can simply switch colors midway and continue gluing the new color to the old one.

15. Snail Coaster

Free pattern by The Cookie Snob here!

What an adorable snail! This coaster is worked in a continuous spiral, and the look is achieved by inserting the hook into the third loop of a hdc.

16. Christmas Tree Coaster

Free pattern by DROPS Design here!

Here’s a coaster with an interesting shape! These Christmas tree coasters are an understated, yet charming way to celebrate the festivities. The pattern includes a chart as well as a compilation of videos for each stitch that’s included in the pattern.

17. Thermal Stitch Coaster

Free pattern by My Crochet Space here!

Thermal stitches make for dense and thick coasters, and they’re wonderful because they won’t curl up like thinner coasters! The thermal stitch can be difficult for beginners, so this project is targeted towards intermediate crocheters. The pattern provides an accompanying video tutorial for the stitch.

18. Paw Print Coaster

Free pattern by Jo to the World here!

Animal lovers can find their coaster here!

This pattern is extremely thorough, with a guide linked on how to do colorwork, a video tutorial, written instructions, as well as a chart.

19. Cat Coaster

Free pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too here!

This one is for cat lovers and no-sew fans! The entire coaster, including the ears and tail, is worked in just one piece!

20. Maple Leaf Coaster

Free pattern by The Painted Hinge here!

These maple leaves are perfect for welcoming the first breath of autumn! The pattern provides photos for the tricky bits, but overall it is a straightforward pattern.

21. Vintage Heart and Flower Coaster

Free pattern by Annie Design Crochet here!

These vintage hearts and flowers are versatile! To create coasters, use worsted weight yarn. But by using sport yarn, you can also use them as appliques to embellish your other projects.

22. Tea Time Pumpkin Coaster

Free pattern by Ira Rott available at Ravelry!

Ready for tea time? With these coasters at hand, you definitely are! While this pattern is stated to be pumpkin coasters, I love that the creator also included a variety of other colors! The coasters with shades of purple and pink look like juicy giant berries.

This pattern is available as a free PDF download at Ravelry. No sewing is necessary; you can simply attach the new colors by joining to the main body!

23. Sweet Apple Coaster

Free pattern by Crochet Spot here!

This is apple coaster pattern is short and simple, but sweet! You can put your staple apple jam on this cute coaster! For Granny Smith apple coasters, simply switch the red to a green.

24. Leaf Coaster

Free pattern by Sylver Santika here!

These leaves will add a rustic charm to your table setting. It looks intricate, but the pattern is quite straightforward! The pattern is available as a free printable PDF and a video tutorial.

25. Teddy Bear Coaster

Free pattern by Hooked on Patterns here!

These teddy bear coasters are cute and kids are guaranteed to love them! No sewing is necessary, and the entire coaster is worked using only sc or dc, as well as joining new colors.

26. Cake Slice Coaster

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery here!

Here’s a coaster perfect for birthday parties! Or if you’re just a regular strawberry cake lover, this pattern is for you too! You can serve tea along with cake slices on this coaster.

The yarn required for this pattern is worsted weight, but if you downsize and choose to use sport weight instead, you can also make yourself a cute cake slice applique.

27. Christmas Coaster

Free pattern by Annie Design Crochet here!

These festive coasters are in fact granny circles, a classic pattern which all crocheters should know! They are available in several color options—a solid color option and one with alternating colors.

The edging is done in a 4-ply cotton yarn, and I love how delicate it looks!

28. Latte and Cupcake Coasters

Free pattern by DROPS Design here!

A breakfast of latte with whipped cream and cupcakes is the right occasion to bring these fun coasters out! The pattern includes a series of videos for all the stitches you need to know as well as a pattern chart.

29. Coffee and Donut Coasters

Free pattern by DROPS Design here!

Accompanying the previous pattern, this time it’s a set of black coffee and donut with sprinkles! Also brought to you by DROPS Design, their page includes a playlist of video tutorials for how to crochet all the required stitches and a pattern chart.

30. Seashell Coaster

Free pattern by Craft-Her here!

She sells seashells … on your table?

Bring back beach vibes to your house by including these seashell coasters on your table!

This coaster is worked in hdc rows. The pattern has written instructions, photos and a video tutorial.

31. Citrus Slices Coaster

Free pattern available at Yarnspiartions!

A set of fresh, juicy citrus slice coasters!

This simple coaster is created entirely in single crochets. The segment lines are embroidered using back stitch. The pattern is available as a free printable PDF download!

32. Unique Flower Coaster

Free pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts here!

This unique two-toned flower can be customized to use any pair of colors you wish! This set of coasters are perfect for springtime or summertime decor.

You need to do a standing hdc for this pattern which may be tricky at first, but as this pattern provides photo instructions and a video tutorial in addition to a thorough set of written instructions, you can easily pick it up even if you’ve never done this stitch before!

33. Japanese Flower Coaster

Free pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs here!

These flower coasters are fun and bright, and use only a little yarn! It only takes four rounds to finish.

It does require knowing how to do the double crochet cluster stitch, which you can check out in this video if you’ve never tried it before!

34. African Flower Turtle Coaster

Free pattern by Urbaki Crochet here!

Turtles and flowers, an unlikely but lovely combination!

The African flower motif is a classic in the crochet world, and here, it’s featured as a turtleshell. I love the bright colors the creator has chosen for this pattern!

This pattern is available as a video tutorial.

35. Cheeky Dog Coaster

Free pattern by Amigurumi Piano Sound here!

Calling all dog lovers for this cheeky but cute dog coaster!

This adorable dog coaster requires only single crochets, and for you to attach the head to the body by sewing.

The pattern page contains both written instructions and a video tutorial.

36. Sleepy Bunny and Bear Coaster

Free pattern by Ira Rott available at Ravelry!

These sleepy bunny and bear coasters will greet you in the mornings when you still feel half-dead and all you want to do is go back to sleep!

The free printable PDF download is available at Ravelry in English, Korean, and Ukrainian, and also includes a pattern chart.