29 Easiest Flower Granny Square Free Crochet Patterns (easy)

Flower granny squares are not only lovely, but also versatile motifs in the world of crochet. You can put together a bag, a pillow cushion, a blanket, and many other projects with flower granny squares!

In this post, I will be introducing you a variety of lovely flower granny squares. The patterns start off easy and suitable for beginners, with the difficulty progressing the further you go through the post.

It would help if you’ve previously crocheted granny squares, but as long as you know the basic stitches (sc, hdc, dc, tr, ch, sl st, magic ring), you’ve got the tools to take a crack at these patterns!

If you’re a beginner and interested in learning new stitches, this is the right place to start from!

Here are links to comprehensive tutorials for some of the special stitches that some of these patterns require:

You will encounter these stitches often if you’re looking to advance in crochet, so what’s a better time to familiarize yourself with them than with all these charming flower granny squares?

1. Flower Garden Granny Square

Free pattern by Harujion Design available here!

This colorful flower square can look tricky at a glance, but they only require basic stitches! In addition to a detailed written pattern, there is also a handy crochet chart.

2. Layered Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon available here!

This flower granny square require no special stitches, though you do have to sew a bit! The smaller flower is sewed to the larger flower, which is then sewed to a classic granny square.

3. Lacy Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Blue Star Crochet here!

I love the foresty vibes coming from this flower granny square!

This is another pattern that looks complicated at a glance, but in fact only requires a combination of basic stitches—single crochets, double crochets, and chains! The pattern includes a video tutorial.

4. 3D Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me available here!

This 3D flower uses only basic stitches!

This pattern was created as part of a larger afghan project, but if you’re not up to creating such a large square, you can always stop after only one or two solid granny rounds—or however many you think is perfect for your project!

5. Solid Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things here!

This cute and cheerful flower square pattern only requires basic stitches and crocheting in the back loops (BLO) to get you through!

6. Dainty Daisy Granny Square

Free pattern by Just Be Crafty here!

These dainty daisy petals are created using puff stitches. This pattern includes a slow and detailed video tutorial, so don’t worry about getting lost!

If this is your first time doing puff stitches, you may find it hard to keep the loops of yarn from slipping off your hook, or alternatively, you may have trouble pulling your hook through the loops. Make sure your tension is neither too tight nor too loose!

The pattern designer has also provided an extra pattern to join these dainty daisies together and add a scalloped border to put together a lovely blanket!

7. Cheerful Sunflower Granny Square

Free pattern by Sarah Maker here!

This cheerful sunflower is the result of a classic granny square variation: the sunburst granny square. The squares comprise a round of regular dcs, a round of puff stitches, and a round of cluster stitches, before giving way to a round of regular granny group of threes.

If you aren’t familiar with puff or cluster stitches, the pattern provides a link introducing you to them!

8. Simple 3D Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs available here!

This bright and fun flower is super easy to make! The yellow center is made with rounds in hdcs, before transitioning into a solid granny square. The pattern for this is available on a different page by the same designer.

The petals are created by latching into the back of the outermost hdc stitch—a post stitch. While the pattern tutorial provides clear photos showing how to do them, you can check the tutorial I linked at the beginning of this post if you’re still unsure!

9. Popcorn Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Inas Craft available here!

This popcorn flower uses an interesting special stitch—a popcorn stitch!

If you’ve never done this stitch before, check the start of this post for some tutorials that might be of use!

10. 3D Rose Granny Square

Free pattern by Crafty Kitty Crochet available here!

Aside from front loop (FLO) and back loop (BLO) stitches, this pattern doesn’t require any new stitches outside of the basic ones.

You will be crocheting the petals on the front loops of the base circle in a spiral, which might sound a bit tricky, but as long as you keep count, you’ll be fine! The pattern provides very detailed images.

11. Ruffle Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs available here!

This large ruffle flower square looks impressive, but the only special stitch you need to know is crocheting in the back loops only (BLO)! The rest only requires basic crochet stitches.

12. Simple Sue Flower Square

Free pattern by Look at what I Made here!

This cute flower square will require you to know how to do a standing dc (stdc) and a back post dc (bpdc)!

Standing dcs can be tricky at first, but once you know how to do them, you’ll find that they’re convenient and can really clean up the look of your grannies!

If you’re still having trouble or don’t like how they look and would like to skip standing dcs entirely, you can choose to ch 3 for the starting stitch and as you end the round, sl st to the second stitch of the round.

The back post dcs are what make the petals stand out from the square. Head back to the start of this post for some links to tutorials!

13. Rose with Leaves Granny Square

Free pattern by Moara Crochet available here!

A lovely rose for a lovely you!

Besides the usual stitches, this pattern will require you to crochet dc clusters, and crocheting in the front loop and back loop.

I love this pattern because the designer provides a lot of very detailed photos and a slow video tutorial, so it’s extremely accessible to beginners!

14. Two-Toned Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Winding Road Crochet here!

These beautiful two-toned flowers require knowing how to do cluster dcs as well as dc2togs—tutorials are available at the start of this post!

15. Primavera Flowers Granny Square

Free pattern by Dada’s Place here!

This cute and bright flower granny square pattern uses popcorns for its petals, and cluster stitches for its leaves. The pattern explains how to crochet these stitches in details with pictures.

16. Small African Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Cute & Cozy Crochet here!

This is a pattern for an African flower granny square, and there are both written and video instructions. The only special stitch it uses is a long stitch (or spike stitch), and you can check the links at the top if you’re having trouble with it!

17. Layered 3D Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Veronika’s Crochet Patterns here!

This layered pattern requires front post and back post stitches (fpdc & bpdc). If you’re unfamiliar with these stitches, you can take a look at the links at the top of this post.

The pattern provides written instructions, a free downloadable PDF pattern, as well as a video tutorial.

18. Elegant Flower Square

Free pattern by Penny Davidson available at Ravelry!

This is a large and lacy square which only requires you to know how to crochet cluster dcs, in addition to the basic stitches. A simple pattern for how intricate it appears to be!

19. African Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Made in K-Town here!

Here is another African flower granny square! It’s similar to the one earlier in this post, with an additional round of groups of 3 dcs in the second round, resulting in a bigger square.

Like the earlier pattern, the only special stitch required for this is a long sc/spike stitch.

20. Dear Peony Granny Square

Free pattern by Yarn Andy available here!

This is a beautiful pattern that requires clusters and standing dc, as well as crocheting multiple rows into stitches of the same row. If that sounds challenging, that’s because it is!

The pattern is entirely on video, so take a look before deciding to go for it.

21. Bobble Drops Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Crochet For You here!

This is a repetitive and easy pattern once you get the hang of how to crochet its special stitch—the fpbobble! The pattern provides both written instructions and a video tutorial.

22. Small & Large African Flower Granny Square

Free pattern by Gabriella Crossman available at Ravelry here!

This pattern provides written instructions and charts for two African flower square sizes. The special stitches required are BLO, cluster dc, and spike stitch.

23. Lacy Daisy Granny Square

I really love the lacy look of this square! This intricate daisy granny square requires popcorn stitches and V-stitches. Make sure to count your dcs and chains properly to get the lacy look down!

24. Emma’s Sunflower Square

Free pattern available at Flo’s Crafty Crochet here!

This lovely sunflower uses picot stitches on top of the regular basic crochet stitches. Check the tutorial I included at the top of the post if you’re having trouble figuring out what picot stitches should look like!

25. Lacy Jeanette Flower Square

Free pattern by Look at what I Made here!

This lacy pattern requires knowing how to do standing stitches, as well as shell and popcorn stitches. I love how the stonewashed yarn looks in this square!

26. Jack & Lydia Flower Square

These attractive squares require the following special stitches: BLO, fpdc, fptr, cluster dc, bobble. The pattern provides external links to tutorials on how to do these stitches, or alternatively you can check the ones I provided at the start of this post!

27. Vintage Rainbow Flower Square

Free pattern available at Crafty CC here!

This is a challenging pattern, and I would not recommend it to beginners. However, if you’d like to attempt it anyway, the pattern provides very detailed written instructions!

The links at the beginning of this post may help you with any special stitches you’re having trouble with. Keeping the right amount of tension is essential for layered projects like this vintage flower square.

28. Picture Perfect Peony Square

Free pattern available at Crafty CC here!

Like the above, this square is not for the fainthearted! It uses a ton of special stitches, and I would not recommend this pattern to crochet beginners.

The end result is a very textured and beautiful large peony square! Or perhaps you’d like to forgo the square entirely and turn the flower into an applique or a brooch!

29. Ponding Lily Square

Free pattern by Sisters in Stitch available here!

The way the flower pops up in the middle of the square really does look like a lily in a pond!

This is a fairly complex pattern, so I don’t recommend this pattern for beginners. It uses some complicated stitches, such as the front post two double bobble (fpdc2bobble). I would recommend this only to crocheters who are already familiar with crocheting fpdcs, dc2togs, and bobbles!

This pattern also provides a free downloadable PDF.