27 Stunning Crochet Gifts for Newlyweds and Weddings (easy!)

There is no better event to celebrate love than a wedding. Everyone likes seeing two people come together in hopes of building a happy life with each other.

However, weddings get quite pricy. Why not crochet a few things and help them start this new chapter of their lives? Decorations are what make a house into a home.

With all the costs of furnishing a new apartment or house, decorations become the first things crossed off the shopping list. Wedding dresses are expensive for the bride and bridesmaids alike. Not to mention the time and work everyone needs to put into getting everything to fit perfectly.

By crocheting the dresses, you can make sure everything fits like a glove and the bride won’t have to stress over the price tag either.

1. Bride and Groom Dolls

Find the pattern here.

This is a great gift for people who like minimal and simple interior design.

They can keep this crochet piece as a reminder of the beautiful wedding they had.

At the same time, it doesn’t take up a lot of space which makes it easy to store.

2. Bride and Groom Amigurumi

Find the pattern here.

This amigurumi piece is a great gift for couples fond of cute things.

It is a great project if you don’t want to go out and buy flowers or beads.

You can use the same types of eyes or you can crochet them with black yarn.

3. Trailing Flower Headband

Find the pattern here.

This dainty headband is a perfect accessory for anyone attending a wedding.

It adds uniqueness to your outfit without taking away the attention from the bride.

It is a beautiful headband you can crochet in a few minutes.

It is good for last-minute adjustments to your look.

4. Simple Wedding Headband

Find the pattern here.

This headband is another great choice for the bride and guests alike.

You can make one for the children attending or yourself as well, by increasing the number of stitches you crochet.

With this accessory, your hair will stay out of your face while you have fun on the dancefloor.

5. Daisy Flower Crown

Find the pattern here.

I love this headband because it is an accessory you can use on any occasion, not just a wedding.

You can level it up by using beads, or leave it as is.

Try matching it to your outfit by using yarn of the same color as your dress.

6. Flower Wedding Headband

Find the pattern here.

This headband is perfect for those wearing dresses with simple designs.

The pattern adds a subtle touch of elegance everyone will compliment you on.

7. Nammi Wrist Warmers

Find the pattern here.

Wrist warmers are the perfect accessory to a wedding dress.

They are subtle and beautiful and wearing them can bring your whole look together.

8. Fingerless Lace Gloves

Find the pattern here.

Lace is something that always comes to mind when thinking of weddings.

It is elegant and captivating, both essential to your wedding day.

9. Angel Skirt

Find the pattern here.

If you’re planning a bohemian-themed, beach wedding, this skirt is a must.

This pineapple pattern is the perfect mix of breezy and gorgeous for your big day.

You can pair the skirt with the Angel Top, to get the most angelic look.

Or you can choose another top and crochet it to the skirt to make a dress.

10. White Flowers Dress

Find the pattern here.

This dress is a great choice for bridesmaids.

It is great for traditional weddings and bohemian or beach weddings as well.

I like how it can be used by the bridesmaids after the wedding as a beautiful summer dress.

11. White Lotus Dress

Find the pattern here.

This is another stunning pattern to use for your bridesmaids’ dresses.

You could make a longer version for the bride.

12. Midsummer Infinity Scarf

Find the pattern here.

Despite all the planning that goes into a wedding, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with us.

That is why preparing a scarf to cover up with is a great idea.

It won’t be heavy to carry and it will keep you perfectly warm whenever you need it.

13. Simple Wedding Shawl

Find the pattern here.

This is a beautiful shawl that will match any type of dress.

It can add to an elegant look or bring out the statement piece even more.

Hopefully, you will only need it because the party continues well into the night.

14. Aunt Lydia’s Bridal Shrug

Find the pattern here.

This pattern became very popular on Pinterest a few months ago.

A lot of people were wearing crop tops with this design and it looked amazing.

Guess what?

It’s even more beautiful as a bridal shrug.

15. Wedding Petals Necklace

Find the pattern here.

Necklaces are really expensive, especially good quality ones.

However, you don’t have to get gold or silver.

This crochet necklace is the perfect piece to complete your wedding outfit.

16. Bridal Nosegay

Find the pattern here.

While weddings are a lot of fun for the bride, we should not forget the groom either.

This nosegay is a beautiful accessory for the groom and his guests.

By matching the color to the theme of the wedding, it can bring the whole event together.

17. Bridal Bouquet Wrap

Find the pattern here.

Bouquet wraps are a great place to start if you’d like to set your wedding apart from everyone else’s.

It will get a lot of attention, especially when throwing the bouquet.

You could create a tradition where whoever catches it, uses the wrap for their wedding too.

18. Bridal Bouquet Cozy

Find the pattern here.

This is a beautiful and elegant cozy for the wedding bouquet.

It is a great way of keeping all the flowers in place at all times.

This is a must-have if you don’t want to worry about the flowers falling apart.

19. Aunt Lydia’s Ring Bearer’s Pillow

Find the pattern here.

The ring bearer’s pillow is a great place to sneak some crochet onto.

It goes well both with traditional and bohemian-themed weddings.

What’s even better is that the couple can use it later in their own home.

It will not only be a beautiful memory but a useful design element as well.

20. Heart’s Desire Ring Bearer Pillow

Find the pattern here.

This pillow is great as a ring bearer’s pillow and to decorate the couple’s room for their honeymoon.

It adds a delicate and intimate feeling to every place which can help in setting the right mood.

21. Mr. And Mrs. Pillows

Find the pattern here.

A lot of people love things with Mr. and Mrs. written all over them.

It is a cute reminder of the decision they made and their dedication to each other.

I love this pattern because you can change the letters to spell the couple’s names or initials if they aren’t as fond of the Mr. and Mrs. decorations.

22. Newlywed Banner

Find the pattern here.

This banner is a beautiful decoration for the newlywed’s room.

You can spell a positive message, their names, or even use the pattern for different occasions, like birthdays.

23. Heart’s Desire Motif

Find the pattern here.

Both beautiful and useful, this motif is the perfect gift for newlyweds.

It can be used as a pot or cup holder and as a simple decoration too.

You could decorate the wedding venue, even.

24. Gray Stone Mandala

Find the pattern here.

This crochet mandala is not only a great pot holder and decoration, but it can be used to make a pillow for the newlyweds.

You can make two pieces and sew them together to create a gorgeous round pillow.

25. Lily Sugar’n Cream Kitchen Set

Find the pattern here.

You can never go wrong with a kitchen set.

The couple will most likely buy or receive new kitchenware, so crocheting a beautiful set like this one, will be a great match to the rest of the presents.

Ask them what color they plan to paint their kitchen and crochet matching pot holders and towels for them.

26. Patons Irish Lace

Find the pattern here.

Irish lace is a stunning pattern to use for a blanket.

This throw pattern is easy to follow because it only uses a few basic stitches.

This is the perfect ornament for the couple’s living room and bedroom.

27. In Love With Color Throw

Find the pattern here.

If the bride and groom have a more modern taste in home decor, you should make them this colorful, geometrical patterned blanket.

This is a lovely gift for any couple because it will brighten their mood anytime they look at it.