27 Soft and Fluffy Crochet Patterns for Velvet Yarn (free!)

Velvet yarn is extremely soft and very well-suited for babies and children’s toys. However, it can be tricky to work with.

To have the most success with the following pieces, you only need to follow a few easy rules.

First, you’ll need to crochet tighter than usual.

It is helpful to go down a size on your crochet hook compared to what the label recommends but you might still need to consciously tighten your stitches.

Second, you should make a swatch before starting the project.

This way you can practice your tension and make any necessary adjustments before it is too late.

Third, it is beneficial to leave longer ends than usual.

The slipperiness of this material tends to make ends poke through after repeated use and weaving in the ends through multiple rows can help better secure it.

If you keep these three things in mind you’ll have no worries going forward.

1. Velvet Bunny

Find the pattern here.

I love the long ears this bunny has. You can find another variation here, perfect if you want to make your bunny more colorful.

2. Jumbo Waffle

Find the pattern here.

This giant waffle pattern is an absolute joy to make and hold. I used just one ball of Chenille Home yarn in Mustard for this design and it makes it feel utterly heavenly. Chenille Home is another yarn by Michael’s that looks and feels the same as Sweet Snuggles, just with a slightly different color palette.

The butter pat on top is optional, but I think it adds such a cute touch to the whole project!

3. Velvet Bear

Find the pattern here.

Besides bunnies, bears are a must-crochet toy for any amigurumi enthusiast. I love the accent pieces on the nose and belly.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, this could be the perfect gift to celebrate with.

4. Big Crochet Sloth

Find the pattern here.

Huge plushies are the most memorable toys for any child. They are really nice to cuddle and sleep with.

5. Velvet Elephant

Find the pattern here.

Elephants are truly amazing animals. Most of us can’t experience them in person, so why not recreate a miniature version of them in our homes?

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6. Jumbo Narwhal

Find the pattern here.

This lovable narwhal is also a quick make, and uses less than one ball of Sweet Snuggles for the body and a little white for the belly and horn.

She’s so cute, and the best part is that this design is mostly no-sew! The tail and flippers are worked in the round and the only extra sewing you’ll need to do is to attach the horn.

7. Mini Velvet Octopus

Find the pattern here.

If you want to add another snuggly sub-aquatic creature to your collection, this has to be it.

It is a really quick project, under 30 minutes. Perfect for decoration, key chains, and accessories for your bag.

8. Mood changing Octopus

Find the pattern here.

If you want the ultimate squishable companion, this giant penguin is for you! She’s the perfect size for hugging and you can make the main color anything you want! I loved the idea of a pink penguin because it’s so fantastical and cute, but I can also see her in pastel blue, purple, or yellow!

I used two skeins of Sweet Snuggles for the main color of this design, and less than one skein each of yellow and white.

9. Velvet Tank Top

Find the pattern here.

Some days we don’t want to get out of our pajamas but this velvet top definitely solves that problem. You can stay comfortable and still look stylish.

10. Ruffle Baby Sweater

Find the pattern here.

Velvet yarn is amazing for baby crochet projects. I love the ruffle on this sweater because it makes this simple piece stand out.

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11. Delaney Cardigan

Find the pattern here.

Adding to the comfortable-but-chic list is this cardigan. I love that it uses multiple stitches to create a new pattern.

12. Velvet Mittens

Find the pattern here.

While the pattern isn’t written for velvet yarn, this design matches it really well. Nothing is better on a cold day than wearing the softest mittens.

13. Infinity Scarf

Find the pattern here.

Velvet yarn is so soft that everyone’s first instinct is to touch their face to it. What better way is there to experience this coziness than by crocheting an infinity scarf?

14. Velvet Winter Hat

Find the pattern here.

Many people don’t like wearing hats. Making one out of velvet yarn will definitely make the experience much more enjoyable.

15. Granny Square Pillow

Find the pattern here.

Who doesn’t love granny squares? Every crocheter knows them and they are really fun and easy to make.

If you’ve been feeling a bit uninspired with your granny squares lately, give the velvet yarn version a try.

16. Heart Pillow

Find the pattern here.

Another great project to get you into that Valentine’s Day mood.

You can use it as a decoration for yourself or gift it to your loved ones.

17. Waffle Crochet Pillow

Find the pattern here.

I really like this pattern, because it takes a really easy technique and creates an amazing design. Find another variation here.

You can make a matching throw using the patterns on this list.

18. Tufted Pillow

Find the pattern here.

Tufted pillows are great accent pieces. You can place them on your bed or use them as cushions when sitting on the ground.

19. Corkscrew Cushion

Find the pattern here.

A different take on the tufted pillow with a beautiful, beginner-friendly design.

20. Sunshine Pillow

Find the pattern here.

As the name promises, this pillow will add a ray of sunshine to your room. The pattern is really easy to follow because it requires single crochet and slip stitches only.

21. Colorful Puffs Blanket

Find the pattern here.

Velvet yarn is the best material to crochet puffs with. This blanket is perfect for those who love mixing and matching colors for their pieces.

22. Velvet Berries Throw

Find the pattern here.

This pattern may seem similar to the previous one, however, to make the berries you’ll use a different technique.

It is a great project to broaden your crochet skills.

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23. Flower Blanket

Find the pattern here.

The flowers on this blanket are adorable and the yarn makes it even cozier.

24. Windowpane Throw

Find the pattern here.

This blanket strikes the perfect balance between unique and simple with its beautiful pattern.

25. Ribbed Diamond Blanket

Find the pattern here.

This design adds a tidy, charming aspect to your space. This mint color suits it very well too.

26. Basketweave Edge Blanket

Find the pattern here.

If you get overwhelmed with patterns sometimes, this blanket was made for you.

While working from border to border you can take a break working the same stitch.

27. Basketweave Throw

Find the pattern here.

On the other hand, if you like working with interesting patterns you can try this blanket, it is sure to keep you entertained until it’s completed.