23 Eyecatching Amigurumi Patterns for Craft Fairs (<2 hrs)

You’ve been crocheting for a while, and now you’re thinking about making some profit off this hobby. Or maybe, you’ve gone to a craft fair before and loved it, and now you want to be part of it.

But what to sell? Figuring out what to display in your booth can be a challenge. It can’t be anything too time-consuming or detailed, since you need to mass-produce them for the display.

So what’s quick and easy to make, yet eye-catching and attractive enough to lure customers to your booth?

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered! In this post, I’ve compiled a series of cute and lovely amigurumi patterns that are beginner-friendly and will take less than an hour to make!

The great thing about crocheting amigurumi is that most patterns only calls for single crochets and some sewing.

This makes them not only very accessible to beginners, but quicker to work through than if you had to pay attention to making five different types of stitches!

Previously, I’ve shared a tip on how to resize amigurumi. When crocheting for craft fairs, you should definitely consider substituting thinner yarn with thicker yarn like velvet or chenille, as they will take roughly the same amount of time to crochet, but the resulting size will be a lot bigger!

Not only are bigger amigurumi more eye-catching, you can also price them higher. All of the patterns listed below will look cute at all sizes, so go and take a look!

1. Spring Bunnies

Free pattern by All About Ami here!

These lovely rabbits are just perfect for welcoming the Year of Rabbit!

The pattern provides detailed instructions and step-by-step pictures for some tricky parts.

I love that the creator also provides patterns for their accessories—the roses and carrot just add so much more personality to these cute buns!

You can also choose to customize the colors of your bunnies—gray, cream, or brown for realistic bunnies, pink or blue for fantastical ones!

2. Fluffle Teddy Bear

Free pattern by me here!

This sweet teddy bear will certainly draw the eyes of people at the craft fair! At first glance, most people won’t even realize this teddy bear has been crocheted!

Faux fur yarn can be a bit finicky to work with, but since it only requires single crochets, this is the right project for beginners to try it out!

And don’t worry! In the pattern tutorial, I’ve included many tips on how to work with faux yarn.

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3. Chubby Cat Amigurumi

Free pattern by Little Love Everyday here!

Calling all the cat lovers to your booth!

These mini cats are the perfect size to sell as a keychain or bag charm! Or you can choose to make a larger version by substituting the yarn!

If you choose to use a jumbo-sized yarn, you might consider using sport yarn to embroider the stripes instead of embroidery floss.

The stripes surely add character, but if you find yourself short on time, you may choose to forgo them!

4. Jumbo Bee

Free pattern by Curious Papaya here!

This bee or a variation of it has made its rounds on Instagram and TikTok! You’ve probably seen it, and so will your potential customers!

The final size measures at 13 in. x 10 in. (33 cm x 25 cm), truly a jumbo-sized bee!

I love how the pattern provides an option to create felt eyes instead of the usual safety eyes! It really adds character to the bee.

5. Amigurumi Pumpkin

Free pattern by móhu here!

Save this pattern for when fall comes around again! Which is soon, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!

These cute pumpkins will happily greet your customers!

If you crochet them using the recommended size and hook, you may choose to attach a chain and sell them as keychains!

Otherwise, you can upsize them and sell giant pumpkins instead.

6. Strawberry Bee

Free pattern by me here!

Here’s another bee for you! This pattern is by me and I’ve ensured that it’s easy to understand, even for beginners!

This strawberry bee would be absolutely delighted to join in your craft fair!

You can substitute the recommended colors with any colors you want! For instance, you can create a rainbow bee if you like!

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7. No-Sew Amigurumi Octopus

Free pattern by Sweet Softies here!

Are you ready to host an army of squishy octopuses in your booth?

Well, ready or not, here they are!

Those eight cute little tentacles might intimidate you, but don’t discount this pattern just yet! It’s a no-sew pattern and the tentacles are made using a combination of chains and slip stitches.

Additionally, the creator has also included a handy video tutorial!

8. Amigurumi Donuts

This squad of donuts is just irresistible! A pig donut, a frog donut, a unicorn donut—what more can spice up your stand?

The pattern calls for a chunky yarn, which makes this project super fast to finish! Both written instructions and video tutorials are provided for the basic donut and each modification.

9. Amigurumi Fluffy Ghost

Free pattern by Rose & Lily here!


You may want to save this pattern for Halloween … or not! Who says ghosts are only cool around that time of the year?

Don’t tell her, but this fluffy cutie of a ghost isn’t cut out for scaring people, anyway!

The pattern for this cute ghost provides written instructions and a video tutorial.

10. Shirokuma the Polar Bear

Free pattern by me here!

This mini polar bear can have a ring or string attached to it to be sold as a keychain or bag charm!

Shirokuma only requires basic amigurumi techniques to complete, so it’ll be a quick project for anyone!

I think he’s the perfect mascot for these wintry days!

11. Jumbo Narwhal

Free pattern by me here!

This is a no-sew, beginner-friendly jumbo velvet pattern for a giant narwhal, which ticks all the boxes of what I mentioned to be ideal patterns to make for craft fairs!

My pattern supplements photos and diagrams in areas where written instructions might be unclear, but overall the pattern is super easy to follow!

And if you don’t feel up to attaching the horn, then you’ll have yourself a cuddly whale instead!

12. Tad the Chubby Frog

Free pattern by Starlux Crochet on Ribblr!

There’s just something about crocheted frogs like these that appeal to the masses.

Meet Tad the Chubby Frog! I’m sure you’ve encountered him or his siblings at some point—amigurumi frogs are such a classic! He’s simply a quintessential must-have in your booth!

This is a straightforward pattern which asks for velvet yarn.

13. Chonky Mushroom

Free pattern by Chonky Crochet on Ribblr!

These mushrooms are sure to be a hit with fans of cottagecore and cuteness! That blush just adds to their adorableness!

This pattern calls for a chunky yarn, so you won’t need to resize if you were planning to make a bigger mushroom.

You can also choose to alter the yarn color of the mushroom caps for more variety and fun!

14. Reversible Octopus

Free pattern by Rose & Lily here!

Reversible octopuses went viral last year, but they’re still a big deal even now! Kids especially will love these cute happy-angry octopuses!

This pattern might take longer to make than the other patterns in this post, since you’ll have to crochet both sides, but wouldn’t you agree that the end results are worth it?

The tutorial includes both written instructions and a video to help you through if you get stuck!

15. Amigurumi Fruit Slice Keychain

Free pattern by Raffamusa here!

These cute keychains are super quick and easy to make! All you need to do is crochet a circle in the round, then fold it in half and sew the edges together, attach a keychain, and you’re done!

They are so small and compact—the ideal item to crochet using the scraps of yarn I know you have lying around! Which is a great thing since you won’t need to buy more yarn—just profit off the yarn you already have!

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16. Amigurumi Cuddly Heart

Free pattern by Okie Girl Bling’n’Things here!

With Valentine’s just around the corner, these amigurumi hearts—full of love!—might just be exactly what people are looking for!

You can easily market them as the perfect, romantic gift to give to their significant other! After all, who wouldn’t want a snuggly, cuddly heart as a Valentine’s gift?

Spread some love and cheer in the fair with these chonky hearts!

17. Amigurumi Rainbow with Clouds

Free pattern by Spin a Yarn here!

If you need to add more colors to spice up your booth, this cheerful rainbow has got your back!

Their happy smile and colorfulness are bound to attract some people to your booth!

This rainbow looks like it’d be a great wall decoration, so you could choose to add a loop near the top if you think so as well!

18. Chubby Penguin Amigurumi

Free pattern by Rose & Lily here!

This pair of chubby penguins are sure to win the hearts of fair-goers! Don’t they look like they’re preparing to waddle up to you and give you a hug?

They just look so cuddly and friendly!

The pattern provides both written instructions and a video tutorial.

19. Cube Puppy Dog Amigurumi

Free pattern by Crafty Bunny Bun here!

These cute puppies are just begging for someone to adopt them! Their pleading eyes will definitely tug the heartstrings of any dog lovers walking around in the fair!

This pattern does require some sewing for the puppy’s limbs, ears, and tail. If you don’t have safety noses at hand, you can choose to sew the nose with embroidery floss instead!

20. Hen & Chicks Amigurumi

Free pattern by Craft Passion here!

Isn’t this family of hen and chicks just adorable?

You could crochet these as recommended by the pattern and attach a keychain to them, or upsize them by switching to chenille or velvet yarn and a larger hook size, and have a giant chicken family in your booth!

21. Amigurumi Elephant

Free pattern by All About Ami here!

These cute elephants may look complicated at first, but the pattern creator laid out the instructions very clearly and included diagrams for where to sew on the parts!

This pattern is a bit more time-consuming than the others in this post though, so you may choose to only make two or three of them for your display.

22. Worry Pet (easy!)

Free pattern by Sweet Softies here!

This pattern is so straightforward a total beginner can do it, but the result is so adorable! The colorful yarn just adds so much fun to this simple but cute amigurumi.

This cute little ball is there for you (and your customers!) when you’re stressed out, ready and willing to provide its services to be squished and squeezed until your stress drains away!

23. Hanging Snowman Ornament

Free pattern by Ekaterina Ustinova on Amigurum!

Christmas may have passed, but it will come again this year!

This cute snowman Christmas tree ornament is bound to be a hit in the winter!

I hope you found some inspiration for what to sell from this post!

Selling finished crochet projects at craft fairs is a fun way to make some profit off your hobby, as well as showcase your works and connect with fellow crafters!

But most importantly, I hope you have fun at your craft fair!