23 Creative Free Crochet Patterns for Easter (quick and easy)

Easter is such a cute holiday, I love all the pastel decorations, giving of chocolate and of course getting together with family and friends. It also makes a great excuse to crochet adorable easter-themed projects like what I have compiled here!

They have been organised by different categories- from easter eggs to homewares- so you can easily find what you are looking for. What I like about many of these projects is that despite them being for easter, they can definitely be used and gifted all year round too!

I hope you enjoy these patterns and celebrating the easter season!

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Free Pattern by BabyCakes Studio

It wouldn’t be easter without some cute crochet easter eggs and crochet, gift and decorate with! There are so many different ways you could decorate these by varying your colours between stripes, solids and multi-colours. They are also so easy that this is the kind of pattern a beginner could learn with.

Easter Basket Stuffers

Free Pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

A step up from plain easter eggs, here we have some novelty character ones! Have fun decorating these with flower crowns and adorable embroidered faces. These are sure to be a favourite amongst kids and adults alike.

Easter Eggs and Grass Applique

Free Pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts

These easter egg and grass appliques would make great table decorations, or could be embroidered onto something you already have! Do you have a plain crochet bag you think needs something a little extra? This applique pattern could be just what you need.

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Easter Bunny

Free Pattern by Zan Crochet

These bunnies are so cute, you couldn’t stop at just crocheting one! This pattern is very suitable for beginners. It written clearly, there are a few photos throughout and the instructions a good for explaining how to assemble.

Easter Amigurumi Set

Free Pattern by StringyDingDing

Here we have a shole easter amigurumi set for you to enjoy! The link takes you to the designer’s site where you can access the individual pattern for each design, or you may purchase a pdf for all the patterns in one place.

Easter Bunny Amigurumi

Free Pattern by Chiara Cremon

These bunnies are so cute, they would be great for gifting to a kid or putting it in an easter basket! Their little tops/dress make such a sweet touch. The pattern is intermediate and above level. The finished size is about 10cm tall, depending on your gauge.

Crocheted Easter Bunny

Free Pattern by Knit Paint Sew

You can’t go wrong with a basic bunny pattern! You could customise this one to make it more easter themed with say, a stripy scarf or pastel coloured yarn for the body. The pattern is easy to follow and even gives a mini tutorial for how to make your own yarn pom pom for the tail.


Easter Bunny Garland

Free Pattern by The Knotted Nest

A crochet garland is an absolute must for easter! Think how cute it would look hanging from the ceiling, table or walkway. It would also be nice to hang on a stall if you are doing a craft market around easter.

The pattern is easy to follow, where you crochet two flat bunny pieces and sew them together. The pom poms for the tails are also made using yarn and a fork which the pattern shows you how to do.

Easter Nesting Eggs

Free Pattern by Atty’s

These nesting eggs make great table decorations or even bowls for chocolates! You can make multiple in various sizes or just one size for what suits your needs. Play around with different coloured yarns and they are sure to be a favourite amongst friends and family.

Easter Table Runner

Free Pattern by Crochet from Aland

The best way to make a table seem festive is to line it with a themed table runner, like with this easter one! Pastel colours help you achieve that, or you could use ordinary colours if you want to use it as an everyday table runner that will still look super cute.

Easter Egg Ornament

Free Pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts

Easter ornaments are great for hanging around the house when the season is near. This pattern is super easy and mostly just involves crocheting an oval in the round. The flowers add an adorable extra touch.


Free Pattern by Lion Brand Yarn

Baskets are super handy when going on easter egg hunts, so a crochet one is a must! This simple pattern can be worked up in no time, and because baskets are so practical they can be used outside of easter time too.

Easter Egg Basket

Free Pattern by Whistle and Ivy

This is an interesting easter basket pattern as it involves colour work to great the egg design! T shirt yarn can be used to make the basket stiff and durable, although a thick cotton may work just as well.

Easter Basket

Free Pattern by Snipsnaphappy

These baskets may be crocheted with or without the handles, which makes a nice customisation. They are small so easy for kids to carry, and you can crochet heaps in only a short amount of time.


Easter Egg Cosy

Free Pattern by Petals to Picots

Egg cosies are practical all year round! Think how cute it would be serving up an egg in an egg cup in one of these. They are only small so you could probably make a set in only one sitting, and would make an adorable gift or using for yourself.

Easter Bunny Mug Cosy

Free Pattern by Haak Maar Raak!

Another cute, easy and practical project! This mug cosy can be made to fit any mug, with the tail and bunny ears showcasing a clear easter theme. Have fun making these to use around home, work or anywhere!

Easter Bunny Treat Bag

Free Pattern by Yarn + Chai

These easter treat bags make a great way to gift or carry around chocolates from an easter hunt! The bag is crocheted, and then the bunny is attached after which the designer provides a stencil for.

Easter Egg Pot Holders

Free Pattern by Posh Pooch Designs

Pot holders are so handy around the kitchen, and you can’t get any better than easter themed ones ! Is love how the stitches and colour changes in the middle rows looks like flowers. These work up quickly so there’s nothing stopping you from making heaps!

Easter Bunny Tissue Box Cover

Free Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

This cover is a great way to bring some easter cheer to your home. You don’t have to worry about buying a tissue box with a cute design because this little colour will cover it nicely anyway! The cover part is crocheted in one piece and then the face is attaches separately.

Easter Bunny’s Blanket

Free Pattern by Left in Knots

This is probably one of the biggest projects I have included here, but it is sure to be worth it! This would look beautiful draped over a chair at home or even make for baby, because if you include fluffy yarn for the blanket’s border it is sure to feel lovely for them.

Easter Egg Bunny Hats

Free Pattern by Yarn Blossom Boutique

Rather than an egg cosy, why not crochet cute little hats for them! Again they are only small, so feel free to make heaps in one sitting. They are too cute not to!

Easter Egg Coaster

Free Pattern by Whiskers & Wool

Coasters are so cute and handy to have around home. It saves cleaning up circles left on surfaces from hot drinks and they just look adorable sitting around. They are worked flat with only a few colour changes, with the border done last.

Bunny Stitch Towel Topper

I love how these towel toppers look! The design looks pretty intricate so it is more of an intermediate-advanced level project. By playing around with the colours you can make the bunnies look like they are in a completely different landscape too.