23 Adorable Crochet Panda Patterns (easy!) 

Pandas come in all shapes and sizes and so do the below patterns! The 23 patterns in this list are all adorable and easy to make!

There are a mix of free and paid patterns, so you really have a large choice of pandas to choose from to begin crocheting. Most are amigurumi panda creations, however there are a few panda-themed items as well.

Have fun browsing the list and choosing your favorite panda to begin making!

1. Mini Panda

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This cute panda is a beginner-friendly pattern and comes out small enough that he can fit in the palm of your hand! This little bear could easily be stuffed as normal or filled with heavy pellets to create a paperweight for your desk! 

2. Amigurumi Panda

Free pattern by Amigu World

This pattern is great as it’s actually a video! The video is easy to follow along with and you can see each part clearly.

The result is a very cute and tidy panda that fits in the palm of your hand.

3. Boo the Panda

Pattern by HelloYellowYarn on Etsy

This panda is great for a beginner as it uses typical amigurumi stitches. You also get the pattern for the panda’s favorite food – bamboo (which is also his namesake!).

4. Penny the Panda

Free pattern by Lion Brand Yarn

This pattern can be found as a free PDF download. The pattern is very easy and well written.

It gives some explanation on decreases if you’re unfamiliar with it. Interestingly, this pattern provides guidance on making the pieces seem more felted in appearance and feel.

5. Bobo the Panda

Pattern by Mariska Vos-Bolman on Ravelry

This cute amigurumi pattern is just so adorable with how he is sat and his cute paws! He comes out at a reasonable 21cm in size and the pattern is aimed at beginner-intermediate crocheters.

6. Little Panda

Free pattern by Little Crochet Farm

This tiny pattern is so cute and would make for a great gift or as a chunky keychain! This pattern is great as you can read it on the website or even watch a video of how to make it, so it is suitable for every type of crocheter.

7. Baby comforter Panda

Free pattern by PifPaf on Hobbii

While not obvious from the picture, this panda comforter has a flat body and stuffed head, legs and arms. This makes for a great gift for a baby and if you use soft yarn then it will feel and look even better!

8. Panda Basket

Free pattern by Super Cute Designs on Hobbii

This panda basket pattern is perfect for storage and can easily be changed to be made bigger or smaller! The pattern is for beginners, and it is crocheted in a continuous round with no joining between them making for an easier creation!

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9. Lulu the Panda

Pattern by irenestrange on Etsy

This pattern is so cute! The panda is made using soft and squishy yarn to make a super soft body and it had stumpy arms and legs to make it seem cub like and even cuter!

The pattern is suited for beginners and again uses typical amigurumi stitches.

10. Panda Baby

Free pattern by PifPaf on Hobbii

This panda baby is aimed at beginners and uses US crochet terminology. The pattern includes the panda baby as well as a pattern for the diaper.

This would make for a great pattern for kids that like playing with dolls and clothing them.

11. Panda Scarf

Free pattern by Super Cute Designs on Hobbii

This pattern is versatile and can be made for someone of any age. The pattern is easily adjusted to be made longer for adults or shorter for smaller children.

The pattern is very clear, easy to follow and even has useful images for each step of the process.

12. Panda Doll

Pattern by Grace and Yarn on Ravelry

A panda doll is a great way to combine amigurumi, dolls and animals in one! The pattern is beginner-friendly and is easy to follow.

The finished size comes out at 10.5 inches tall and can be worked up quite quickly.

13. Little Round Panda

Free pattern by Lucy Rozonova on Ravelry

This might be one of my favorite pandas on this list! This little guy is small, round and easy to make too!

It’s beginner-friendly, has clear instructions and pictures to help you along the way. This pattern is also worked in continuous rounds.

14. Panda Hooded Afghan

Free pattern by Make & Do Crew

This cute hooded blanket is useful and panda-themed! It’s made to fit smaller children, but could easily be made bigger.

The pattern uses chunky yarn, so its quick to work up too! 

15. Flora Panda

Pattern by audreyliliancrochet on Etsy

This beginner-friendly panda pattern presents a nice twist on the other black and white pandas on this list. This pattern is made using typical amigurumi stitches, is easy to follow and easy to customize the color of panda and flower!

16. Standing Panda

Free pattern by Stella’s Yarn Universe

This panda is great for beginners and intermediate crocheters. The pattern is not only written up for you, but also has a two-part video on YouTube you can follow along with.

17. Giant Panda

Free pattern by curiouspapaya

This panda can make for a great cushion to to its large size and recommended soft yarn. The recommended soft and chunky yarn means this panda can be made very quickly with minimal effort, so its perfect for beginners.

18. Paci the Panda

Pattern by Ilaria Caliri on Ravelry

This pattern is aimed at intermediate crocheters but uses the same amigurumi structures from beginner patterns. All the pieces of the panda are worked separately and then sewn together.

The pattern is written clearly and has photos to help too!

19. Ying the Panda

Free pattern by Hooked by Kati

Ying the Panda is made to be on all-fours and have a tilted head for added cuteness. The pattern is beginner-friendly but does have some more unique techniques within it that are well explained for you.

20. Cute Panda

Pattern by MedvedikToysDesign on Etsy

This pattern is another one of my favorites! Its cute little raincoat is what makes this the cutest panda on the list.

The pattern is for those who already know and understand the basic amigurumi stitches but it has clear step-by-step instructions for the crocheting and assembling.

21. Panda Baby Booties

Free pattern by Croby Patterns

This pattern makes use of cute pandas to make even cuter baby booties! The pattern is written in 2 sizes from 0-6 months and 6-12 months; great for any newborns!

The pattern is easy and quick to make too.

22. Ragdoll Panda

Free pattern by Melanie Grobler on Bella Coco Crochet

This pattern is perfect for beginners as it is made mostly flat, apart from the head and legs. The pattern has minimal color changes and uses just simple stitches.

The pattern even has useful tips throughout for any slightly trickier parts.

23. POPO the Panda

Pattern by rinmeow21 on Etsy

This paid pattern is so cute! POPO the panda is made using chunky soft yarn, so its quick to make and even cuter to look at! The pattern also includes POPO’s watermelon purse.