23 Adorable Crochet Doll Patterns (beginner friendly)

Dolls are a big part of many kids’ childhoods and make unforgettable memories. Having a great selection of dolls is every child’s dream.

However, that can be really expensive for the parents. By unleashing your passion for crochet, you can make this dream come true and save a few bucks.

It’s a lot of fun making different types of dolls and clothing for them. It could even turn into a bonding experience if you teach your little ones to crochet things themselves.

Whether you like cute or realistic dolls, you’ll find something you’ll like on this list. Start browsing and let your inspiration run wild.

1. Carmen the Mini Doll

Find the pattern here.

Carmen the Mini Doll is a petite sized doll with a brilliant scarlet dress that fits in the palm of your hand. Customize her skin, hair, and dress, to any color you want and create a mini-me, or just a gift for a child!

2. Amy Doll

Find the pattern here.

I love this doll because it looks so adorable and elegant.

I like the idea of crocheting everything, even the shoes and bag for this cute doll.

3. Nana Doll

Find the pattern here.

This doll is really beautiful and has the most adorable dress.

She looks ready for a picnic or for a cozy summer walk outside.

4. Jacqueline the Cellist

Find the pattern here.

Jacqueline the Cellist is wearing a beautiful concert dress and has an elaborate and beautiful updo hairstyle. She can be made alongside her cello!

5. Toddler Doll Elsa

Find the pattern here.

What initially caught my eye about this doll was the gorgeous, long hair the creator chose for it.

However, I can’t get over the outfits. They look so comfortable I want to make one for myself as well.

6. Sofia

Find the pattern here.

This doll is the perfect gift for everyone who loves unicorns.

The headband makes it extremely cute and the pastel colors suit the concept really well.

I like that it is easy to turn into any aesthetic you want. You could make two horns and use dark colors to make a devil or Halloween-inspired doll.

7. Sugar Plum Fairy Doll

Find the pattern here.

This Sugar Plum Fairy doll is a great project for beginners because of her easy yet elegant hairstyle. She wears the cutest tiny crown and a beautiful lace ballerina dress.

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8. Doll Nina

Find the pattern here.

Nina reminds me a lot of Cinderella. She looks so graceful and elegant, I really want to put her on display in my room.

9. Hazel the Autumn Witch Doll

Find the pattern here.

If you’re looking for a new autumn decoration, you’ve come to the right place.

This witch doll is the perfect toy to surprise your kids with. All the accessories are so beautiful and well-thought-out. I can’t wait to make it myself.

10. Afro Puffs Ballerina Doll

Find the pattern here.

This doll is another great choice for aspiring ballerinas out there.

If you want to try different techniques to make clothing for your dolls, this is the best project to get started with. I love all the volume of the skirt and the cute buns her hair is styled into.

11. Doll Lilly

Find the pattern here.

Lilly looks so peaceful and comforting.

She is a great companion to have by your side in every bad situation. She’ll stay with you and silently support you through your hardships.

12. The Little Prince

Find the pattern here.

If you love chibi size dolls, try this Little Prince pattern based off the famous book! He stands just 4 inches tall but his outfit is unmistakable. Additionally, the hair is extremely easy and you’ll be able to make this doll in just an afternoon!

13. Doll April

Find the pattern here.

I love the curly hair April has. She looks straight out of a fairy tale, where she is the youngest princess. Her carrying the teddy bear only makes her cuter.

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14. Doll Miranda

Find the pattern here.

Miranda looks like she is ready to tend her garden. Her favorite hobby must be spending time in nature, listening to birds chirping, and watering her flowers.

15. Doll Belle

Find the pattern here.

As soon as I saw this photo, I was reminded of Princess Belle.

I love the details on her skirt and the curly ends of her hair. She looks ready to attend a ball.

16. Maddie Doll

Find the pattern here.

If you can’t have enough of witches, try this pattern next. It is a great beginner-friendly pattern or for times you want something simple.

17. Doll With Cap

Find the pattern here.

This is a minimal design that would fit into every home.

It is a great decoration because of the muted tones and the dolls’ expression inspires you to rest and slow down.

18. Zoya, the Mermaid

Find the pattern here.

If your kids love marine life, the sea, and everything to do with it, this mermaid doll is what you’re missing.

You can make a few in different colors and sizes and make a mermaid family.

19. Friendly Grace Doll

Find the pattern here.

This is another take on the ballerina style.

As the name says it too, this is one of the friendliest dolls your children could own. She would help them through all the uncertainties of growing up.

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20. Kitsune, the Fox Doll

Find the pattern here.

Kitsune is a beautiful fox-inspired doll you can gift as a toy and use as decoration.

She is also a great base if you want to create a thematic doll collection, like an animal-inspired one. All you need to do is change the outfits.

21. Luisa Doll

Find the pattern here.

This Luisa doll is the best gift for Encanto fans. She is a beautiful and admirable character both in the movie and as a doll. She is a great role model for the little ones.

22. Bee Honeybee

Find the pattern here.

Bees are so amazing and beneficial to us and nature alike.

If you’d like to honor their hard work, or just like them in general, this is a great pattern to follow.

23. Crove Doll

Find the pattern here.

Crove strikes me as a bookworm.

If you identify as one too, or maybe you work at a library and would like to personalize your space, you should crochet this doll.

I love the unique socks and I can’t wait to try this out.