21 Fluffiest Crochet Sheep Patterns (free and easy!) 

What’s not to love about sheep? They’re cute and soft – what more do you need? The below sheep and lamb patterns are all beginner patterns.

The patterns all make use of standard amigurumi stitches as well as some interesting ones to create the wool effect for the sheep – including the loop stitch, berry stitch, and bobble stitch to name a few.

There are a variety of patterns below which vary in size, from very small to large cuddlier projects. Some are slightly more complex but are still generally easy to follow and complete!

Some of the patterns have specific yarn to use which can be hard to use and work with, but just some patience and you can really make something great!

A lot of the patterns use standard yarn to make the sheep and then a different softer yarn for the wool, but there is no reason why you can’t use a yarn you’re more familiar with throughout the project.

1. Amigurumi Sheep

Free pattern by Cuddle Stitches Craft

This pattern is great to gift to others. It’s easy to follow and has useful photos for the more complex steps.

The pattern is easy to change the yarn type and a chunky yarn would make this even more cuddly! 

2. Bobble Sheep

Free pattern by LoveCrafts

This pattern is found as a free downloadable PDF. The patterns uses a bobble stitch to create the effect of a woolly sheep.

The pattern is very easy to follow and provides images for attaching the legs. 

More like this:

3. Crochet Sheep

Free pattern by Jess Huff

Another pattern using bobble stitches to create a woolly sheep.

4. Little Fluffy Sheep

Free pattern by Crochet Spot

This pattern is a bit different to previous ones as it is smaller and uses another interesting stitch – the loop stitch! The pattern has a guide on how to do the loop stitch.

5. Shorn the Crochet Sheep

Free pattern by Look At What I Made

This pattern is great for beginners as it’s easy to follow, quick to make and only has one stitch that is more unusual – a curlicue.

6. Mini Amigurumi Sheep

Free pattern by Stella’s Yarn Universe

This make is very cute and easy to make. The author of the pattern even has videos on YouTube for this pattern if you find it easier to make something by watching.

If you do read the pattern, there is also a useful guide of stitch terminology if you aren’t familiar with US terms.

7. Round Sheep

Free pattern by Amiguroom

These sheep are just adorable – they are tiny, soft and cute as can be! Due to using soft chunky yarn, the pattern is quick to make and geared towards beginners.

It’s size also makes it perfect to turn into a keychain or charm for your bag. 

8. Soft Sheep

Free pattern by Go Handmade via Hobbii

This might be my favorite pattern on the list! They use a soft fluffy yarn to create the desired effect and it looks amazing!

The pattern is a free PDF download and uses UK terminology.

9. Little Lamb

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

This little lamb is the cutest! The author of the pattern uses the lambs to create a child’s mobile, but they’d make a great little gift for anyone.

The yarn they recommend can be hard to use, but they note that being a few stitches occasionally isn’t too noticeable and still comes out amazing!

10. Chinese New Year Sheep

Free pattern by All About Ami

Maybe you’re looking for a sheep with a theme? This Chinese New Year Sheep is perfect! It’s small and the pattern is written well.

The pattern even tells you how to crochet a collar that you can add a little bell to!

11. Sheep Earmuffs

Free pattern by Craft Passion

This is pattern is so creative! What a great gift this would be – especially in the winter! The pattern takes a few hours to make, but the pattern is easy to read and they use loop stitches in this pattern too!

12. Squeezable Sheep

Free pattern via Ravelry

This pattern is a free Ravelry download. The pattern uses US terminology and is easy to follow as it doesn’t use any stitches outside of what is usually found in amigurumi patterns.

They also link a pattern to little heart for the sheep to hug! 

13. Sheldon the Sheep

Free pattern by Curly Girl Coop

This pattern is great if you’re looking for a larger sheep to make. The pattern is written using UK terminology but is easy to understand.

This pattern uses loop stitches, but you will have to look up how to do this stitch as this pattern doesn’t provide a guide on how to do it.

14. Sheep Etu

Free pattern via Ravelry

This pattern can be found on Ravelry as a free PDF download. It is an easy pattern, so it’s great for beginners!

The pattern has options for different types of head shapes and leg types, so you can really customize it to how you like it best.

15. Fluffy Amigurumi Sheep

Free pattern by Momomints

This super fluffy sheep is amazing! The yarn used is a type of eyelash yarn, which can be difficult to use, but with patience it creates an amazingly adorable sheep at the end! 

16. Little Crochet Lamb

Free pattern by Sewrella

This pattern is for beginners and uses stitches often used in amigurumi. The bobble stitch is used to create the wool effect and the finished item is great for toddlers and young children.

17. Little Lamb Granny Square

Free pattern by Thoresby Cottage

This is a great pattern if you’re looking to make a themed baby blanket, cushion or baby even a soft play book for babies. This pattern uses popcorn stitches to create the 3D wool on the granny square.

18. Lamb Farm Animal

Free pattern by Storyland Amis

This amigurumi lamb is a great for beginners as it is easy to crochet and quick to make too! You need to know how to do a berry stitch – the writer has provided a video link for this stitch.

19. Lamb Headband

Free pattern by Grace and Yarn

Gift someone the ability to become a sheep! This pattern uses headbands to create fluffy sheep ears and flowers for decoration.

It uses US terminology and is very easy to follow.

20. Lamb Lovey

Free pattern by Swe Craft Corner

This lovey is a perfect gift for new-borns! This pattern is very easy as the head is 3D and the body is crocheted in rows.

21. Amigurumi Lamb

Free pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

This final pattern uses the bobble stitch to create the wool texture. The effect is amazing and really makes the lamb seem more 3D than it already is.

The only difference is that this pattern crochets the body as flat panels that are then sewn together and stuffed afterward.