21 Adorable Crochet Cow Free Patterns (easy!)

Looking to make a popular farm animal? Well, here is our post full to the brim with 21 cow patterns.

Below are a mix of beginner and beginner-intermediate patterns of either your typical black-and-white cow or highland cows! There mostly amigurumi cows, but we have a few creative cow creations such as a rattle, hat and even slippers!

There is a great range of sizes, so pick the cow size you want to make most (there’s even a miniature crochet cow you can make for free!). Most use either DK or worsted-weight yarn, but there are a few fun yarns used in the patterns such as fuzzy yarn for one of the highland cows.

1. Caroline the Cow

Free pattern by Jess Huff

This first pattern is great! It’s a typical black and white cow and is an easy pattern to follow. The author even includes the best order to crochet the parts of the cow.

2. Strawberry Cow

Free pattern by Rose and Lily Amigurumi

Strawberry cow must mean strawberry milk, right?! This pattern is cute and unusual with its pink skin and even pinker patches.

The pattern is easy to follow and there’s also a full tutorial on YouTube! 

3. Chloe the Cow

Free pattern by Cuddly Stitches Craft

This one is great as it includes the udders of the cow, but they use pink buttons to represent each udder – very creative! The pattern is again easy to follow and well-written. 

4. Amigurumi Cow

Free pattern by Grace and Yarn

This pattern is amazing! It uses simple stitches, and the author even has the mini version for free on her page too! You should most definitely give this pattern a go!

5. Cow Plushie

Free pattern on Ribblr

If you’re looking for a soft and cuddly cow then look no further! This pattern can be found for free on Ribblr.

It’s aimed at beginner-intermediates and is crocheted in continuous rounds.

6. Squishy Cow

Free pattern by Rose and Lily Amigurumi

This pattern is perfect as a cow cushion. The very round shape and chunky soft yarn makes for a great squishy cuddle buddy!

7. Round Cow

Free pattern by Stringy Ding Ding

While not the smallest, this cow is still quite small and a perfect stress-ball cow! Its small size makes for a quick make, but there is a fair bit of sewing to do.

8. Hilde the Cow

Free pattern by Yarn Society

Another small cow, but this time it’s a highland cow! Highland cows are adorable, and this cow’s hair is made by looping hair under stitches (which can be time-consuming, but worth it)!

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9. Highland Cow

Free pattern by My Crochet Chums

The second highland cow on the list – it’s much bigger and is worked in amigurumi style, in a continuous spiral, which makes the pattern easier and quicker to work up.

10. Moomoo the Cow

Free pattern by Craft Passion

This is a great hugging buddy as it is bigger and chunkier than some cows on the list. The pattern has tips for stuffing each part of the cow.

11. Easy Cow Pattern

Free pattern by A Crafty Concept

This cow is small, but rather round and quite easy to make. Due to its unique style, there is minimal sewing and the cow comes out rather cute!

12. Little Round Cow

Free pattern on Ravelry

This pattern is great if you’re looking for a smaller project and an easy one to adapt. The pattern is very well written, easy to follow and the resulting cow is small and cute!

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13. Cow Rattle

Free pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

This pattern is great for babies and is made small enough for their little fingers to grab hold of. The pattern starts with the head, where you insert a rattle, and then continue around to create the handle that you then stuff.

14. Cow Hat

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

Here’s another gift idea which could be great for any age. What’s great is that the author has provided all the patterns for the hat for ages newborn-adult!

15. Cow Slippers

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

A bit of an unusual make – slippers! These are well-stuffed, and the pattern explains perfectly how to make and stuff these slippers.

Be aware that the pattern is one size, so you may need to amend slightly to fit your own or other sizes.

16. Baby Cow

Free pattern by Jenny & Teddy

This pattern is an intermediate pattern but isn’t too hard to follow. The hardest part of the pattern is color changes, but you could always skip the color changes and make spots to sew on instead afterward!

17. Little Bigfoot Cow

Free pattern by Amigurumi to go

Adorably nicknamed The Little Bigfoot Cow due to its small size, but slightly larger (and cute) feet! The pattern even makes mini udders for the cow!

The pattern uses US terminology.

18. Fuzzy Highland Cow

Free pattern by Stringy Ding Ding

This may be the most adorable cow on the list (and most definitely my favorite)! This pattern is made using fuzzy yarn except for detail parts such as the snout, feet and tail.

19. Miniature Cow

Free pattern by Supergurumi

This amigurumi cow is tiny and makes for a great little buddy to carry around with you in your pocket, or you could even add a keychain and add to your bag or purse!

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20. Mabel the Cow

Free pattern on Ravelry

This pattern is great if you don’t want to crochet black cow spots as they recommend using black felt that you stick the crochet cow body. The pattern is well written and worked in a continuous spiral.

21. Clarabelle the Cow

Free pattern on Ribblr

This cow uses soft chunky yarn. It is for beginner-intermediate crocheters, but is quite round, so the pattern isn’t too complicated.

The pattern is a free pattern on Ribblr has both US and UK terminology available!