19+ Spooky Cute Free Crochet Patterns for Halloween (easy!)

The origin of Halloween dates all the way back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It was a mandatory celebration that lasted three days and three nights to welcome the harvest and the coming of winter.

The tradition evolved over time, as most things do, and took on different forms throughout the years. Influenced by Christianity, it was known as All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day, and All Hallows Eve before eventually becoming Halloween.

While some people still celebrate Samhain to this day, other people like to celebrate Halloween. It’s a modern community tradition filled with scary stories, trick-or-treating, pranks, and parties.

There’s no rules on how you should celebrate Halloween, so why not whip up some spookily cute projects to commemorate this tradition in your own way?

Pumpkin Amigurumi

You can’t have a Halloween pattern list without a pumpkin. This pattern is considerably easy; it’s a ball with some extra details. It whips up quickly, creating pumpkins that never rot!

Halloween Amigurumi Spider

Free video pattern by Miss Dolkapots Studio Crochet

These 30-minute spiders are almost too cute to be any threat. Putting them in unsuspecting treat bowls, in the shadows of cabinets, or the edges of counters may make them scarier than you realize…

Spider Web Wrap

This gorgeous wrap is not just perfect for Halloween, but as a year-round wrap as well. The pattern is super easy, consisting of repeating one row until you reach the length you desire.

Pumpkin Bear

Not only will this pumpkin bear melt your heart as you create it, but the pattern is incredibly easy to follow. Whip up this little guy in just a few hours and add it into your festive autumn home!

Halloween Swirl Lolly

If a kid says “trick” when you ask them trick or treat, wouldn’t this be the perfect ‘trick’ to pull on them? This lollipop is easy and quick to create, perfect for Halloween or any time of year that a sucker is needed.

Cute Vampire Girl

Things almost don’t get any spookier or cuter than this adorable little vampire. She’s small, quick, easy to make, and such fun to release into your Halloween world!

Pumpernickel the Pumpkin Turtle

Looking to challenge yourself a bit? Pumpernickel is perfect for beginners who want to expand their skills and create something uniquely cute.

Kitty Bean

Don’t want to work in rounds but still want to create an amigurumi? This pattern is for you! Create two different flat sides, stitch them together, stuff, and close it up to make this adorable little kitty bean!

Secret the Pumpkitten

This charming kitten poking her head out of her pumpkin is perfect for embodying adorable Halloween spirit. The pattern is super easy with pictures helping you through some of the more complicated steps.

Halloween Pumpkin Coasters

These graphed patterns allow you the freedom of creating them in whichever style you’d like. Single crochet, Tunisian, C2C – the choice is yours!

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Spiderweb Table Mat

Is your table void of Halloween spirit? Crochet this easy table mat to add a bit of spookiness to it! The pattern isn’t made to cover the entire table but rather to make a very cute and spooky centerpiece.

Donut Boo!

Make this adorable donut with its little friends to spice up your candy bowl! It’s too cute to be a trick, but too full of yarn to be a treat, but its charm is undeniable.

Candy Corn

While candy corn sits on the far ends of the “love it” or “hate it” scale (depending on the person), you can’t deny how cute and squishy this amigurumi is. This no-sew pattern is quick, easy, and fun to make.

All Eyes on You Cardigan

Isn’t this idea unique and darling? Not only is it perfect for a chilly Halloween, but it’s also quite easy to make. All it takes is granny squares and some sewing, and you have yourself eyeballs all over you!

Halloween Cauldron Amigurumi

This adorable little guy is super easy to make, plus you can change up the colors to create all kinds of different brewed potions! It’s quick to whip up and such fun to make.

Boop the Ghost

With notes and step-by-step pictures on how to do scallop stitches, this ghost pattern is easy to follow and whips up in just a few hours.

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Spooky Halloween Pillow

Looking to get really into the spooky Halloween spirit, but your couch looks a bit empty? Don’t worry: here’s a spooky pillow to solve that very problem. The pattern is both graphed and written.

Eyeballs Graphghan

While this blanket isn’t quite classified as “cute” in some people’s eyes, it still is quite spooky and very cool. It includes a graph, and you can switch up the colors to whatever your heart desires.

Halloween C2C Blanket

This adorable blanket is perfect for Halloween! Not only could it be a blanket, but you could switch up the stitches and create a tapestry instead.

Ghost and Pumpkin Bunting

This bunting is perfect to add an extra bit of personal touch for your Halloween parties, or even just around your home for the fun of it! It’s super easy to make, and you can create as many ghosts and pumpkins to make it as long as you’d like.