19 Quick and Easy Free Crochet Succulent Patterns (+cacti!)

Everyone loves succulents and cacti, but sometimes actually making your own (that doesn’t require watering or finger-pricking) is even better!

The below patterns consist of a mix of crochet succulents, cacti as well as a few interesting makes such as coasters, pin cushions and scrubbies, so you can have succulent and cacti plants everywhere!

1. Amigurumi cactus

This amigurumi cactus pattern is perfect for those who are familiar with crocheting flat, but want to try out an amigurumi project.

This cactus is made from a rectangle, and uses a simple BLO technique that gives it a cute ribbing detail.

If you’re nervous about attempting this project, the written pattern is chock-full of beginner crochet resources and there’s a video to walk you through any elements that you find confusing.

The video is also geared towards complete beginners, with minimal fast forwarding — a huge win!

I love how adorable this mini cactus is and the video also includes written instructions in captions so that you can get used to crochet abbreviations that are commonly used in patterns.

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

2. Barrel Cactus

Free pattern by Nuria Álvarez

A non-prickly, cute cactus .This pattern is well-written and suitable for beginners! The pattern is a free download via Ravelry.

The pattern uses a magic ring but offers an alternative if you struggle with this technique. The pattern uses US terminology, but helpfully provides a chart to show the conversion to UK terms.

3. Crochet cactus bundle

Free pattern by Yarn Plaza

This page gives four great cacti patterns of a variety of shapes and colors.

These cacti patterns are crocheted in the round, use single crochet throughout with only some deviation when making the decorative flowers which use half-double crochet and slip stitches.

4. Crochet succulents

Free pattern by A Little Love Everyday

The first succulent on this list and a very easy, but beautiful one too! They are made in two long rows that are then spiraled together to create a beautiful succulent.

These can be used to decorate your home or can be made smaller and added to a hair band or clip to make for something interesting (and great gift for the plant lover in your life!).

5. Desktop succulent

Free pattern by Yarn + Chai

This is a great succulent to have at your home or in the office and is easily crocheted due to being made of individual crochet leaves that are sewn together at the end.

The pattern uses US terminology and each leaf is worked in continuous spiral. There are images to help with finishing the leaves and there is a video to help you assemble the pieces.

6. Succulent terrarium

Free pattern by DMC

This pattern is a PDF that can be downloaded via Ravelry and includes patterns for the soil base and 7 different succulents all of which are amazing and look great together in one bowl.

The PDF pattern is detailed and even suggests yarn colors (from DMC brand) for each succulent. The patterns are easy and could be adapted to make one in a singular pot too!

7. Succulent amigurumi – short

Free pattern by Stringy Ding Ding

This amigurumi succulent is a pattern geared towards beginners and has a useful tip on how to make the base flat for the pot and how to sew on the mouth too!

8. succulent amigurumi – tall

Free pattern by Furls Fibre Arts

Here are more amigurumi succulents but of a different shape and with very different faces. This pattern gives you details on making the pot, different cacti/succulent shapes, and a flower.

All in all, this is a straightforward pattern, geared towards beginners and is very clear when reading.

9. Sedum Adolphii (Golden Glow) Succulent

Free pattern by Ollie + Holly

This pattern looks beautiful once made and looks even better in a terracotta clay pot. This succulent is a bit different as it has a taller center stem with leaves shooting of of it.

This pattern is unique as well as it makes use of paint to shade and color the leaves in order to add some dimension to the finished project.

10. String of Pearls Amigurumi Succulent

Free pattern by Ollie + Holly

This is a great pattern if you’re looking for an easy and interesting plant to crochet. It is easy to customize and change up the lengths.

This is a nice, finished project to be hung up higher or hung over a bookshelf for added decor in your home.

11. Pull and Grow Amigurumi Plant

Free pattern by Crafty is Cool

While not specifically a cacti or succulent, I couldn’t resist adding this plant to the list. It’s a simple pattern and aimed towards beginners, but the finished project has a hidden element.

This pattern allows you to physically pull and push the plant up and down to make the plant go from seedling to a growing and thriving plant!

12. Prickly Pear Cactus

Free pattern by K Hook Creations

Don’t want to risk hurting yourself on your own cactus? Then a crochet one is perfect for you! This cactus is cute, colorful and easy to make with minimal stuffing required!

13. Amigurumi Snake Plant

Free pattern by Craftsy

While this is a slightly bigger succulent to make, it does look adorable when finished and would be a lovely decoration in any home.

Plus, the leaves are crocheted in rows and so are somewhat straightforward to make.

14. Succulents set of 3

Free pattern by Elisa’s Crochet

These crocheted succulents are so cute, easy to make and easy to take care of! The suggested green colors match well with mini terracotta pots too to look stylish in your home!

15. Mini succulent

Free pattern by Love Life Yarn

This is a great crochet project if you’re looking for something, cute, quick and customizable. It’s also a great project to turn into a keychain due to its small and cute size!

16. Cactus pincushion

Free pattern by Whistle & Ivy

This great pattern has two cactus options to make a useful plant-themed items for crafters. Not only that, but it is quick to work up and the result looks great!

17. Cactus coasters

Free pattern by Sewrella

This is another unusual project, as it is a specific succulent or cacti plant but a cacti-themed item for your home – and a cute one at that! Not only is it a coaster set, but a holder in the form and coloring of a plant pot!

18. Cactus scrubby

Free pattern by Whistle & Ivy

This is a great pattern as it combines the look of a cactus plant, but by using a more textured yarn you can create a scrubby which can rest and dry off in a clay pot between uses – lovely decor for your kitchen!

19. Bunny amigurumi cactus

Free pattern by i crochet things

Want a cactus (that you can’t kill), as well as something cute? Look no further than this bunny cactus! Simple to make and minimal sewing of parts to create the finished project.