19 Insanely Cute Mini Crochet Bag Free Patterns (easy!)

Sometimes you’d rather not lug around a huge bag when you’re out and about, right? Or maybe you need to store some small items like crochet notions without misplacing them. No matter why you need a smaller bag, this is the perfect round-up for you! Let’s take a look at some of the cutest mini crochet bag patterns—and the best part is, they’re all free!

1. Tiny Tote Bag

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

This little tote is perfect for holding airpods, other earbuds, or really anything small! The bag is super cute and the pattern is easy to follow. All you’ll need is knowledge of basic stitches plus the foundation chain, and there’s a video tutorial for that technique. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn, but you could also use any other weight to adjust the size of your tote.

2. Earbud Holder

Free pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity here!

Here’s another option for holding your earbuds. This one is a fun circular pattern with a design that evokes flowers and the sun. It would also be perfect for holding a round measuring tape for all your crafting projects! The pattern uses easy stitches plus an alternative double crochet, special join, and invisible join. There are linked tutorials for each of those stitches, so this is the perfect project for beginners who are ready to learn new skills.

3. Mini Puffy Dice Bag

Free pattern by Lana Wunderlich here!

This pattern is great for tabletop gamers who need to store a set of dice for Dungeons & Dragons or any other RPG adventures. Of course, the bag is so cute that you might want to make it even if you’re not a gamer! The size is adjustable, so it can hold whatever you want. The drawstring bag gets its fun texture from the puff stitch, and the pattern includes instructions for both the 3hdc puff and the 4hdc puff.

4. Magnificent Mini Pouch

Free pattern by Sweet Bee Crochet here!

This adorable pouch would work well as a wallet or for holding crochet notions. I absolutely love when bags have a button closure, because you can choose whatever button best matches your personality. Plus, this is an amazing beginner project, since it only uses chaining and single crochet.

5. Mini Pyramid Bag

Free pattern by 12SquaredCreations here!

This mini bag is such a fun pyramid shape. It’s a great choice for tabletop RPG players to store their dice, since it looks just like a D4. The pattern calls for easy stitches and has tons of photos for the only slightly complex step, so even beginner crocheters will be able to make one of these bags. Just make sure you know how to sew a zipper!

6. Mini Mavis String Bag

Free pattern by MotherBunch Crochet here!

This bag looks like one you’d use in a European market—just smaller! The pattern uses simple stitches and is written in both US and UK terms, so it should be accessible to many crocheters. As the designer says, it’s a good project for a doll accessory, so this would be great to make for your kids!

7. Mini French Market Bag

Free pattern by MotherBunch Crochet here!

This bag, also designed by MotherBunch Crochet, is a similar style but slightly smaller. Like the first string bag, it uses simple stitches and would be great as a doll accessory. The best part? It works up in just half an hour!

8. Mini Rustic Drawstring Net

Free pattern by Hverdagsmagi here!

Looking for a bag that can hold your produce? This is the perfect choice! It’s another string bag, but slightly larger than the previous two. The delicate, detailed look is achieved with simple stitches (just make sure you know how to work in the back loop only), and the drawstring feature means your produce or other items will stay nice and secure.

9. Mini Bunny Bag

Free pattern by Left in Knots here!

This super-cute mini bunny bag is perfect for springtime and Easter, or just for anyone who loves bunnies! The designer has a great idea: you can even use it as an Easter basket or to collect Easter eggs. The pattern calls for worsted-weight yarn and easy stitches, so it’s a good beginner project. Plus, the flower decorations are just so fun!

10. Crochet Mini Bag for Beginners

Free pattern by Thao’s Homemade Crochet here!

This adorable mini bag pattern is also great for spring, especially if you choose pastel yarns like the designer did. The pattern comes in the form of a video tutorial with written instructions on the screen, so it’s perfect for all types of learners. The video is especially helpful for the step that gives the bag its woven look: alternating stitches between two rows.

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11. Crochet Santa Sack

Free pattern by Hooked on Patterns here!

Looking to get a head start on your Christmas crocheting? This is a great project! It can be used as décor, a coin purse, or even a gift pouch. I think it’d also be a great accessory for an amigurumi Santa doll. Even beginner crocheters should be able to follow this pattern, since it calls for simple stitches.

12. Crochet Miniature Backpack

Free pattern by MaryJ Handmade here!

I absolutely love when normal-sized items are made miniature, so this mini backpack pattern is one of my favorites! Just add a key ring and you’ve got yourself the cutest, handiest keychain accessory! The pattern is a video tutorial with both spoken and written instructions, and it uses basic stitches, so this is a good beginner project.

13. Mini Beach Bag Gift Card Holder

Free pattern by Yarn + Chai here!

This mini beach bag is such a summery project, and it works up quickly and easily. You can use it as a gift card holder like the designer intended, or as a doll accessory or for some tiny storage. The pattern even includes a beach-y printable that will definitely bring your whole project together. And the best part is you can customize the bag’s stripes by using all your favorite colors.

14. Crochet Miniature Bag

Free pattern by MaryJ Handmade here!

This beautiful mini bag keychain is another YouTube pattern by MaryJ Handmade. Just like her other patterns, this one includes written and voiceover instructions in the video. The pattern is super easy: it uses basic stitches and you don’t even have to sew on the handle—it’s created by just skipping some stitches when you get to that round. Plus, you can add a bow, a flower, or any other cute detail!

15. Mesmerizing Mini Bag

Free pattern by Moogly here!

This fun mini bag is quick and easy to make. The offset block stripes add a unique touch, and you can customize the bag with whatever yarn colors you love best. This bag is a bit bigger than the others in this roundup—it’s the perfect size for a clutch, so you can carry a bit more stuff without having to lug around a full-size purse. And it’s a great beginner pattern because it uses easy stitches and has links to various tutorials.

16. SAC Mini-Purse

Free pattern by Elisa DeSena here!

This tiny bag looks like an envelope and uses my favorite kind of closure: a button! You’ll only need to know super-easy stitches, and the project works up quickly because it’s so small. This is a great bag to hold notions like buttons, or you can use it as a cute coin purse. Just choose your favorite yarn color and your favorite button, and you’ll be ready to crochet!

17. Stash n Dash Mini Tote

Free pattern by Pattern Paradise here!

This oblong mini purse is perfect for carrying your phone, keys, and other small essentials. The houndstooth pattern is very stylish, and you can customize it with whatever colors you’d like. The pattern calls for easy stitches, but make sure you know how to do color changes and carry your yarn—if you’re a beginner who’s ready to learn new skills, this is the project for you! And in case you want to line your purse, the pattern links to a tutorial.

18. Mini Gift Purses

Free pattern by Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days here!

These floral purses would make the perfect party favor, especially if you’re hosting a tea party or garden gathering this summer! The flowers add such a pop of joy, and you can even fill the bags with little trinkets like candy or jewelry. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn and easy stitches, and it’s written in UK terms. If you want to convert it to US terms, check out this post.

19. Key Ring Pouch

Free pattern by Kathleen Sams for Yarnspirations here!

Last but not least, check out this mini drawstring bag. It’s perfect for carrying little things you need to take on the go, like lip balm or a bit of cash. It’s made with easy stitches and light fingering weight yarn, and it works up quickly. This is a great choice if you’re a beginner who wants to start working with smaller yarn.

So which mini bag will you be making? You can’t go wrong with any of the choices in this round-up!