19 Heartstopping Crochet Patterns for Valentine’s Day (free)

Valentine’s makes a lovely excuse to crochet something for the special people in your life or for yourself! Crocheted items make such meaningful gifts so I am sure anyone would appreciate them, especially if they are made from the patterns I have compiled here.

I’ve included a good variety of projects, from homewares to plushies or even a rose ball! Most of these are only small projects so they be made last minute if you don’t have much time. I hope you enjoy making these as much as the receiver is bound to!

1. Valentine’s Gnome Set

Free Pattern by Passionatecrafter

Firstly we have a pair of valentines gnomes! Perfect for if you want to make one for yourself and gift one to someone else.

They are crocheted in the round with a few special stitches so this would likely be suited for an advanced beginner.

2. Valentine Heart Cactus

Free pattern here!

This adorable heart cactus is the cutest desk companion for you or a friend. Make them in an array of colors to create a whole garden!

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3. Valentine’s Cup Cosy

Free Pattern by Handmade by Stacy J

Another pattern suited for your mug, so this would also be great for a hot drink lover! The cup cosy crocheted flat and then wraps around, so it should fit most sized mug.

There is a handy video tutorial for making the hearts and the rest is written.

4. Valentine Rose Ball

Free Pattern by Fiber Flux

I love this idea for a rose ball! The pattern simply involves a styrofoam ball and crocheting little roses to cover, but it looks super effective and is bound to make a great valentine’s day gift!

5. Valentine’s Day Gift Bag

Free Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This giant heart pillow is an amazing gag gift for your significant other, or a super cute accent cushion for a pastel themed room. This project whips up super quickly with just one skein of Bernat Blanket Yarn!

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6. Valentine Kisses Treat Bag

Free Pattern by Blackstone Designs

These are some more very cute bags! They work up very quickly and are of an easy level.

The panels are crocheted separately and sewed together, then the lips are added after. You could probably use the lips as appliques for some of you other projects too.

7. Valentine’s Birds

Free Pattern by A Little Love Everyday

A little love bird makes such a cute gift! They are very small so work up quickly and there are only a few steps for assembly. The heart on the centre of its body also makes a nice touch.

8. Valentine Chocolate Treats

Free Pattern by Creative Crochet Workshop

Why settle for just real treats when you can have crocheted ones as well! This lovely pattern includes the set of three, so you can make only one thing of your liking or all.

They are a quick project and look adorable when they are done! Play around with colours so it looks like you have treats of different flavours.

9. Valentine’s Day Game w/Bag

Free Pattern by Fiber Doodles

I think this pattern is so cool, who would have thought of crocheting a whole game! The pattern not only includes instructions for the pieces and game mat, but an adorable storage bag as well. I hope you have lots of fun with this one!

10. Valentine Treat Bags

Free Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

You can never have too many valentines day treat bag patterns up your sleeve! This one as a lovely textured detailing for the heart on the front, it may look tricky but the designer assures that it is simple.

11. Crochet Valentine Granny Square Vest

Free Pattern by Hayhay Crochet

It wouldn’t be valentine’s day without a cute outfit to suit the holiday! This vest is adorable, and super customisable your size!

There are plenty of written instructions as well as photos to help you with the process.

12. Valentine Cupcake

Free Pattern by Elisa’s Crochet

I would almost rather this cute crochet cupcake over a real one, it looks so good! The colours can be played with to again create the look of different flavours, and the hearts on top are very fitting for valentine’s day.

13. Valentine’s Mug Rug

Free Pattern by Haven Crochet Designs

These mug rugs are adorable and allow you to have fun with colour changing yarns and creating tassles!

This pattern involves flat tapestry crochet which is done in rows and not rounds. It is very suitable for advanced beginners.

14. Valentine Bear

Free Pattern by Elisa’s Crochet

A handmade crochet bear is better than any one you will find at the shop! I love the little heart patch on the belly, the white and red are the perfect contrasting colours for the holiday.

The parts are crocheted separately in the round and just need to be sewed together the same as photos provided!

15. Valentine’s Day Tissue Box and Mailbox

Free Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

We love a practical and multi-purpose crochet project! This one can be either a tissue or mailbox.

It would be cute to have at a family, friend or work gathering where everyone can write little appreciative notes to each other, because valentine’s day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love!

16. Valentine’s Day Sloth Cupcake

Free Pattern by Poppet Moon Crochet

This sloth is such a cute little guy with the design as if its in a cupcake! It is only small so may be slightly fiddly while crocheting and sewing together, but is sure to be worth it.

The pattern is easily accessible on the designers instagram.

17. Valentine’s Jar Cosy

Free Pattern by Haven Crochet Designs

Valentine’s day jar cosies are the best way to add some fun to your homewares! The pattern involves tapestry crochet, so the designer advises checking out their post if you are not familiar with the technique.

18. Love Notes Valentine

Free Pattern by Blackstone Designs

What’s better than gifting a love letter, that a crochet set for writing them! This pattern could also be used for holding your essentials for general note taking.

It is an incredibly quick project so get onto making yours!

19. Valentine’s Day Heart

Free Pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts

Finally, we have some basic hearts that can be used as embellishments for other projects you have or just stand alone! Like an idea might be attaching them all to a chain to make a garland garland.

Details like the button look adorable but are not necessary, just have fun with it!