19 Easiest Free Crochet Patterns for St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you are religious or just love all things green and Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best holidays to celebrate.

Who doesn’t want to celebrate luck?

If you are planning a festive dinner and would like to surprise your guests with some beautiful, hand-made St. Patrick’s Day themed decorations, you have come to the right place.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of green yarn lying around, this is your chance to use it up.

You can make some fun plushies, garlands, or other home decor to freshen up your home.

Create any of the beautiful items on this list and you’ll be blessed by the leprechauns lurking around today.

1. St. Patrick’s Day Bunny

Find the pattern here.

I love this leprechaun bunny because it is the perfect amigurumi project for this holiday.

I like that you can easily customize it to fit other festivities too.

If you’re feeling inspired you can use this pattern as a base to make the seven gnomes from Snow White.

The possibilities are endless and this bunny will never not look cute.

2. Leprechaun Gonk

Find the pattern here.

If you’d like to brighten up the mood in your home, you should make this leprechaun.

I love the big nose because it makes this piece so cheerful and fun.

I think the outfit is really well thought out and stylish. I can’t wait to make it myself!

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3. Lucky, the Leprechaun

Find the pattern here.

I love this pattern because it is beginner friendly.

If you are not confident in your sewing skills just yet, you can easily make this piece.

The hat covers the gnome’s eyes which means you won’t have to worry about sewing them on.

No one likes turning up empty-handed as a guest, so if you’re going over to someone’s house for St. Patrick’s Day, this is the perfect gift to take with you.

4. St. Patrick’s Day Appliques

Find the pattern here.

Are you a fan of subtle tokens of celebration? Then an applique is the way to go.

You can put on your favorite outfit and attach this to your top to get into the festive mood.

You could apply it to your backpack or keychain too!

I love that there are multiple variations you can follow.

5. Leprechaun Stuck in Wreath

Find the pattern here.

What better way to cheer up your guests than by hanging this wreath on your door?

I love how creative this idea is. It is a great conversation starter too, if you need some help in that regard.

6. Seamus Shamrock

Find the pattern here.

You can never go wrong with clover decorations on St. Patrick’s Day.

They are great because they remind people of this holiday but they can also be used throughout the year.

I especially love the cute little face of this amigurumi clover.

7. Shamrock Amigurumi

Find the pattern here.

If you can’t get enough of amigurumi, this pattern is perfect for you.

The clovers are smaller, so you can make a lot of them in a short time.

You can attach them to a string and make a beautiful garland out of it.

You could use autumn-themed colors and make a leaf garland for fall.

Don’t you love their little smiles?

8. Endless Shamrocks Garland

Find the pattern here.

This is a beautiful garland you should choose if you like simple, minimal decorations.

You can skip the tail and use different colors to make a flower garland for the spring and summer seasons.

You should make a short version to use as a headband or belt.

9. Simple Shamrock

Find the pattern here.

This is another great applique option for this holiday.

It is a good project for beginners because it is very quick and easy to make.

10. St. Patrick’s Day Clover Pots

Find the pattern here.

Have you been feeling like your window sill is a little empty? Don’t worry, this pattern is here to help you.

This is the greatest decoration to place by your window, as a centerpiece on the dining table or anywhere you feel like something is missing.

11. Leprechaun Top Hat

Find the pattern here.

Want to involve the little ones in this lucky holiday?

Why not crochet a few top hats, both for them and yourself?

You can make this into tradition, where you all wear a cute leprechaun hat on St. Patrick’s Day.

It will bring you closer and create wonderful memories.

The link to download the pattern can be found above the video.

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12. Little Leprechaun Hat

Find the pattern here.

This is another great option if you’d like to make and wear a leprechaun hat this holiday.

The hair is optional but it would definitely get a few laughs.

It is great for kids and pets alike. You will have the most fun crocheting this accessory.

13. St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag

Find the pattern here.

If you’d like to make this day special for kids as well, you could prepare a few goodie bags.

Fill them with candy or little toys and accessories and give them out when they come over.

These gifts will make them really happy and they will cherish the holiday for a long time.

14. St. Patrick’s Day Can Cozy

Find the pattern here.

If you’d like to keep the St. Patrick’s Day theme but the beverage cans look out of place, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

A leprechaun hat cozy is the most beautiful way of dressing up cans for guests.

It is a great pattern because you can use it for glasses too.

15. St. Patrick’s Day Cozy

Find the pattern here.

Cold drinks are a must on this holiday but they can get a little too cold to hold.

Slipping a beautiful crochet cozy over the bottle or glass you’re holding is the perfect solution.

Make this clover-themed cozy and have the best time of your life without your hands freezing.

16. Lucky Charm Dishcloth

Find the pattern here.

Are you preparing a great meal for St. Patrick’s Day?

Why not add to the fun with these gorgeous dishcloths?

You won’t burn your hand, you will avoid stains and set the right mood for dinner.

17. Celtic Heart Shamrock

Find the pattern here.

What better way of honoring St. Patrick’s Day than by making this Celtic-inspired dishcloth?

You can make a bigger version and turn it into a decorative pillow.

It will add a lot of charm and elegance to your living room or bedroom.

18. St. Patrick’s Shamrock Pillow Cover

Find the pattern here.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful reminder like this?

When you look at your new pillow cover you will not only feel the blessing of the cute clover but also be reminded to spread love and positivity to those around you.

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19. Lucky Clover Throw

Find the pattern here.

I have never seen a more beautiful throw than this one.

It is the perfect project to get started on before St. Patrick’s Day to get yourself into the right mood.

I love that this pattern can be used to make a throw that fits any day of the year.

All you need to do is change the color.

You can make a small version and create matching pillow covers.